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Warp 9 Motivation – David Varrone

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Warp 9 Motivation

Those words “Warp 9” and “Motivation” is that the way you see yourself, as someone who has the Motivation to accomplish things at Warp 9? Have you ever even asked yourself what your level of Motivation and or Ambition do you have at play in your life right now? These are questions about yourself that when you explore them they are indeed the keys to achieving things. Whether the goal is about personal success or the goal is about monetary success enough motivation must be present so that you will take the action to complete the task. You must also be in a place of taking 100% responsibility for all of your decisions and actions.

When you have Warp 9 Motivation a little magical connection occurs within your mind.

Resources become secondary to RESOURCEFULNESS.

Think about that, when you are working toward goals that you just can’t live without your thinking changes. This is not something that is taught with an instruction or a how to. It’s an emotional switch. What you will do to accomplish something that absolutely must happen will transmute your thinking from perspective “A” to perspective “B” listed below.

Perspective “A” : This person has some goals. They are in a home based business and new. They are still working a “day job” to generate enough income to get by and save very little over long periods of time and hard work. Now this person SAYS that they are motivated and have the goal of making $10,000 a month and “I would do anything for that kind of money”. So we have a person that is successfully employed and paying their bills and getting through life. He gets started in a home based business but………………………………. BUT………… Its a big BUT. That $10,000 a month is a fairy tale for him not really a goal. He has a list of things he things he might want IF HE EVER had the money. So this person begins working their business and things move slowly and about the second week….. This new person is “out of leads with no money to spend on marketing”. So they don’t know what to do.

** The outcome of this situation is already being felt by those of you reading. This person is NOT MOTIVATED and DOES NOT HAVE ANY REAL GOALS. Therefor they are stuck in the focus of I DON’T HAVE. Lack. Resources. So because they lack the motivation to go beyond the resources that they see on hand…… They stop and fail…..

Perspective “B” : This person has a JOB like perspective “A”. This person however practices a ritual of always envisioning or visualizing what his life will be in the future. He has plans goals and dreams that he absolutely have. His dreams inspire him to the point where is has pictures of all of his goals and dreams on a dream board. He wants to go into a business to make those dreams a reality.  He has one challenge. Not a freak-en penny to his name…. No money to get started….. No lists of potential customers from previous relationships. Nada nothing. In fact later today (Friday) when he gets paid their will be $11.34 left in his bank account. Funny thing is he is hell bent on going into business and changing his own life….. So he has NO RESOURCES. BUT……….. He wants his future planned life and goals so badly, he has psyched himself up so much that every morning he wakes up with enthusiasm as he know he is going to find a way to make things work.  HE IS RESOURCEFUL!

Listen carefully to what Tony Robbins has to say about this, particularly from 6 minutes on :


In success you will find that there will never be the precise amount of resources to take the massive action that creates massive success. You must be very clear on your goals and very emotionally attached to them as outlined in one of our previous Blogs and Calls.


You must be completely clear on the Following 3 Decisions of Destiny that we make hundreds of times a day.

3 Decisions of Destiny

1) What am I going to focus on right now, what am I going to allow my mind to think ?

– Your focus of thought will create your emotional state or HOW YOU FEEL. Anything you think about you must assign a meaning, that assignment of meaning begins to adjust your Motivation to accomplish things. Your emotions will begin to pattern your behavior.

2) What does the present situation really mean to you ?

– Do you feel like you are being rewarded or punished. It is key that you recognize that you must feel that your path of actions and behaviors are a reward in and of itself for you to sustain any successful activity.

3) What are you going to do now about the situation? Are you moving forward or giving up.

– Are you going to be RESOURCEFUL enough to move forward because your goals really to mean something to you.

So what I want to make clear very clear to all of you today. Is that if your passion and goals have meaning, the resources necessary will indeed come together. You are required to make the decisions that “STOKE THE FIRE”. You must spend as much time stoking this fire as you do on all of the other recreational things you do (TV etc).

Your focus. Your focus. Your Focus. Your State of mind, your perspective, that is what is shaping your day. Tune in today and listen to how this will play itself out in real life.

~~ David Varrone ~~ Successfortherestofus






Wealthy Thought Habit Number One – Success Certainty

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Wealthy Thought Habit Number One – Success Certainty

In the process of reviewing all of our conditioning that is leading to all of our behaviors it is important to begin to make note that about 95% of your thoughts are merely just “Habits of Thought”. We have gone to great lengths over the past three weeks to illuminate the fact that if your conditioning is what is indeed creating your thinking, well this is WHY, patterns in our lives, loops of success and failure often occur in stretches. We simply are thinking and reacting in the same way over and over again – thus the performance of life repeats itself. Which turns me in the direction of assisting all of you with creating “Success Certainty“, it’s easier than you think.

To expand upon this deeper we have gone through exercises and tasks where you are clearly able to identify thoughts and behaviors that are NOT serving you or moving you in life where you want to go. We have reviewed the process of Goal Setting and Focus on Gratitude and its value. So what is the next step in ironing out your thinking so that is becomes POSITIVELY EXPANDING all of the time? What can we do now to begin to permanently change our thinking and attitude?

For just one moment I want you to really consider how a very simple and minor change in attitude or focus or AIM can change everything. Think about the game of Golf and its parallel towards life… Listen to what Tony Robbins has to say about this aspect. Also think about what makes a face beautiful and listen to what Tony illustrates :

 You Are Just One Millimeter From Success


The difference between being certain and uncertain is such slight difference but we will review just how dramatically different people around you will feel and hear you when it comes to this element of certainty. Also think for a moment again about how Tony psyched himself up — Just like in prayer repeating the words over and louder… He psyched himself up to the very first Wealthy Thought Habit – Success Certainty.

Look at the very minute and tiny differences that make or take someone from struggling with something to not struggling. SLIGHT DIFFERENCES mean that ALL OF YOU are really…… more than likely…… Only off by a slight difference from the person that is hugely successful.

I want you to watch and re-watch my friend Tony Robbins here. Watch this exercise he does with the lifting of his chest and how just a slight posture change can have you showing up as a powerful leader. So practice that change.

Then do something like I do nearly every day. We take this to a focus on my home business with Dubli. I take time to hunt down the most successful person in the opportunity that is somehow related to me through some business or personal connection. In other words I must know enough about the person to trust them…. Then until the day I match their results. I shadow them. They are the model of what I want to be. Not the News. Not broke Aunt Gertrude living with her kids. Not the broke prospect that has never had any money all his or her life. The people around you that are offering anything counter intuitive are not the people to follow and model. The people that are already doing what you are looking to do successfully are the ones to study.

So target someone and it does not necessarily have to be me. Study them. Study what they are doing and how they are doing it. With what kind of attitude. Therein lies the model on how to change this. Tony Robbins very clearly here maps out Success Certainty. Today on our call we will review this concept and process and then I will share with you some eye opening situations that I experienced over the years that really taught me this is precisely how things work and most importantly with a single and slight change in attitude – EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE OVERNIGHT.


~~ David Varrone ~~ Success For The Rest Of Us

Accomplish 1,000 Goals A Day

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Accomplish 1,000 Goals A Day

Yes you did read that correctly. You can indeed accomplish 1,000 goals a day. In fact, many of your are already doing it sub-consciously. The discussions we have had over the past few weeks about turning off the auto-pilot of Life now will become a focus. When you disengage that Auto-Pilot you become conscious of living “On Purpose”. One of the key things that I have watched very wealthy and successful people do consistently is that they are very conscious of their accomplishments.

Last week we worked diligently on goal setting. In the days that followed some of our discussions surrounding goals, I received emails that if I could over-generalize a bit basically asking me how I so consistently set goals and then set new goals and appear to always hit them. The time is now to get this very clear.

How do you build first the confidence so that you know you can consistently set goals and work towards and achieve their accomplishment……? Well its simple. With your Auto-Pilot disengaged, set a ridiculously small goal…. Like I will move all of the pens on my desk to a specific spot. Then immediately do it…. Goal Accomplished and I would bet 100% of the readers of this would easily be able to accomplish this. You make have a simple goal like attending our daily conference calls so you set that as a goal and also – easily accomplished. As you are building confidence and building this system of proving to yourself you can indeed accomplish goals that you set out to. Then its time step by step and in an increasing level of difficulty – CHALLENGE YOURSELF to bigger goals.

You are now really beginning to see why that autopilot is so darn dangerous. You stop thinking and acknowledging your accomplishments and life begins to loose its flavor. You begin to settle and survive instead of create and thrive…. So now that you have attempted and achieved a few simple goals lets kick things up a notch and the same way that all of the conditioning in your life has formed the way you are thinking, acting and behaving…. Lets boomerang that entire reality right back at itself.


So how do we reprogram the auto-pilot…..? Its a simple concept called Auto-Suggestion. All success begins with a clear picture of what is desired in ones mind. Then through the process of auto-suggestion – or AFFIRMATIONS. We can repeatedly alter what our mind conceives and repeatedly focuses on with Auto-Suggestion and Affirmations.

Here is a direct interview with Napoleon Hill about Auto-Suggestion :


On the wall in about 12 places in my home and home office. I have an affirmation written down that I wrote – 11 years ago. “I am a wealthy and successful 7 figure earner in the home based business industry. I have the success I have for I have created 100 Millionaires by coaching and assisting them to their success all over the world.

This is an example of an affirmation. Something that I read constantly. Something that I force myself to focus on. Something that has most certainly caused a shift in my thinking as well as enacting The Law Of Attraction. We will go over the possibilities of creating affirmations on our call today. In the meantime – here is an excerpt from Think And Grow Rich – Chapter 4 – covering autosuggestion :



You may want to watch this video that covers Think and Grow Riches review of Auto-Suggestion about 5 times.

~~ David Varrone ~~




Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Creative Visualization 

Over the last few weeks you have seen the importance of modeling behaviors. Conditioning, this is how we learn. As outlined with Walking and Talking we learned everything originally through this modeling or copycat behavior. Now comes the second part of that process….. Seeing yourself actually doing these things or having these things as already part of your life. Visualizing you in that situation or circumstance that enables you to take the action so you achieve the goal or visualization. Lets now go into a deeper definition of Creative Visualization and then how you are going to use this to increase your belief in yourself and thus your performance.

CREATIVE VISUALIZATION : refers to the practice of seeking to affect the outer world by changing one’s thoughts and expectations. Creative visualization is the technique of using one’s imagination to visualize specific behaviors or events occurring in one’s life.  Advocates suggest creating a detailed mental picture of what one desires and then visualizing it over and over again with all of the senses (i.e., what do you see? what do you feel? what do you hear? what does it smell like?). For example, in sports a golfer may visualize the perfect stroke over and over again to mentally train muscle memory. In physically competitive situations this technique is used over and over again to break through things like The 4 Minute Mile. The Olympic Swimming Records. Remember Usain Bolt. In one of his interviews from the closing of the Olympics he completely gave this technique to the world.
Check out two things in this video :

1) Notice – How powerful thought is as Jim Carey Explains this.
2) Though Every Step – There is a constant Visualization in play all the time of achieving the desired results. Everything that Jim reviews in this video is all about Visualized Intention. What is about to occur in the next few moments in created in your mind first.
Now check out this Experiment :

In one of the most well-known studies on creative visualization in sports, Russian scientists compared four groups of Olympic athletes in terms of their physical and mental training ratios:

  • Group 1 received 100% physical training;
  • Group 2 received 75% physical training with 25% mental training;
  • Group 3 received 50% mental training with 50% physical training;

Group 3 had the best performance results, indicating that certain types of mental training, such as consciously invoking specific subjective states, can have significant measurable effects on biological performance. According to Cummins, “The Soviets had discovered that mental images can act as a prelude to muscular impulses It has since become more widely understood and accepted in neuroscience and sports psychology that subjective training can cause the body to respond more favorably to consciously desired outcomes.

So in this experiment it is clear – very clear – that the entire game of visualization AND Success stems from a combination of 50% Mental and 50% Physical. Meaning 50% of your time will be mental preparation and study. THEN and only then, are you even READY to take action.

Today we are going to cover exactly how I do two forms of this visualization. One will be long term visualization and the components of what to do there and the other would be short term visualization like what I do a few minutes before this call or a few minutes before I return calls to potential prospects. I will also go one step out of the box and review how visualization can create triumphs in your personal life as well. So come prepared today with an open mind.

~~ David Varrone

Your Plan Of Action

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Your Plan Of Action

Right Now everyone reading this email and attending the Success For The Rest Of Us Calls should have a HUGE list of Goals. They should be doing two very important things daily. Spending 30-45 minutes a day writing, by hand, in their Gratitude Journal. By doing this they most certainly will feel and respond to the absolute facts that there are wonderful things going on in their lives and that being thankful and grateful creates a magnetic vibration for more good things to happen…..AKA The Law of Attraction.

It is also very important that you acknowledge one very important law – Just like the Laws of Gravity and The Law of Attraction, there is something called Parkinson’s Law.
Parkinson’s law is the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. This is the number one reason for you to have a daily plan of action its the only way to stop work from expanding to use up all of your time.
Once that is in motion and working with you then its time to focus on your goals. If you are like me the work in The Gratitude Journal and The Goal Journal take about the same amount of time. So before you ask this does indeed comprise the first part of my day. This is Usually 90 Minutes Plus and I start that between 5 and 5:30 am each day. (Please don’t expect me to respond to the numerous skypes that I get at that hour…LOL). My Schedule changes in the summertime as when the kids are around to do some fun stuff I make that my priority over work — PROVIDED — I have accomplished a ton of stuff that is either taking me closer to or achieving my goals.
Rather than give you my Daily Plan of action I think this go around it will be important for you to consider your goals and how important they are to you. In the past when I read off a list of what I do many of you had emailed me back you do the same kind of list but do not either get the results that I do or felt that you could not possible do the same schedule.
So “YOUR PLAN OF ACTION” is just that — Your Plan. Also you must remember where your mind is focused and what that attracts. So when I create a plan of action from a state of TOTAL GRATITUDE…… People come to work with me NON-STOP. Incoming phone calls exceed 150 per day. So always understand that alone could be as much time as I have in a 24 hour period. That occurs BECAUSE of the Law of Attraction. So take seriously the early part of your day and Gratitude and Goal Setting.
Having said that you are going to have to set focused time aside for some primary activities. So rather than give you my DMO (Daily Method of Operation) or DPA (Daily Plan of Action) lets take a different approach. I will list things you should place into your own schedule below. Each one that does not have a time parameter – you must set that based upon RESULTS not just time spent. REMEMBER you are the boss of YOU, Inc. You are not an employee trading an hour for some dollar amount. The only thing that pays you and or moves you closer to your goals is SUCCESS.
So here we go (Making it Happen for YOU, Inc.) DAILY ACTIVITY:
1) Work on YOURSELF (gratitude & goals) : 1 1/2 to 2 Hours/day.
2) Take Time to Exercise for 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day.
3) Take time to do something you ENJOY for 2+ Hours a day.
4) EDUCATE YOURSELF on as aspect that will improve : 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day.
     a) Communication
     b) Personal Development Knowledge
     c) Sales Skills
     d) Marketing Skills
     e) Knowledge of your Product or Service
5) Marketing – Actually creating and activating Marketing and Advertising
     I mean this. As you become super motivated and aware of
     your environment allow yourself to think at will of the
     many literally countless ways you can share your opportunity and
     market yourself as well as your products and opportunity.
     Then take a minimum of 2 hours per day and implement the ideas.
     Never be afraid to fail. The craziest idea’s I have ever come up with
     have worked.
Make sure you have a Baseline Duplicatable way to advertise and
market. I use Voice Broadcasting for its the only thing I have found that I
can just point someone to and give them a little instructions sheet and
they then usually make money with me the very first month in business.
Nothing to figure out leads are generated AND CALLED for you all you have to do is call them back….. CRAZY SIMPLE. Once you are rolling you can add to this. Remember this system calls 5,000 people per day for you. That alone, would take you making calls one by one, nearly a month. All that work done by a system in one afternoon thus saving you a month. So this is a HUGE part of my marketing…….. I learn to use tools that multiply my efforts.

6) ENROLL  NOT  SELL  :  2 hours to as many as it takes. I make this statement ENROLL not SELL for a HUGE REASON. When someone is Sold something they must constantly be resold it each time they get lazy or loose focus. When someone Buys or ENROLLS in something they have made a decision on their own that they want the product or service. We’ll discuss this but one way you have a TEAM MEMBER, the other way you have a pain in the a _ _ .

For the icing on the cake today I will go into how this becomes the backbone elements of what you must do to create the Rhythm of Success. I will review a number of things with you and then YOU are going to create your own plan of action and create your own results.
You WILL PERSIST without Exception and then you WILL GET RESULTS.
~~ David Varrone

“The Point” — At Which You Can’t Fail

Friday, September 26th, 2014

“The Point” — At Which You Can’t Fail


The “Point” at which you can’t fail? Anyone want to be there? It’s a crazy question that I am sure each and every one of you wishes to know more about. It’s also a question I was asked by a brand new person yesterday afternoon, so I figured that this would be a phenomenal catalyst to assist for today’s topic. What is that Point where you have created enough belief that you can actually say that you are at the point at which you cannot fail? What a great question to ponder. The answer is actually very very simple. It’s not an easy answer to swallow but it is simple.

The Point at which you will become a Super Success Machine is when………… The Pain of NOT Achieving YOUR GOALS is GREATER than the PLEASURE of achieving them. Think about what I just spelled out for you. The Pain of not having that NEW CAR must exceed the Joy of HAVING THAT NEW CAR. Think about how human nature is and how we are wired. Know that the power in the goals that you have is two fold. One is the desire for the goal. The other is raising the level of desire high enough for the goal that we cannot live without it.

Think about these questions :

1) Do you pay your bills the moment they arrive?

Of Course not. We have a DUE DATE. That due date carries with it the consequence of a late payment fee or a negative item on our credit report. So there it is, the consequence or pain of not paying the bill exceeds the ease of just writing the check….

2) Do you (REALLY) drive the speed limit most of the time ?

Of course not….LOL… Think about this, if there were noone around to police the speed limit how fast would you drive? Most of us would drive as fast as we could up till one of several consequences occurs. All of us would limit the speed to the consequences – Poor MPG, A Ticket is we do get caught, or perhaps the consequence of the vehicle adhering to the laws of physics…. Taking a turn too fast has the consequence of flipping the vehicle over.

#3) If you had no food and were starving, wouldn’t you go to some extreme measures to get some food for self preservation?

Of course you would. There are survival stories all over the place like this.

Herein lies and amazing reality of Goal Setting. You will NEVER EVER DO Your Best or BETTER than you best until that moment is upon you that you cannot live without succeeding. Period End of Story.

The  “Point” at which you can’t fail is that point where you have made a decision that the goal is THE most important thing you focus you energy and thought upon. You must be clear and have made the internal decision FOR REAL that you will indeed not give up until you have the prize OR you must be willing to literally DIE in the process if you do not hit your goals. This also begins to shape and form what are real goals and what is just bullshit we tell ourselves it would be nice to achieve and or have.

Now that we have a tremendous foundation of the work you must do on yourself before you get to your business…… This plays an extraordinary part of goal setting. Getting the goal in front of you that you will do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE is tantamount to its successful attainment. Simply put its not a game of keeping up with the Jones its a matter of keeping up with what you truely truely desire.

Pain is the simple greatest motivator you could ever have at play in your life……

So to Turbo-Charge your goal setting and your ability to achieve them, you are actually going to GO NEGATIVE……

I mean it. In your GRATITUDE JOURNAL after your write out what you are Grateful for each and every day you are now going to add one paragraph for each GOAL. That paragraph must be a recounting of all of the negative aspects of not achieving the goal.


GOAL : Brand New Loaded Honda Accord in Redd with a Grey Leather Interior.

CONSEQUENCE PARAGRAPH : If I do not achieve the goal of getting this new Honda. I will have to drive my 6 year old Toyota that the pain is peeling on. That the interior smells like an old dead body in. That has a terrible vibration at 70 MPG. I will also have to live with the Air Conditioning not working properly and arriving at my destination soaked in sweat. Worst of all I know that it is on its last legs. I had to put $1,000 in repairs into the care over the past few months….. etc.

You must build and recount all of the negative issues surrounding what your life will be like if you do not succeed. Only then will your goals have all the power that they can have. See you on our call.


~~ David Varrone


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Vibrational Resistance — This Is What’s Holding You Back

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Vibrational Resistance — This Is What’s Holding You Back


Today we will take a look at Vibrational Resistance YOUR Vibrational Resistance. By the end of this Blog entry and our call you will be able to identify it and remove it. Then piece by piece and bit by bit you can create a plan of action that without resistance, will allow you to soar!! It is imperative that you all get this now that we have laid out a dynamic foundation for success. We will next create a plan that will get you to success, and without you giving resistance, success can happen easier and in a more rapid fashion.

Vibrational Resistance now just what the heck is that you ask? Well to shed light on exactly what this emotion is and what it does to you and to those around you, simply put this is the set of emotions and feeling that surround something you absolutely do not want to have happen….For Instance when the sky is dark and the Weatherperson reports a Tornado Warning. At the moment that you realize that danger or a problem may occur. It’s that feel you have in your gut that wants whatever is coming to STOP and NOT HAPPEN.

Vibrational Resistance is usually accompanied by anxiety, fear, worry, and total loss of direction. It is also a sign that not only have you left the autopilot on but it was not given a program with a desired destination. So life becomes full of stress and lacks any and all accomplishments. At this juncture in time while I am sharing the key elements of what has worked for me. It is very important for this vibrational frequency or feeling of resistance even if you THINK you can cover it up…… You cannot. Behind all of your words is your vibration. Your Life Force that gives animation and meaning to the words we speak and the actions that we take. So this feeling of resistance must be identified and dealt with so that when you put all of the other parts and gears together for your machine of success that they work. When Vibrational Resistance is minimized or reduced I can only equate it when that Airplane is at the end of the runway and the Engines Rev up. No matter how hard those engines scream the plane does not begin to move until the pilot releases the brakes. Resistance in this scenario are your BRAKES.

Here is a video that reviews resistance and how it is playing a huge part in your success :



So lets take a look at this subject of Resistance. How is it effecting your life? Why is this affecting your life?

For me Resistance has always been related to FEAR or to be a CONTRARIAN so that I would feel in control of my life.

So what do we do with this substance called Resistance and if it is the “Brakes of Life” Holding us back what do we do to release the brakes and take off.

The answer lies in JUDGEMENT. Think about that for a second. We see a situation or circumstance that has not yet occurred. We judge that situation based on all of the conditioning and all of the things we are allowing to stimulate our mind. All of those external influences that are not just what truely relates to the situation. I mean really think about it. We learn from all of our conditioning. That conditioning sets up what we expect to have happen and BOOM that focus that JUDGEMENT on what is about to happen is what creates that feeling of RESISTANCE. So resistance is learned. You read that right – LEARNED.

You actually learn to STOP all of your forward progress by giving things resistance.


#1) Identify The Situation that is giving you that feeling of resistance. For Example – lets stay the course of home business. Lets say that the feeling of calling leads or prospects gives you a feeling of __________ , and __________, and ______________. For example : Fear and Anxiety , It will be a waste of time no one will get started or buy, Well why should I even bother its a waste of time to even call leads.

#2) Then think about this. Conditioning in some way shape or form led to a belief. That belief can be focused on and it will give birth to a second more negative thought. Before you know it you will conclude based on just conditioning that prospecting is not productive and BOOOOOOOM. Get this you even supply the ending evidence, by taking no action, you get no results and YOU GET TO BE RIGHT. That is what seals the deal. We Judge based on our conditioning and reaction. We seldom judge on reality.

#3) Now that you see the pattern it is time to use some of the techniques I have reviewed with you. Its time to make certain that the Autopilot is OFF!! Then take a look at the root of what is giving you that feeling of RESISTANCE or that the outcome may not be satisfactory. Ask yourself where is this feeling coming from?? Then like in the example above with Prospecting, really THINK ABOUT IT!! Where do ALL SALES COME FROM? All sales come from someone initiating contact. Most of the time that contact would come from this initial Prospecting. So if someone or something installed a belief that prospecting is something to resist or not do….. How can you make any progress.

Once you have identified the source or resistance its now time to go and use our pal . Yes now go and hunt for 10 web pages / videos / success stories that support the outcome of the situation you desire. Yes 10. Then until the time at which when someone says “Prospecting” you jump for joy, go through all 10 of those examples.

Practice this with the mindset that religion, the one thing that most of human kind believes in….. Is all based on Conditioning (Prayer & Story Telling). Daily prayer and daily review leads to belief, so now its your choice what you believe and what your resist.



~~ David Varrone

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The Law of Attraction – Going Full Throttle

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The Law of Attraction – Going Full Throttle


Going Full Throttle with The Law of Attraction. It’s a GREAT time to get into some mechanics… At this point we have set up a foundation of Gratitude combined with Massive Vibrational Goal Setting. In addition we have begun to shed light on what is really creating your perspective on life. It’s your conditioning. Whether that conditioning is what you were exposed to as a child or if you are just repeatedly exposing yourself to sources of information and stimulus that influence your thinking in a certain way. All of what we have covered so far merely sets the table for the single most important LAW in the universe. It is absolutely as functional as “GRAVITY”.  ITt IS : “THE LAW OF ATTRACTION“.

DEFINITION OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION : Simply put – Like attracts like…. You know you have heard things like this before “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”. Ever notice a heard of animals traveling together on a nature show. Same principle. So behind the scenes of our lives with have this mystical magnetic force that seems to attract and bring into our reality everything that we are focused on…. Therein lies a catch tot he Law of Attraction, since it works off of what we are thinking about and have the strongest focus of our energy and attention on….. Then a very important element of The Law of Attraction is the fact that it works period in an absolute form. What that means is that it does not matter whether it is something you want to occur strongly or it is something that you do not want to occur strongly. Either of those things will occur.
PROOF : To prove that The Law of Attraction will work whether your thought is a NO I DON’T WANT thought or it’s a I WANT OR DESIRE though does not matter – watch this. I give you an instruction : “Don’t think about the American Flag”.  Immediately what occurs is your mind pictures what you don’t want…… You can’t deny it!! So be clear on this.
In order to use The Law of Attraction to your advantage the focus on Gratitude and Goals begins to set your thinking habitually in the motion of CHOICE instead of Drifting. The real challenge we have then is that we all create a plan of action moving toward what we desire. The challenge is that once a thought is conceived, if the thoughts are chosen in a CERTAIN manner we create a positive plan of action and perform the necessary tasks that we BELIEVE will achieve the desired result.
Sounds Simple —- Right???
BUT     What happens when we allow not the infusion of our own thoughts and plans….. But the thoughts and plans of our conditioning, our environment, or perhaps even false evidence come into mental focus. That in effect places the BRAKES on the Law of Attraction delivering what you desire and it delivers what you FEAR or DESPISE Most. I call this the double edge sword of The Law Of Attraction.
So today we’ll dive into that and clarify exactly what is going on, on a behind the scenes look at The Law of Attraction in Action. We’ll see how that STINKING THINKING will Create a Counter Productive Path of actions that will create what you DON’T DESIRE and have you hunting and finding evidence to support what your thinking is. You will see clearly why things may seem like they are backfiring, when indeed you are creating exactly what is happening.
Once you are clear there we’ll review the methods below that I use EVERY DAY to bring my focus of thought RIGHT where it should be to create the most efficient use of The Law of Attraction. Listed below you will find the Method/Exercises I use for the specific roadblock I may encounter:
#1) FOR AN ISSUE INVOLVING A MEMORY OF AN EXPERIENCE : I first remind myself it is a MEMORY…. Something from the past. I then review the situation to see if ALL of the circumstances are the same. If they are — I take the gut feelings or vibrations seriously and make a new plan of action. If the circumstances are NOT the same I then (Guess what) I sit down with a pad…. I literally look things over and with the pen and pad I hand write all of the reasons and circumstances that will allow the situation to develop and blossom into what I desire. Writing this out by hand is essential. It will force you to think a bit more clearly that if you just do it in your head.
#2) FOR AN ISSUE INVOLVING COMMENTS FROM ANY  NUT  GALLERY : Here in lies where I use the word NUT instead of Peanut…. The reason being is that when you begin to drift into NOT thinking. It’s actually a relief. We internally begin to feel like you know their right – so instead of creating a thought process to make it all happen…. We create a process of “WHY BOTHER” to take action for like “Dad” said or like “Aunt Martha” said (It could be anyone – even a friend close to you). So knowing that if I buy into other people’s evidence, I know I am DRIFTING.  I then take things a step further. Again with a Pad and Pen. I sit down and really look first to see if they truly had any such experience. If they have not had the experience directly – it’s just noise.
If they have had the experience or a similar experience I go one step further in dissecting things. I look at their circumstances and mine. I look at precisely what they did and how they did it and I make a list. Actually I make 2 lists. One for their circumstances compared to mine and another one – where I think and take notice of WHY I AM DIFFERENT and how it can work.
#3) INFLUENCE OF THE MEDIA OR OTHER EXTERNAL NON-SENSE : As I have stated before if you are well traveled it is clear to see how the media can give partial stories and create a path of negative sensationalism. This TOWN CRIER type of merchandising the news started with PAUL REVERE (The British are coming…….). Here is where it indeed can get tricky. If the media has supplied information that you are going to base decisions on, you must make a distinction and in doing so some comparative resources must be looked at.
Here in lies the real challenge. Actually not a challenge but a choice. If you make the choice in advance on what you want to do despite the media….. Then you can look for evidence specifically that supports your decision. I implore you to FIND a TON OF IT. That is what I do…..
Here is a little video that will shed a great deal of light on things :

So today we’ll go over these first 3 methods – I have more up my sleeve. Yes this is REAL WORK – remember I clearly told you that you would work more on yourself than on your activity or business – here comes a ton of that work. Once you begin to evaluate and dissect each time negative or stinkin thinkin comes into play – you up the game of life for yourself. You take it to the level that all thinkers and those top 3%’ers do. Welcome to my world people – its your world too.
See you on the call.
~~ David Varrone




Words Are NOT A Dime A Dozen

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Words Are NOT a Dime a Dozen

Today let’s travel down the path of self dialog. After all we are going to filter our thoughts and actions through ourselves. In that self dialog lies how we coach ourselves. What we say to ourselves often has more of an impact on what we are doing than the Media or our Friends and Family for that matter.
Thinking back to those childhood stories of I believe it was The little Engine that could. If you go to You Tube and just search for that, you will see an abundance of video and self talk videos that will make the point. That point being that our internal dialog helps Empower us or Dis-Empower us.
Now sit back and think about this before I get into those words and the use of those words. Really think about your REACTIONS or RESPONSES to situations and how the self dialog gets you into a productive motion OR NOT. We have been building here on creating belief or altering it. Its now time to realize that this is not an action when once complete is complete…. In order to make those changes permanent we are indeed going to have to change that internal dialog. Particularly if that dialog is not positive.
So our choice of language and dialog must be brought into focus. You might be asking : So how does that fit into what we are doing right now in the reconstruction of our lives? It’s Simple. Here is the metaphor. The right choice of words creates action that leads to the simplest most rapid construction of the life we desire. Sort of like either using a hammer to swing a few times to drive a nail in OR we could use a compressor based nail gun that drove the nail in with 5% of the effort and allows us to get 20 times more done in a day.
Our self dialog will coach ourselves into positive action that fosters a better and better result, while any DIS-EMPOWERING words will TALK US OUT OF TAKING ACTION. Remember in this world, and with the way we are wired, this self talk will always create a way for us to be “RIGHT“. Its the way we are wired for self-preservation. I for once realized as I have stated before, that I am the only one standing in my own way. In addition, the word usage change has a second effect. Your words become powerful when others listen so others begin to regard you as a LEADER….
In want you to see what happens when you really NEED HELP…. And you choose the wrong words — just what that can cost you :
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

First a Set of Words that MUST BE MINIMIZED or ELIMINATED from use.


Then a bunch of words to now replace :

Maybe                          Done / Definitely
Try                                 Do / Will / Definitely / Absolutely
Hope                             Believe,  Certainly
Help                              Assist
Need                             Deserve / Desire
BUT                              However / Although
Work                           Create
Have to                       Choose to
Well, Ummmm        Moving Forward
Could                          Of Course it will, Undoubtedly
One more little perspective review and change all based upon changing a few words :

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


It is time to become conscious of the fact that your own words are actually going to dictate the next few minutes, the next few hours, the next few years….  So take the time to switch out some of these words so that life changes dramatically and RAPIDLY for you. See you on our call.


~~ David Varrone

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Goaltivation — Acheive Goals Faster

Friday, September 19th, 2014


A constant question I am asked is ” David, how do you stay so motivated??, Whether I talk to you at 7 am or 10 pm you always have such energy and motivation – HOW?” The answer to that question can be answered in one word – GOALTIVATED. So what does that mean? For that matter what does GOALTIVATION mean? The answer is not an easy answer but it is a simple concept. Goals : objectives that you cannot live without their accomplishment that motivate you to do whatever it takes to accomplish them so long as it does not involve the hurting or taking advantage of someone in the process of it’s achievement.
So there is a mouthful… Or a head full…. You can draw a simple conclusion from the first paragraph. A REAL GOAL is something that you MUST accomplish or acquire. It is not a hollow integrity-less statement. You really must desire and KNOW WHY you desire the goals. You must put your mind in the mental space of exactly how the “Goal” Once acquired will FEEL. Did you get that? You must KNOW how the experience of that goal being attained or achieved will feel. Period end of story. Only then will you truly be motivated to do what it takes to achieve the goal.
Over a period of many years I did not get Goal Setting. Or shall I say I would set Goals and just literally achieve about 5% of them. That 5% brought me success but I way always challenged with how these Personal Development Guru’s like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor would instruct people to have a “Goal Card”, a business card size note in your pocket with your most important goals written in a past tense. Meaning the goal witting with gratitude making a statement like ” I am so happy and grateful that it is September 19th, 2014 and I am driving my brand new Red Jaguar Convertible with a Gray Leather Interior.” I followed this practice for YEARS. Literally 4 or 5 out of every 100 goals I would set like this would come to pass.
Frustration set in and before long once I would do this for a while I would drop it and not bother…… Then one morning I was sitting here (11 years ago) and I listened to a radio interview with a Rapper / Singer Songwriter – “Pitbull”. In that radio interview this guy makes a statement after being asked a question…. :
QUESTION : “What made you think a broke Cuban kid from the streets of Hialeah, FL would make it the way you have?”
ANSWER : “Everyday I take time and focus on where I will be tomorrow and the tomorrow after that. I build pictures of myself performing where no kid from Hialeah has ever performed. I picture myself everyday with the most amazing people and we are all working together to make people feel incredible. Whether they are at a live performance or listening to me in their car on the way to work”.
QUESTION : “So what’s your biggest performance goal?”
ANSWER : “Bright Lights Big City — To perform in the City that Never Sleeps, with an entourage of magnificent women right along with me, and a crowd that goes wild”?
The City that never sleeps is New York.
The Goal that was achieved – check this video out :

This example typifies the process. This guy, Pitbull, had a bunch of things attached to his Goals that I call descriptors. Descriptors are emotional ties to the experience of what the achievement or attainment of the goal will feel like.
I came to the realization that the emotional charge behind each goal would be the fuel to achieve it. So how does one raise the level of emotional charge?

Here is how to Set Goals – GOALTIVATION  STYLE :

Pick a General Goal…. For this example I will use a car for it is just easy for all of us to identify with.


GOAL : I am so happy and Grateful that it is September 19th 2014 and I am Driving a Brand New Red Camaro Convertible with a Grey Interior and a Black Top. It is a Fast Car and and I really desire it strongly…..
(Goals like this were never achieved).


Steps to set the goal – before you write it down :
1) Pick the Goal. So let’s use this Camaro.
2) Day Dream an experience of going to see the car in person and a test drive.
3) Literally think of 5 or 6 elements of that test drive you would enjoy experiencing.
5) Then come back home and write out the goal like this with those 5 or 6 elements experienced in person from the test drive. (These are the emotional descriptors that will do something incredible — each of these descriptors are emotional ties to your future. When you place enough of those ties in focus, your goal will pull and motivate you into its achievement).
6) Now its time to create a Journal….. Yes another Journal to write in everyday…..You will place the date at the top of the page each morning and each morning you will spend 30 minutes looking at yesterdays goals and feeling them (reading them). Then you will physically REWRITE the goals every morning until they are accomplished. You will notice as you are doing this, the more on target you are…… The faster each GOAL will go from Goal Journal to Gratitude Journal.
WRITING OUT THE GOAL — This is what goes in my journal until the goal is achieved EVERYDAY.
“Man I love the way my Camaro Blasts down the road. The Glare of the sun hits my eyes from the shine of it’s Red Hood. The Grey Leather Interior smells so great. The 6 speed transmission shifts like silk and when the car catches each gear I can hear the tires squeeeeeel in pain. As I drive down the road I love the smell of my wife’s perfume as her long curly hair whips me in the face from the wind from the Convertible Top being down. The icing on the cake though is when we are cruising around anywhere with the top down and the radio on an my two beautiful daughters are in the back seat singing with their incredible voices the songs on the radio. I am so very lucky to have this experience NOW!”
That’s it. Period. Goals arrive faster as you bring your emotional vibration in alignment and get it to match how you will FEEL once you attain the goal in focus.
So what became clear was that if I could FEEL AND EXPERIENCE what it was like to have the goal, that feeling is what arranges everything from your motivation to your actions.
So do an experiment this weekend and pick a goal and set the goal this way. Its a blast to do and then when you do it…. And the magic begins to show up in your life. Then you will really get goal setting….
~~ David Varrone