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The Law of Attraction – Going Full Throttle

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The Law of Attraction – Going Full Throttle


Going Full Throttle with The Law of Attraction. It’s a GREAT time to get into some mechanics… At this point we have set up a foundation of Gratitude combined with Massive Vibrational Goal Setting. In addition we have begun to shed light on what is really creating your perspective on life. It’s your conditioning. Whether that conditioning is what you were exposed to as a child or if you are just repeatedly exposing yourself to sources of information and stimulus that influence your thinking in a certain way. All of what we have covered so far merely sets the table for the single most important LAW in the universe. It is absolutely as functional as “GRAVITY”.  ITt IS : “THE LAW OF ATTRACTION“.

DEFINITION OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION : Simply put – Like attracts like…. You know you have heard things like this before “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”. Ever notice a heard of animals traveling together on a nature show. Same principle. So behind the scenes of our lives with have this mystical magnetic force that seems to attract and bring into our reality everything that we are focused on…. Therein lies a catch tot he Law of Attraction, since it works off of what we are thinking about and have the strongest focus of our energy and attention on….. Then a very important element of The Law of Attraction is the fact that it works period in an absolute form. What that means is that it does not matter whether it is something you want to occur strongly or it is something that you do not want to occur strongly. Either of those things will occur.
PROOF : To prove that The Law of Attraction will work whether your thought is a NO I DON’T WANT thought or it’s a I WANT OR DESIRE though does not matter – watch this. I give you an instruction : “Don’t think about the American Flag”.  Immediately what occurs is your mind pictures what you don’t want…… You can’t deny it!! So be clear on this.
In order to use The Law of Attraction to your advantage the focus on Gratitude and Goals begins to set your thinking habitually in the motion of CHOICE instead of Drifting. The real challenge we have then is that we all create a plan of action moving toward what we desire. The challenge is that once a thought is conceived, if the thoughts are chosen in a CERTAIN manner we create a positive plan of action and perform the necessary tasks that we BELIEVE will achieve the desired result.
Sounds Simple —- Right???
BUT     What happens when we allow not the infusion of our own thoughts and plans….. But the thoughts and plans of our conditioning, our environment, or perhaps even false evidence come into mental focus. That in effect places the BRAKES on the Law of Attraction delivering what you desire and it delivers what you FEAR or DESPISE Most. I call this the double edge sword of The Law Of Attraction.
So today we’ll dive into that and clarify exactly what is going on, on a behind the scenes look at The Law of Attraction in Action. We’ll see how that STINKING THINKING will Create a Counter Productive Path of actions that will create what you DON’T DESIRE and have you hunting and finding evidence to support what your thinking is. You will see clearly why things may seem like they are backfiring, when indeed you are creating exactly what is happening.
Once you are clear there we’ll review the methods below that I use EVERY DAY to bring my focus of thought RIGHT where it should be to create the most efficient use of The Law of Attraction. Listed below you will find the Method/Exercises I use for the specific roadblock I may encounter:
#1) FOR AN ISSUE INVOLVING A MEMORY OF AN EXPERIENCE : I first remind myself it is a MEMORY…. Something from the past. I then review the situation to see if ALL of the circumstances are the same. If they are — I take the gut feelings or vibrations seriously and make a new plan of action. If the circumstances are NOT the same I then (Guess what) I sit down with a pad…. I literally look things over and with the pen and pad I hand write all of the reasons and circumstances that will allow the situation to develop and blossom into what I desire. Writing this out by hand is essential. It will force you to think a bit more clearly that if you just do it in your head.
#2) FOR AN ISSUE INVOLVING COMMENTS FROM ANY  NUT  GALLERY : Here in lies where I use the word NUT instead of Peanut…. The reason being is that when you begin to drift into NOT thinking. It’s actually a relief. We internally begin to feel like you know their right – so instead of creating a thought process to make it all happen…. We create a process of “WHY BOTHER” to take action for like “Dad” said or like “Aunt Martha” said (It could be anyone – even a friend close to you). So knowing that if I buy into other people’s evidence, I know I am DRIFTING.  I then take things a step further. Again with a Pad and Pen. I sit down and really look first to see if they truly had any such experience. If they have not had the experience directly – it’s just noise.
If they have had the experience or a similar experience I go one step further in dissecting things. I look at their circumstances and mine. I look at precisely what they did and how they did it and I make a list. Actually I make 2 lists. One for their circumstances compared to mine and another one – where I think and take notice of WHY I AM DIFFERENT and how it can work.
#3) INFLUENCE OF THE MEDIA OR OTHER EXTERNAL NON-SENSE : As I have stated before if you are well traveled it is clear to see how the media can give partial stories and create a path of negative sensationalism. This TOWN CRIER type of merchandising the news started with PAUL REVERE (The British are coming…….). Here is where it indeed can get tricky. If the media has supplied information that you are going to base decisions on, you must make a distinction and in doing so some comparative resources must be looked at.
Here in lies the real challenge. Actually not a challenge but a choice. If you make the choice in advance on what you want to do despite the media….. Then you can look for evidence specifically that supports your decision. I implore you to FIND a TON OF IT. That is what I do…..
Here is a little video that will shed a great deal of light on things :

So today we’ll go over these first 3 methods – I have more up my sleeve. Yes this is REAL WORK – remember I clearly told you that you would work more on yourself than on your activity or business – here comes a ton of that work. Once you begin to evaluate and dissect each time negative or stinkin thinkin comes into play – you up the game of life for yourself. You take it to the level that all thinkers and those top 3%’ers do. Welcome to my world people – its your world too.
See you on the call.
~~ David Varrone




Words Are NOT A Dime A Dozen

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Words Are NOT a Dime a Dozen

Today let’s travel down the path of self dialog. After all we are going to filter our thoughts and actions through ourselves. In that self dialog lies how we coach ourselves. What we say to ourselves often has more of an impact on what we are doing than the Media or our Friends and Family for that matter.
Thinking back to those childhood stories of I believe it was The little Engine that could. If you go to You Tube and just search for that, you will see an abundance of video and self talk videos that will make the point. That point being that our internal dialog helps Empower us or Dis-Empower us.
Now sit back and think about this before I get into those words and the use of those words. Really think about your REACTIONS or RESPONSES to situations and how the self dialog gets you into a productive motion OR NOT. We have been building here on creating belief or altering it. Its now time to realize that this is not an action when once complete is complete…. In order to make those changes permanent we are indeed going to have to change that internal dialog. Particularly if that dialog is not positive.
So our choice of language and dialog must be brought into focus. You might be asking : So how does that fit into what we are doing right now in the reconstruction of our lives? It’s Simple. Here is the metaphor. The right choice of words creates action that leads to the simplest most rapid construction of the life we desire. Sort of like either using a hammer to swing a few times to drive a nail in OR we could use a compressor based nail gun that drove the nail in with 5% of the effort and allows us to get 20 times more done in a day.
Our self dialog will coach ourselves into positive action that fosters a better and better result, while any DIS-EMPOWERING words will TALK US OUT OF TAKING ACTION. Remember in this world, and with the way we are wired, this self talk will always create a way for us to be “RIGHT“. Its the way we are wired for self-preservation. I for once realized as I have stated before, that I am the only one standing in my own way. In addition, the word usage change has a second effect. Your words become powerful when others listen so others begin to regard you as a LEADER….
In want you to see what happens when you really NEED HELP…. And you choose the wrong words — just what that can cost you :
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

First a Set of Words that MUST BE MINIMIZED or ELIMINATED from use.


Then a bunch of words to now replace :

Maybe                          Done / Definitely
Try                                 Do / Will / Definitely / Absolutely
Hope                             Believe,  Certainly
Help                              Assist
Need                             Deserve / Desire
BUT                              However / Although
Work                           Create
Have to                       Choose to
Well, Ummmm        Moving Forward
Could                          Of Course it will, Undoubtedly
One more little perspective review and change all based upon changing a few words :

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


It is time to become conscious of the fact that your own words are actually going to dictate the next few minutes, the next few hours, the next few years….  So take the time to switch out some of these words so that life changes dramatically and RAPIDLY for you. See you on our call.


~~ David Varrone

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Goaltivation — Acheive Goals Faster

Friday, September 19th, 2014


A constant question I am asked is ” David, how do you stay so motivated??, Whether I talk to you at 7 am or 10 pm you always have such energy and motivation – HOW?” The answer to that question can be answered in one word – GOALTIVATED. So what does that mean? For that matter what does GOALTIVATION mean? The answer is not an easy answer but it is a simple concept. Goals : objectives that you cannot live without their accomplishment that motivate you to do whatever it takes to accomplish them so long as it does not involve the hurting or taking advantage of someone in the process of it’s achievement.
So there is a mouthful… Or a head full…. You can draw a simple conclusion from the first paragraph. A REAL GOAL is something that you MUST accomplish or acquire. It is not a hollow integrity-less statement. You really must desire and KNOW WHY you desire the goals. You must put your mind in the mental space of exactly how the “Goal” Once acquired will FEEL. Did you get that? You must KNOW how the experience of that goal being attained or achieved will feel. Period end of story. Only then will you truly be motivated to do what it takes to achieve the goal.
Over a period of many years I did not get Goal Setting. Or shall I say I would set Goals and just literally achieve about 5% of them. That 5% brought me success but I way always challenged with how these Personal Development Guru’s like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor would instruct people to have a “Goal Card”, a business card size note in your pocket with your most important goals written in a past tense. Meaning the goal witting with gratitude making a statement like ” I am so happy and grateful that it is September 19th, 2014 and I am driving my brand new Red Jaguar Convertible with a Gray Leather Interior.” I followed this practice for YEARS. Literally 4 or 5 out of every 100 goals I would set like this would come to pass.
Frustration set in and before long once I would do this for a while I would drop it and not bother…… Then one morning I was sitting here (11 years ago) and I listened to a radio interview with a Rapper / Singer Songwriter – “Pitbull”. In that radio interview this guy makes a statement after being asked a question…. :
QUESTION : “What made you think a broke Cuban kid from the streets of Hialeah, FL would make it the way you have?”
ANSWER : “Everyday I take time and focus on where I will be tomorrow and the tomorrow after that. I build pictures of myself performing where no kid from Hialeah has ever performed. I picture myself everyday with the most amazing people and we are all working together to make people feel incredible. Whether they are at a live performance or listening to me in their car on the way to work”.
QUESTION : “So what’s your biggest performance goal?”
ANSWER : “Bright Lights Big City — To perform in the City that Never Sleeps, with an entourage of magnificent women right along with me, and a crowd that goes wild”?
The City that never sleeps is New York.
The Goal that was achieved – check this video out :

This example typifies the process. This guy, Pitbull, had a bunch of things attached to his Goals that I call descriptors. Descriptors are emotional ties to the experience of what the achievement or attainment of the goal will feel like.
I came to the realization that the emotional charge behind each goal would be the fuel to achieve it. So how does one raise the level of emotional charge?

Here is how to Set Goals – GOALTIVATION  STYLE :

Pick a General Goal…. For this example I will use a car for it is just easy for all of us to identify with.


GOAL : I am so happy and Grateful that it is September 19th 2014 and I am Driving a Brand New Red Camaro Convertible with a Grey Interior and a Black Top. It is a Fast Car and and I really desire it strongly…..
(Goals like this were never achieved).


Steps to set the goal – before you write it down :
1) Pick the Goal. So let’s use this Camaro.
2) Day Dream an experience of going to see the car in person and a test drive.
3) Literally think of 5 or 6 elements of that test drive you would enjoy experiencing.
5) Then come back home and write out the goal like this with those 5 or 6 elements experienced in person from the test drive. (These are the emotional descriptors that will do something incredible — each of these descriptors are emotional ties to your future. When you place enough of those ties in focus, your goal will pull and motivate you into its achievement).
6) Now its time to create a Journal….. Yes another Journal to write in everyday…..You will place the date at the top of the page each morning and each morning you will spend 30 minutes looking at yesterdays goals and feeling them (reading them). Then you will physically REWRITE the goals every morning until they are accomplished. You will notice as you are doing this, the more on target you are…… The faster each GOAL will go from Goal Journal to Gratitude Journal.
WRITING OUT THE GOAL — This is what goes in my journal until the goal is achieved EVERYDAY.
“Man I love the way my Camaro Blasts down the road. The Glare of the sun hits my eyes from the shine of it’s Red Hood. The Grey Leather Interior smells so great. The 6 speed transmission shifts like silk and when the car catches each gear I can hear the tires squeeeeeel in pain. As I drive down the road I love the smell of my wife’s perfume as her long curly hair whips me in the face from the wind from the Convertible Top being down. The icing on the cake though is when we are cruising around anywhere with the top down and the radio on an my two beautiful daughters are in the back seat singing with their incredible voices the songs on the radio. I am so very lucky to have this experience NOW!”
That’s it. Period. Goals arrive faster as you bring your emotional vibration in alignment and get it to match how you will FEEL once you attain the goal in focus.
So what became clear was that if I could FEEL AND EXPERIENCE what it was like to have the goal, that feeling is what arranges everything from your motivation to your actions.
So do an experiment this weekend and pick a goal and set the goal this way. Its a blast to do and then when you do it…. And the magic begins to show up in your life. Then you will really get goal setting….
~~ David Varrone

The Gratitude Journal — The Backbone Of Your Future

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

The Gratitude Journal — The Backbone Of Your Future

Today we’ll scope out exactly how to do the Gratitude Journal, Why, and the ways you will use it to alter your perceptions of nearly everything going on around you in your Personal and Business Lives.

 When you focus on what you have – you will always have MORE. When you focus on what you do not have…… You will never EVER have enough of anything!! ~~ Oprah Winfrey

Here is a little video from Oprah on the Subject of the Gratitude  Journal :

This will be the foundation of the largest amount of change many of you have ever allowed. By using what I outline today on Gratitude you can indeed do what I did. Not that far in the past I was bitter and very focused on things not working and most of all things not being fair in my life. I was embroiled in a situation where I believed that literally everything I desired could not come true. I focused on LACK. I focused on that horrible feeling of never being able to achieve or have ANYTHING I wanted.
It all started there for me. I’ll share a very heart warming story. Its why I began to use my gratitude journal every day as it was the “Flint Stone Strike” that proved to me this was going to be the most powerful thing I could do to change everything. You see when I began writing the Gratitude Journal, I did no use it to work on business success first. I actually used it on some very close personal relationships.
Actual Personal Gratitude Journal Entry : (I got out of bed the very first day I did this starting in a fit of worry, so to set the stage I walked around my home and took a good look at the kids and they were fine…. I actually walked around and took stock of everything) I came up to my office and wrote. I am so amazed G_d at what I have. I have really been missing so very many things. I am BEYOND GRATEFUL that I have Sherry as my Wife. I know and will not let another day slip by that I don’t take a moment to realize all of the things she brings into my life. I am grateful that my Samantha and Alyssa are healthy. We have a home I am so grateful that this worked out. As you can see I rambled a bit..
So as you can see the focus of Gratitude can be used to refocus your mind. What I found over the months following that particular journal entry was that I found myself writing versions of it each and every day. I also found that as I wrote more and more about all of the wonder of the things my wife is part of – our relationship rekindled ALL of the awesomeness plus some mature appreciation for each other we did not have.
Now take one moment and think. Really think. The last time someone gave you a direct complement on “thank you” what that did to how you feel. Think also about how it makes someone feel when you express gratitude or give them a complement…. It creates and Instant Vibration of FEEL GOOD.
So make sure you have that notebook handy. If you have never journaled and written out with an INK PEN or PENCIL what you are grateful for (And I disagree with Oprah – not just 5 things, come up with as many things as you can in 30-60 minutes), today will be a turning point in your life.

Step by Step Gratitude Journal Instructions :

1) Get a Simple Cheap Notebook or Journal, there is no perfect book.
2) Commit to writing in this Journal Each Day. I do it first thing in the morning for I wish to re-focus my mind and share that with the day. Some days you may spend 15 minutes and some days you may spend an hour. There is no specific time limit.
3) Make certain what you write creates a feeling inside you of truly being grateful. This experience should leave you in a thinking place of wanting to do as much as you can for the entire world, because you have so much good going on in your life. (Now I know this can be a challenge, however when I started this process I resented everything. My life was a pit of “How did I get myself here”. So I understand)
As you stick to this simple 3 step process you will see slow you begin to build a wave of change with Gratitude. First people around you notice and you begin to see a perspective of them going out of their way to do more and more for you. Then you begin to see a connection to this pattern bringing more and more good and more and more opportunity to you. Ultimately by participating in this the general way that you make others around you feel will dramatically change.
That turning point is something that you not only notice but it will actually magnify not only your own personal gratitude, but also the way others feel about you. There in is the purpose of this Gratitude Journal. To focus on as much good going on in your life as possible. To get ALL of your energy and attention focused there for your get what you think and focus on most.
~~ David Varrone


Fine Tuning Self Dialog – 24/7

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Fine Tuning Self Dialog – 24/7

Today you will clearly see why this Thinking vs. Drifting is such an important concept. By the end of our call you will learn how to exactly how to fine tune self dialog 24 7. We all have that voice in our heads or voice in our hearts that basically direct our feelings. These voices are what we repeatedly tell ourselves over and over again. So at the core of how we are making ourselves feel about our lives or situations is first our reactionary conditioned beliefs.  Then our constant words or thoughts to ourselves begin to reinforce our beliefs and thus place a set of emotions into play that ultimately dictate how we will behave.

Here is a little video that I came across that has a magical question in it. Check it out and follow what this guy Tony Teegarden has to say about self talk / dialog :

Mind you this is very street version of more than likely, some far more complex psychological terms. I am actually certain for when I was in the middle of discovering I was causing my own insanity about certain things in my life I had elected to talk to a therapist. She had Meds and Disorder “Labels” but nothing that really did anything (Xanax, Buspar, and Effexxor).
So from the bottom of my heart I hope at least one of you out of the hundreds gets this connection today.  What you think about and think about and talk to yourself about will alter your beliefs WHETHER WHAT YOU ARE TELLING YOURSELF IS TRUE OR NOT TRUE.

Think about what I put out there. Think about the Monster in the Closet – was he ever there? Or under the bed? But you believed it. Think about the NFL and what an NFL player must tell himself (particularly the smaller guys). I am not going to type out here what they think but I will go into this in detail on our call.

I want you to also take a look at the evidence of 5000+ years of religion in the world. People study their chosen religion / scripture over and over and over and over. They do this to ingrain in their minds all aspects of their chosen belief, so prayer or orchestrated, repeated dialog definitely does something, doesn’t it? This is not about religion, its about knowing the methods that have worked and been in use for thousands of years is tremendously to your advantage.
So now you see WHY its so very important to watch what you are allowing yourself to think about and focus on. These elements of what you are thinking about will come out in your words. Hence why some of you CLAIM to way exactly the same words as some of the successful people in your organizations, however, you get different results. Because they have spent the day thinking and focusing on different things (Not the murder in Chicago) but how can they reach out and effect more lives? How can I create more success?
So now as we make this step into self dialog there are a few things you MUST do first:
Number Two have a meeting with your MIND and your BEHIND and make sure things line up. Meaning ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOU LOVE SO MUCH YOU WANT TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD? (Think about this, every brick and mortar business you go into that you see the owner or know them – check on this loving what they do aspect, it is a necessary component.
Number Three ask yourself – Are you willing to implement some silly changes that might make a huge difference in your thinking?
Number Four – Are you willing and able to manage the negative people and situations in your life, at times sacrificing time spent when those people are at their most negative, to minimize their negative influence?
Number Five – Once you see what the influences are that do not work to your advantage, are you willing to eliminate those influences that do not work to your advantage?
Number Six – When presented with things that you KNOW will make things better, are you committed enough to make the change, right then and there, cold turkey? Likewise when you know something will work 100% against you are you willing to eliminate that, or change that behavior?
If you all are willing to look into what’s causing your thoughts and feeling then you will see the root of your own self dialog. Then our mission today will be to clarify all of this and the HOW it all works.
I want you making the choices both in your environment and thinking that will then leave you in a mental space of being able to talk to yourself the way that I have come to over the years.  It has served me enormously over the past 3 years in particular when I made a number of connections and changes.

Always remember that magical question to correct negative self-dialog…… Would you say to a 5 YEAR OLD what you are thinking or saying to yourself? If the answer is NO – then its time to eliminate that thought or set of words….

Where did we learn all of this. Join our group anytime by filling out the form to the right and more information will be sent to you. You can also check out — to find out a little more behind the scenes.


By ~~ David Varrone

Identify and Question Your Habits of Thought

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Identify and Question Your Habits of Thought


Yesterday we call came together and established the fact that our beliefs are going to shape everything that happens, or shall I say we will allow to have happen in our lives. We also covered a step by step way in which, when you encounter a thought or belief that is not serving your life plan or direction of your goals, you can indeed change it. Today I want you to dig WAY deeper into what you are allowing to occur WITHOUT thinking. It is very important that you realize that you are actually operating this way (On “Autopilot”) about 95% of your life……….. Meaning that great conditioning that is our underlying programming……… Without thinking that is running your life. Your life is for the most part or perhaps for 98% of you, for the most part on “Autopilot”. Today, its time to smash the autopilot and take back the controls.

Wow, all that was not only more than a mouthful but also a head-full. As human beings we are programmed to multitask. How do we know this? Just look at all of the different things you are doing right this very minute on autopilot. As Human Beings we were designed so we could see, hear, talk, breath, have our hearts beat, walk, and yes chew gum at the same time. So our brains are wired to support this.

The problem only erupts when we remove our own thinking from a process that we actually have never experienced and take the experience or direction from others. Lets take a look at a few examples….. A Roller Coaster Ride…… If lets say someone you knew got hurt or injured on a Roller Coaster…… Then you would have a bonafide shred of evidence to support NOT taking a ride on a roller coaster. Even though you yourself never experienced a problem, someone Else’s experience that YOU PLACED A VALUE ON now becomes part of your AUTOPILOT PROGRAM…… Silly and simple example put you get the point. The opposite is also true. If your Friends and Family all loved roller coaster rides then your AUTOPILOT PROGRAM would more than likely have you enjoying roller coasters at a young age.

So we all have these learned habits of thought….. Think about some other situations whereby our experiences just might be ignorant of the possibilities of life.


So we take a close look at not only our upbringing but what society and the media feed us and we have a recipe for what I call – “IGNORANCE OF THE POSSIBILITIES“. This concept affects all of us to a certain degree. The knowledge inserted from conditioning and all of these outside stimulus’s begin to remove any and all thoughts of the possibilities of creating the life or business that you USED TO WISH FOR……….. You stop dreaming. You stop thriving. You stop growing experiencing and learning and BAM you wake up 20 years older and the kids have moved on…… Totally Ignorant of the life you could have dreamed up, designed, implemented, and LIVED.

Why take “their words”? Why not challenge things? What not go out on a limb for yourself? Why not create a plan of hard work to achieve the creation of the life your want? Think about this process. In smashing the autopilot of life, you gain control and responsibility for your own circumstances. THEN AND ONLY THEN DO YOU LOOSE TWO THINGS :

1) The HELPLESSNESS of having excuses…. Would you rather have excuses for why something did not work and make it someone Else’s fault. OR would you rather claim responsibility for the Blood, Sweat, and Tears that you place into something and accept the success and accomplishments that come with that?

2) FAILURE : Yes by smashing the AutoPilot……. The plane does not necessarily give up and head for a safe place. You have the ability to loose failure for without the Autopilot you can rethink the game and change all the perimeters. With autopilot, you accept the stories from others that it cannot be accomplished.

So today lets take a stand and Identify Your Habits of Thought :

Sit down and make a list of the things you have done today that are routine…. Then make a simple short comment next to each element of your list. The comment should be simple – Moving Towards Goals and Life the way I want or NOT SERVING MY PLAN. In the beginning this will seem ridiculous and a complete waste of time. However, once you become present enough to notice what actions and activities you are doing consciously and unconsciously the mystery of all of this will begin to unfold.

Society today relies heavily upon your Autopilots ability to create a conformist. Someone who goes along the “The Plan”. Work Mon-Fri. 40-60 hours a week. Sit in traffic and commute. All to make a wage of xxxx . The “Average Median Income of America for 2014” = $51,017 .

Think about the car experience itself. Road and speed limits are designed for the masses. Masses of driver skill and car ability.

In almost every area of our lives there exists a way to Herd the masses. Those who take different paths of thought have a very different experience from those who choose to leave the Habits of Thought in place. All of the top 3 per-centers…… Have no autopilot of thought. Think about these perceptions, if you note – the Broke People are on Autopilot with no room to think or breath. The Wealthy people – are planning a legacy for generations to come (Get it?)  :

Have you ever heard this?

Broke people think a week ahead.
Solvent people think a month ahead.
Comfortable people think a year ahead.
Wealthy people think 10 years ahead.

When you first read that, you might think, “Well, of course a broke person can’t think more than a week ahead. They don’t have much money and they have to plan how to spend it.”

That’s a fair answer. But, here’s what most people don’t realize: if they never think more than a week ahead, they’ll ALWAYS be broke.

The quality of their THINKING is what actually creates their struggle.

So join us today…. We will shed light on smashing the Autopilot and taking back more control of your life.

Success For The Rest Of Us —-   11 AM EST / 8 am PST


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See you there ~~ David Varrone









The Direction Of Your Belief – David Varrone

Monday, September 15th, 2014

The Direction Of Your Belief

The Direction of your belief today is writing the script of your life for tomorrow. Think about that as it related to who you are today and who you were the day you were born. Nearly everything we have ever learned came from us taking a risk based upon believing the outcome would be phenomenal or at least acceptable. Think about the experiences that you have had and the experiences that you have had and then watched others experience…… Its all there. Our belief system will dictate out behavior. So much so that our ability to achieve success and greatness is first defined there.

So as this group comes together for the first time in a very long time, we shall indeed start there. We must look into our beliefs about why we are in business. Why we are in the life structure we have chosen and then we must choose to either accept things as they are OR………… Recreate Your Beliefs, so that they are serving you NOT dictating your path.

We shall start at looking at a few instances of your own personal growth. Lets look at two scenarios. One, learning to walk, and two learning to ride a bike.

Think about when you learned to walk. You saw someone walking effortlessly. You saw it owner and over and over again…. Then you chose to believe that you could in fact walk. Because you made that choice that you were going to walk….. You then made a consistent NON-EFFORT through every challenge, until you achieved the goal. Most of us do this by the time we are around 1 year old. Its the perfect example. You BELIEVE, THEREFOR YOU TAKE MASSIVE CONSISTENT ACTION, until the goal is achieved. You push through the challenges of gravity. Of hard floors. Of Egg Bumps on your head. This is the one near perfect example of what I want you to consider as we begin.

Think about another major “impossible” event that nearly everyone gets through. This one taking place a little later in life with a little more conditioning. A few more learned lessons that may or may not limit your belief in whats possible. Riding A Bike. Think about it. Balance. Trial and Error…… Skinned knees. Bruises. Physical Pain. Frustration. Yet again, most of us have made that choice to push through the challenges and achieve the goals.

These examples serve as lessons and a metaphor for being an Entrepreneur. You are going to have to make choices. The choices you make may actually to put yourself in a difficult or uncomfortable situation. However, the Joy Of Success lies in your pushing through all of your fears and obstacles, without ever giving up.

So how do we do all of this? We do all of this by creating faith in ourselves….. Napoleon Hill once stated : “Faith is the only known antidote for failure!”

Why is belief essential in terms of a component of success….. Because very simply put. Our Thinking will dictate our behavior, and our behavior will dictate how our life goes including all of our decisions. So now that most of you reading and listening have some clarity around the fact that The Direction of Your Belief will indeed create your future. Lats take a look at a technique and way to change your beleifs and replace non-serving ones with serving ones…..

Once you identify those thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, here is a way to change them all.  YOU MUST do this as a WRITTEN EXERCISE — MUST :
1) Identify : Identify a behavior or thought that you wish to change or modify.
2) Link this behavior or thought to MASSIVE CONSEQUENCES, in the following two ways:
     a) Write down 10, yes 10, specific costs or consequences of your behavior or thought not changing.
     b) Write down 10, yes 10, reasons why you must change that behavior NOW.
3) Create and Write down a mental picture, a vision of yourself, employing the new behavior or thoughts – One Paragraph.
4) Connect AT LEAST 10 Benefits of this new behavior and or set of thoughts and write those down.
It may seem a little crazy but this exercise above totally changed the way that I went about changing my thinking and behavior on issues I desired to change. It is still the method I use today to change and improve things. It takes you down a path of clarity and reason for change so the changes “stick” better and faster.
Your thoughts will lead to your behavior or actions. So as we begin to design the inside of this metaphoric house it is imperative that we go through this process so everything becomes very very clear. Then the design of your life and goals will be far less limited. We all want our future to be more free and this process can be used to eliminate your limiting beliefs.
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By David Varrone









Do You Have What It Takes?

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? Are you really truly ready to cut the umbilical chord of being a worker bee. Do you want to serve you last days meditating over a legacy or dynasty built for your family for generations to come or are you going to sit in struggle and worry that you will run out of money before you run out of time…..It is a valid question whether you are 19 or 69. The real question is have you found the direction of your life that inspires you enough to really change and do things differently?

Many years ago I had to ask myself the same question. I had to question where life was going with the decisions and planning I was creating. I had to sit back and really think do I want to continue to “OFF MY RESPONSIBILITIES” on a company or a boss so that I do not have to be responsible or work to hard? OR Am I willing to make the across the board changes to become an Entrepreneur? Do I want control over my time and money or do I want rules and perimeters dictated to me…..?

Well my answer was simple. I realized that I had to find a direction that I could focus myself in that I would be able to really commit myself and go the extra mile. Here is a little inspirational video that basically shares the mental changes that I had to go through to become a success. This video is just over 6 minutes long and will definitely re-frame our mind on your commitment to yourself.

Get Motivated

Here is also a link to more info and a bit of direction that I created a few years back that will also assist you : Worker Bee to Entrepreneur

Stay tuned for the complete series of webinars and blog info that will assist you in creating a plan of action that will take you from “Worker Bee” to “Entrepreneur”.

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Create An Amazing Life With Your Self Created Success ~ David Varrone



The Power Of “Knowing” – With Enthusiasm

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

The Power of “Knowing”

Yesterday was another incredible day that I am grateful for. As I create a team of very successful people, not just in business with income….. But also with people realizing what they really do want and then showing them they have the power within to achieve it. In conversations and coaching sessions with people yesterday it became apparent that I had been taught something that is now internalized, that in order for people to” GO FOR IT“, it must be something that is part of themselves as well.

What am I writing about? I am writing about developing a sense of being “ON PURPOSE” or in alignment with not only your beliefs but also your own personal core values. In order to create The Power of Knowing, you must have goals, dreams, and aspirations that are in line with your beliefs and your values. Only then will a person give 100% of themselves in the development of their own life plan that can achieve this.

In this video below Anthony Robbins shares what he taught me a long time ago about my Destiny :

I am not pitching “A Date With Destiny”….. I just want you to listen to exactly how your beliefs and values are the undercurrent of your ability achieve your goals. Ask yourself why you do the things that you do, especially when the actions are not getting you where you want to be in any year of your life? Then join us…..


Then join the team. We are TEAM DESTINY! If you are reading this it may in fact be your DESTINY to learn more about yourself, earn more than you have ever earned, and achieve more happiness than you ever have. We are your destiny. We have a team of people that have evolved from countless challenges and failures to amazing success and fulfillment.

We are not just a Business Opportunity. We are a coaching platform where challenges and problems like this are solved and mapped out for you. In addition we are focused on a way that you can create income, substantial income, that serves every single business out there whether it be Brick and Mortar or a Home Based Business.

Each Wednesday Evening – weekly (every single week) we will get together at 8 PM EST. There will be a lesson and plan on how to reach your destiny personally. Then you will be given a plan with action that could indeed lead to your happiness both personally and financially. Each week a lesson and each week a plan and a call to action.  You can email me at [email protected] for call access information.







Ingreso Cybernetico – A Diamond NOT in the Rough

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Ingreso Cybernetico – A Diamond NOT in the Rough

Today I wanted to take a little time on my Blog and share with you something that is truly incredible. As many of you my subscribers know,  I have been in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales Industry for the past 10+ years. In that time I have truly assisted a very large number of people. Literally thousands of people have participated in life and income changing programs and enriched their lives. I want you to spend some time looking into a company I have looked at now and jumped straight into – Ingreso Cybernetico – A Diamond NOT in the Rough .

As most of you know each program I have worked in, in the past has taken resources in the form of TIME and MONEY. Meaning besides putting money into the activity we have also had to put real work and effort into things to really achieve results. Very few programs or systems out their have as their Mantra a true system that by design assists all of it members, and in specific really assists all of its members when they work hard.

Ingreso Cybernetic creates dynamic symbiosis amongst its members.

Particularly people that come in and build a team. What I mean by that is that the program is designed so that you will benefit from the actions of your sponsor as well as from the team mates you or they bring in. I call it “Love from above and from below“.

So take a look at this on my other web page – . There is a video explanation of just how all of this can work for you. If you happen to find my Blog from its tags for Ingreso Cybernetico – PLEASE get back to the person than mentioned this to you and do not sign up with me.

This program has created Thousands of dollars for me as illustrated by the image of the check below – this was one Saturday’s earnings while I was not in the office. (See Income Disclaimer at the bottom of this blog). :

900 Check125check300check Just a few examples….. I have received MANY more!!!

Level 1 IC Team LeaderAchieved A Leadership Role in under 4 weeks.

I have witnessed people following the system that is reviewed here and start with as little as $50. They take that tiny amount of money and grow it substantially from that starting point. In addition to that, by following this system and teaching what has made myself a success I have also received a Certificate of Achievement in Leadership. All of this in my first month with Ingreso Cybernetico.

So today’s blog serves not only as an endorsement on my part as to what is possible with Ingreso Cybernetico. The evidence is in the proof above – AND ALSO – in the testimony videos below (All of these people are part of my TEAM in Ingreso Cybernetico) :

Listen to Michele L. from Montana :

Listen to Kutako K. from Maryland :

Listen to Trina from Australia – YES THIS IS A GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY :


So take this blog message today to heart. If you desire an opportunity that will work as hard for you as you work for it….You have found it in Ingreso Cybernetico. In addition our team is growing on a daily basis. We have one on one coaching to assist you as well as multiple team calls each week with the intention of you becoming wildly successful your first month. Ultimately, we want you to build a financial foundation that will reward you for years to come and will assist you, provided you put in the necessary work and effort to make it happen!!!

Ingreso Cybernetico is it. As far as a leader capable of taking you there, I am on your path for a reason. We can build your future together with Ingreso Cybernetico. I look forward to serving you in this capacity and watching you grow into and reach your full potential. ~~ David Varrone








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We make every effort to accurately represent the products and services offered by Ingreso Cybernetico and its subsidiary companies and the potential for affiliates to earn income from those products and services.

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