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You Wouldn’t Stop Success, Would You?

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Vibrational Resistance — You Would Not Stop Success — Would You?


Today we will take a look at Vibrational Resistance YOUR Vibrational Resistance. By the end of this Blog entry and our call you will be able to identify it and remove it. Then piece by piece and bit by bit you can create a plan of action that without resistance, will allow you to soar!! It is imperative that you all get this now that we have laid out a dynamic foundation for success. We will next create a plan that will get you to success, and without you giving resistance, success can happen easier and in a more rapid fashion.

Vibrational Resistance now just what the heck is that you ask? Well to shed light on exactly what this emotion is and what it does to you and to those around you, simply put this is the set of emotions and feeling that surround something you absolutely do not want to have happen….For Instance when the sky is dark and the Weatherperson reports a Tornado Warning. At the moment that you realize that danger or a problem may occur. It’s that feel you have in your gut that wants whatever is coming to STOP and NOT HAPPEN.

Vibrational Resistance is usually accompanied by anxiety, fear, worry, and total loss of direction. It is also a sign that not only have you left the autopilot on but it was not given a program with a desired destination. So life becomes full of stress and lacks any and all accomplishments. At this juncture in time while I am sharing the key elements of what has worked for me. It is very important for this vibrational frequency or feeling of resistance even if you THINK you can cover it up…… You cannot. Behind all of your words is your vibration. Your Life Force that gives animation and meaning to the words we speak and the actions that we take. So this feeling of resistance must be identified and dealt with so that when you put all of the other parts and gears together for your machine of success that they work. When Vibrational Resistance is minimized or reduced I can only equate it when that Airplane is at the end of the runway and the Engines Rev up. No matter how hard those engines scream the plane does not begin to move until the pilot releases the brakes. Resistance in this scenario are your BRAKES.

Here is a video that reviews resistance and how it is playing a huge part in your success :

Here is a video that reviews resistance and how it is playing a huge part in your success :

So lets take a look at this subject of Resistance. How is it effecting your life? Why is this affecting your life?

For me Resistance has always been related to FEAR or to be a CONTRARIAN so that I would feel in control of my life.

So what do we do with this substance called Resistance and if it is the “Brakes of Life” Holding us back what do we do to release the brakes and take off.

The answer lies in JUDGEMENT. Think about that for a second. We see a situation or circumstance that has not yet occurred. We judge that situation based on all of the conditioning and all of the things we are allowing to stimulate our mind. All of those external influences that are not just what truely relates to the situation. I mean really think about it. We learn from all of our conditioning. That conditioning sets up what we expect to have happen and BOOM that focus that JUDGEMENT on what is about to happen is what creates that feeling of RESISTANCE. So resistance is learned. You read that right – LEARNED.

You actually learn to STOP all of your forward progress by giving things resistance.


#1) Identify The Situation that is giving you that feeling of resistance. For Example – lets stay the course of home business. Lets say that the feeling of calling leads or prospects gives you a feeling of __________ , and __________, and ______________. For example : Fear and Anxiety , It will be a waste of time no one will get started or buy, Well why should I even bother its a waste of time to even call leads.

#2) Then think about this. Conditioning in some way shape or form led to a belief. That belief can be focused on and it will give birth to a second more negative thought. Before you know it you will conclude based on just conditioning that prospecting is not productive and BOOOOOOOM. Get this you even supply the ending evidence, by taking no action, you get no results and YOU GET TO BE RIGHT. That is what seals the deal. We Judge based on our conditioning and reaction. We seldom judge on reality.

#3) Now that you see the pattern it is time to use some of the techniques I have reviewed with you. Its time to make certain that the Autopilot is OFF!! Then take a look at the root of what is giving you that feeling of RESISTANCE or that the outcome may not be satisfactory. Ask yourself where is this feeling coming from?? Then like in the example above with Prospecting, really THINK ABOUT IT!! Where do ALL SALES COME FROM? All sales come from someone initiating contact. Most of the time that contact would come from this initial Prospecting. So if someone or something installed a belief that prospecting is something to resist or not do….. How can you make any progress.

Once you have identified the source or resistance its now time to go and use our pal . Yes now go and hunt for 10 web pages / videos / success stories that support the outcome of the situation you desire. Yes 10. Then until the time at which when someone says “Prospecting” you jump for joy, go through all 10 of those examples.

Practice this with the mindset that religion, the one thing that most of human kind believes in….. Is all based on Conditioning (Prayer & Story Telling). Daily prayer and daily review leads to belief, so now its your choice what you believe and what your resist.



~~ David Varrone

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Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

UnLIMITED DRIVE (Motivation)

The success of any business venture is directly tied to the belief of its leadership. The “feeling” of knowing not only what to do next but also having the confidence and belief in what you are doing so YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOU is imperative. Did you catch that? YOU must believe in the direction of YOUR Goals, YOUR Dreams, and YOUR Business. I make this clarification for you so that you begin to see and feel what others see as leadership. When you are seen as a leader……… Well, look what you consistently do with all of the leaders around you.

I am often asked how do I have the motivation and drive to answer a call at 11 PM at night or do multiple conference calls in a given week. People also ask me why I go to the trouble of setting up marketing tools like our lead co-op. The best questions I get asked by people are aligned with income and what is my definition of success or enough. In a candid conversation with a new person late Thursday night last week I was asked a CRAZY QUESTION. “Dave, how much would you charge to coach someone so that they get to that spot in their lives where they have Unlimited Motivation?” Great question. Now how would you begin to answer a loaded question like that?

Plain and simple your ability to stay motivated is 100% tied to your faith not only in yourself but in the validity of the action steps you are taking in your life (How you are leading your life on a daily basis in both your working and personal environment.)

You must have belief and faith that what you are doing to be something that will work. I am not talking “TALKING” like you have belief. Many of you can read and research what the correct nouns, verbs, and adjectives are to “sound” like and parrott them. Those of you doing this make the statement that you are doing everything like the successful leader has mapped out but….. The results are not what you had targeted.

It is of extreme importance that you stop right in your tracks there. In all 13 years of working in the direct sales arena, I have seen 100 different ways to make something work, very very rarely did it ever require an EXACT duplication in the sales arena. The common thread or fuel for unlimited drive is —– That feeling of “KNOWING” that what you are doing works and taking that one step further will bring additional results IS what will allow you (Allow the motivation to flow) to create a success and build from there.

example : I will simplify. It’s a blizzard outside on top of 2 inches of ice. You KNOW there is a pretty good chance that if you go for a ride in the car you may get stuck or worse. So there is no belief in a successful ride in the car so you don’t take a ride in the car. Naturally there is no motivation here.

Flip the situation around a little bit…. A sunny day. A new car running well. A ride in the car – YOU KNOW has a near 100% chance of turning out as planned, so you DO take the ride.

better example : In business we do the same thing but it is far more complex.

  • If we believe that the next client we my speak with will be the kindest most wonderful person, we then have the motivation to make the call to the prospect. Its the knowing that things will turn out positively that will allow or motivate us to make the call with the prospect.  WAIT A MINUTE : THINK : Wouldn’t knowing that the conversation was going to work out exactly as you wanted dynamically change your attitude and what you say and how you say it to the prospect? So wouldn’t that mean that if you believed in something every feeling you have is different than when you DO NOT believe in something? This about how we interact with our pets. Dog’s in particular. You can say the exact same thing to a dog two different ways. One with a positive inflection and one with a negative inflection. “GOOD BOY” The dog is living proof. Say Good Boy with anger and he feels BAD BOY. Say Good Boy with love and joy and he FEELS – AWESOME GOOD DOG. Same nouns and verbs. Totally different outcome. Better still is that if you attempt to do this, well you know the outcome – LOL.

So its a very SIMPLE yet CHALLENGING issue.

To have Unlimited Drive or Motivation you must first have unlimited belief in the success of your intention.

So tune into our call this evening. This info will assist anyone looking to find out how to be all they can be. It’s all in their mind…

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COP – Choice of Perception

Monday, January 9th, 2017

COP – Choice of Perception

The start of 2017 presented itself with some of life’s most interesting challenges. It began with both the loss of a friend as well as the loss of a family member. It was also marred with incidents like many of us witnessed this past week at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Everything that occurred created a perception. A perception of what was going on and a perception of what the future holds. It is through the challenges that beliefs are either entrenched or diminished. Is your faith in life, the man upstairs, and yourself strong enough to not allow any FALSE EVIDENCE to APPEAR REAL? Meaning will you care and understand enough about what you allow yourself to perceive such that your beliefs stay true to your hearts desires?

Think about the first 9 days of this year…. What things have you experienced that made you think? What things have you experienced that changed the way that you are dealing with something. A little example share. Over the Holidays we did some long drives. On that long drive I saw more than 12 car accidents. 2 known to be fatal. I used those experiences to modify my formerly aggressive driving habits. So something negative has created positive. Safer Driving. A second side benefit was that our vehicles get 4 Miles to the gallon better gas millage. So I have allowed my environment and my perceptions of it to improve my life.

Think for a moment……..

I had a choice each time I saw any of those accidents on the highway. I could have dismissed the accident as a fool or idiot with no driving skills screwed up. I could have allowed the traffic surrounding the accidents to drive me nuts. Keep in mind I would be right either way I allow my perceptions to develop and expand. If I took this second approach to my perceptions of the drivign experiences, I would be angry and justified in driving even faster to make up time for the moron who got into the accident and blocked traffic.

The experiences of loosing people we care about often come with that a review of life. A review of whats truely important and also in that reflection a choice to change perspectives. The perspective of choice will dictate your feelings and attitude. Your feelings and attitude will dictate your constant thinking. Your constant thinking will become who you are and how you behave.

So how does this tie into SUCCESS FOR THE REST OF US for all of you?

Your perception of the business you may be in right now and the effectiveness of its tools and systems will dictate your success!!

Not the SPECIFIC SYSTEM – THE SPECIFIC PERCEPTION – will dictate your success. Think about it, you would never get on a plane if you perceived it could not fly….. Your perception is that after so many years with so many planes flying its a given. So our perception allows us to fly around the country. Without this perception, you will definitely have a more challenging time traveling.

So tonight on the first team call of the year for SUCCESS FOR THE REST OF US, it will be time to share with you the tools I use to change any of my perceptions. This skill has allowed me to believe in things and go for it. It has allowed me to achieve more than I ever thought possible….. See you on the call and be ready to take notes. Stay tuned for more extraordinary information that will assist you in breaking free from your stinkin thinkin and making progress in your life.

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2017 – Choice of Perception 
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