Gratitude – Conclusions

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Gratitude – Conclusion

The Foundation of the Mindset Merchants Program has now been marked off and the forms for pouring that foundation have been put in place. Gratitude baby, it is the ingredient that most people leave out of nearly every recipe for success in anything. It all starts there. You must take stock and REPEATEDLY take stock in all that you have Gratitude for and all that you take for granted.

So there it is, Day one and I have already given you “The Magic Pixie Dust” to not only make things happen in your world but also the magic that will have HUNDREDS of people come out of the woodwork to assist you in nearly every area of your life.
Today we’ll finish making clear why Gratitude must be in everything you do and every interaction that you have with people NO MATTER how “THOSE PEOPLE” behave. You taking a stand and being grateful in the face of ANY adversity will make a HUGE difference in the outcome of any situation. Gratitude also places you in a state, a mental state, of being able to receive. How you may ask? Think about it, people are all about being appreciated….. So the moment you allow all around you to feel appreciated – guess what happens? We’ll discuss this on the call.
As we roll forward two things you should Focus on. One, your Gratitude Journal, and Two, Beliefs.

Gratitude Journal Entry (DV 2-27-2011) : I am the Luckiest Son of a bitch for I get to sit and have breakfast with not just 1 but BOTH my teenage Daughters (Samantha & Alyssa) and actually look into their beautiful eyes with Interest in their Day and I get to talk to them about their dreams / day plan happening. I am thankful and grateful to have this privilege.

{So you are getting this…. It is a Privilege – not a responsibility, not a chore, but a GIFT that I get to receive daily. I write this in my Gratitude Journal nearly EVERY DAY. WHY??? BECAUSE NOTHING IS GUARENTEED – except DEATH. So in this exercise with the Gratitude Journal you should be clear on that fact. It is your personal responsibility as a HUMAN BEING to shift your perspective so that you become GREAT-FULL for everything in your life.}

So there is a direct example of my Gratitude Journal Entry and an explanation.
The second thing to do before our call is to THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU BELEIVE IN.  Your beliefs are what you have either convinced yourself or ALLOWED SOMONE ELSE to Convince You of…. Once you believe in something or once people believe something think about how hard you or “they” will work in making that belief “RIGHT”.
We’ll talk about this today and tie all of this together so that you understand the Nuclear Power that The Gratitude Journal has and most importantly USE IT from now until the day you DIE.

See You on the Call.
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