The Gratitude Journal — The Backbone Of Your Future

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The Gratitude Journal — The Backbone Of Your Future

Today we’ll scope out exactly how to do the Gratitude Journal, Why, and the ways you will use it to alter your perceptions of nearly everything going on around you in your Personal and Business Lives.

 When you focus on what you have – you will always have MORE. When you focus on what you do not have…… You will never EVER have enough of anything!! ~~ Oprah Winfrey

Here is a little video from Oprah on the Subject of the Gratitude  Journal :

This will be the foundation of the largest amount of change many of you have ever allowed. By using what I outline today on Gratitude you can indeed do what I did. Not that far in the past I was bitter and very focused on things not working and most of all things not being fair in my life. I was embroiled in a situation where I believed that literally everything I desired could not come true. I focused on LACK. I focused on that horrible feeling of never being able to achieve or have ANYTHING I wanted.
It all started there for me. I’ll share a very heart warming story. Its why I began to use my gratitude journal every day as it was the “Flint Stone Strike” that proved to me this was going to be the most powerful thing I could do to change everything. You see when I began writing the Gratitude Journal, I did no use it to work on business success first. I actually used it on some very close personal relationships.
Actual Personal Gratitude Journal Entry : (I got out of bed the very first day I did this starting in a fit of worry, so to set the stage I walked around my home and took a good look at the kids and they were fine…. I actually walked around and took stock of everything) I came up to my office and wrote. I am so amazed G_d at what I have. I have really been missing so very many things. I am BEYOND GRATEFUL that I have Sherry as my Wife. I know and will not let another day slip by that I don’t take a moment to realize all of the things she brings into my life. I am grateful that my Samantha and Alyssa are healthy. We have a home I am so grateful that this worked out. As you can see I rambled a bit..
So as you can see the focus of Gratitude can be used to refocus your mind. What I found over the months following that particular journal entry was that I found myself writing versions of it each and every day. I also found that as I wrote more and more about all of the wonder of the things my wife is part of – our relationship rekindled ALL of the awesomeness plus some mature appreciation for each other we did not have.
Now take one moment and think. Really think. The last time someone gave you a direct complement on “thank you” what that did to how you feel. Think also about how it makes someone feel when you express gratitude or give them a complement…. It creates and Instant Vibration of FEEL GOOD.
So make sure you have that notebook handy. If you have never journaled and written out with an INK PEN or PENCIL what you are grateful for (And I disagree with Oprah – not just 5 things, come up with as many things as you can in 30-60 minutes), today will be a turning point in your life.

Step by Step Gratitude Journal Instructions :

1) Get a Simple Cheap Notebook or Journal, there is no perfect book.
2) Commit to writing in this Journal Each Day. I do it first thing in the morning for I wish to re-focus my mind and share that with the day. Some days you may spend 15 minutes and some days you may spend an hour. There is no specific time limit.
3) Make certain what you write creates a feeling inside you of truly being grateful. This experience should leave you in a thinking place of wanting to do as much as you can for the entire world, because you have so much good going on in your life. (Now I know this can be a challenge, however when I started this process I resented everything. My life was a pit of “How did I get myself here”. So I understand)
As you stick to this simple 3 step process you will see slow you begin to build a wave of change with Gratitude. First people around you notice and you begin to see a perspective of them going out of their way to do more and more for you. Then you begin to see a connection to this pattern bringing more and more good and more and more opportunity to you. Ultimately by participating in this the general way that you make others around you feel will dramatically change.
That turning point is something that you not only notice but it will actually magnify not only your own personal gratitude, but also the way others feel about you. There in is the purpose of this Gratitude Journal. To focus on as much good going on in your life as possible. To get ALL of your energy and attention focused there for your get what you think and focus on most.
~~ David Varrone


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