Identify and Question Your Habits of Thought

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Identify and Question Your Habits of Thought


Yesterday we call came together and established the fact that our beliefs are going to shape everything that happens, or shall I say we will allow to have happen in our lives. We also covered a step by step way in which, when you encounter a thought or belief that is not serving your life plan or direction of your goals, you can indeed change it. Today I want you to dig WAY deeper into what you are allowing to occur WITHOUT thinking. It is very important that you realize that you are actually operating this way (On “Autopilot”) about 95% of your life……….. Meaning that great conditioning that is our underlying programming……… Without thinking that is running your life. Your life is for the most part or perhaps for 98% of you, for the most part on “Autopilot”. Today, its time to smash the autopilot and take back the controls.

Wow, all that was not only more than a mouthful but also a head-full. As human beings we are programmed to multitask. How do we know this? Just look at all of the different things you are doing right this very minute on autopilot. As Human Beings we were designed so we could see, hear, talk, breath, have our hearts beat, walk, and yes chew gum at the same time. So our brains are wired to support this.

The problem only erupts when we remove our own thinking from a process that we actually have never experienced and take the experience or direction from others. Lets take a look at a few examples….. A Roller Coaster Ride…… If lets say someone you knew got hurt or injured on a Roller Coaster…… Then you would have a bonafide shred of evidence to support NOT taking a ride on a roller coaster. Even though you yourself never experienced a problem, someone Else’s experience that YOU PLACED A VALUE ON now becomes part of your AUTOPILOT PROGRAM…… Silly and simple example put you get the point. The opposite is also true. If your Friends and Family all loved roller coaster rides then your AUTOPILOT PROGRAM would more than likely have you enjoying roller coasters at a young age.

So we all have these learned habits of thought….. Think about some other situations whereby our experiences just might be ignorant of the possibilities of life.


So we take a close look at not only our upbringing but what society and the media feed us and we have a recipe for what I call – “IGNORANCE OF THE POSSIBILITIES“. This concept affects all of us to a certain degree. The knowledge inserted from conditioning and all of these outside stimulus’s begin to remove any and all thoughts of the possibilities of creating the life or business that you USED TO WISH FOR……….. You stop dreaming. You stop thriving. You stop growing experiencing and learning and BAM you wake up 20 years older and the kids have moved on…… Totally Ignorant of the life you could have dreamed up, designed, implemented, and LIVED.

Why take “their words”? Why not challenge things? What not go out on a limb for yourself? Why not create a plan of hard work to achieve the creation of the life your want? Think about this process. In smashing the autopilot of life, you gain control and responsibility for your own circumstances. THEN AND ONLY THEN DO YOU LOOSE TWO THINGS :

1) The HELPLESSNESS of having excuses…. Would you rather have excuses for why something did not work and make it someone Else’s fault. OR would you rather claim responsibility for the Blood, Sweat, and Tears that you place into something and accept the success and accomplishments that come with that?

2) FAILURE : Yes by smashing the AutoPilot……. The plane does not necessarily give up and head for a safe place. You have the ability to loose failure for without the Autopilot you can rethink the game and change all the perimeters. With autopilot, you accept the stories from others that it cannot be accomplished.

So today lets take a stand and Identify Your Habits of Thought :

Sit down and make a list of the things you have done today that are routine…. Then make a simple short comment next to each element of your list. The comment should be simple – Moving Towards Goals and Life the way I want or NOT SERVING MY PLAN. In the beginning this will seem ridiculous and a complete waste of time. However, once you become present enough to notice what actions and activities you are doing consciously and unconsciously the mystery of all of this will begin to unfold.

Society today relies heavily upon your Autopilots ability to create a conformist. Someone who goes along the “The Plan”. Work Mon-Fri. 40-60 hours a week. Sit in traffic and commute. All to make a wage of xxxx . The “Average Median Income of America for 2014” = $51,017 .

Think about the car experience itself. Road and speed limits are designed for the masses. Masses of driver skill and car ability.

In almost every area of our lives there exists a way to Herd the masses. Those who take different paths of thought have a very different experience from those who choose to leave the Habits of Thought in place. All of the top 3 per-centers…… Have no autopilot of thought. Think about these perceptions, if you note – the Broke People are on Autopilot with no room to think or breath. The Wealthy people – are planning a legacy for generations to come (Get it?)  :

Have you ever heard this?

Broke people think a week ahead.
Solvent people think a month ahead.
Comfortable people think a year ahead.
Wealthy people think 10 years ahead.

When you first read that, you might think, “Well, of course a broke person can’t think more than a week ahead. They don’t have much money and they have to plan how to spend it.”

That’s a fair answer. But, here’s what most people don’t realize: if they never think more than a week ahead, they’ll ALWAYS be broke.

The quality of their THINKING is what actually creates their struggle.

So join us today…. We will shed light on smashing the Autopilot and taking back more control of your life.

Success For The Rest Of Us —-   11 AM EST / 8 am PST


Access code : 793042#

See you there ~~ David Varrone









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