Clearing The Mental Roadblock of Envy

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Clearing The Mental Roadblock of Envy
Back in the days of apartment living and textile mill work, not a day past me by that I did not SEVERLY ENVY those around me who were more successful than I was. At the time I felt this odd sort of emotions inside each time I saw a brand new fancy car drive by. Somehow I felt that being angry with them or telling myself that they stole their way to success would somehow justify my willingness to accept “The Hand I Had Been Dealt”.
Really I really mean that. I would make people’s success something to poke at. “That filthy rich guy driving that Ferrari, I wonder how many people he screwed to get that car”. I would drive past neighborhoods that my little apartment would actually fit in some of the homes garages. I would see backyards as big as playgrounds.
That all changed as I began to see something pretty interesting….. I read the book Think and Grow Rich ~ Napoleon Hill and began to see a little bit of what I was doing but a few more things had to happen in real life before I became clear on things. One was to become friends with another Textile Mill Owner and be at his home for an Afternoon and a Super Bowl Party. The other was to play at an Inner City Park…… That he funded and directly resulted in a 64% drop in kids getting in trouble on the streets of that park’s city.
I’ll share more in detail on the call. The point is, ANY HARBORING of ANY FEELINGS that create a way for you to justify NOT CHANGING YOUR THINKING – is just plain Foolish and Ignorant. When we harbor feelings such as ANGER, JEALOUSY and DESPAIR or UNFAIRNESS – It destroys us from the Inside and Cannibalizes all the possibilities of feeling GREAT.
As I began to see that focusing on these feelings actually made me feel sick and awful, I also realized that the more I focused on it the further those awesome things in life slipped away from me. Right about that time I began to carve my thinking a little differently. I began to CONGRATULATE anyone more successful than I. I began to comment to the Maserati Driver how incredible his car was and I took it one step further. I congratulated those people on the commitment to themselves and the hard work it must have taken to achieve such a prize.
One of those whom I made such comments to asked me to have lunch with him as we were both walking into a local lunch spot in Hialeah, FL. As we sat together for lunch he discussed with me how I could factor my accounts receivables and have 90 cents on the dollar on an invoice, instead of waiting 90 days for that was when my customers paid their bills. So I could have the cash immediately to grow my business immediately the day I shipped….
So by my change in thinking I was able to call upon The Law of Attraction. Although I was not totally aware of what was going on at the time that is what was happening. From factoring my accounts receivables, I also then had the power of a BANK collecting my receivables. So instead of having 5-8% of my customers not pay their bills it went to nearly 100%. At the time I had a small business… I was billing Nine Million Dollars per year. Since that 5-8% was part of my cost of doing business – recouping it paid me 8% of $9,000,000 that turned into $720,000. All for dropping the Envy and making a genuine nice comment.
That money bought new machinery. It added Air Conditioning to a Factory that made it more comfortable to my employees. It increased Productivity another 4.5%. It paid cash for my New Car. It donated $35,000 to The Children’s Make a wish foundation. Do you see the pattern?
So when you stop the Envy and Anger. Switch that to Positive emotion and mental focus – you again have no idea of all the good it will create. (None of that was on my Radar – LOL) All I did is say “Wow that is a Magnificent set of wheels… Busted your ass to get it didn’t you?” his answer (He was about 70 years old) “Well young man, I used my head AND busted my ass, what is it you do for a living?” That started a relationship with a mentor still in place today – he is now 91 years old.
Don’t shut The Law of Attraction down through ignorance. Use that side of you that will make yourself FEEL GREAT and create a stream of thoughts and relationships that attract what you want into your life.
So today we’ll cover all of this and we’ll embark on Feeling GREAT and making others around you feel great as well. This is essential and will become your NUMBER 1 priority so that things fall into place the way you desire all of the time.
See you on the call.
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