In A Matter of Seconds Belief Changes

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In A Matter of Seconds Belief Changes
Good Morning. Yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours in conversation with some of our leadership within Mindset Merchants. I met with people having enormous success in 7 Different Opportunities. Some were indeed involved with the Drama of the past few days. The purpose of these meetings was to take the Mental Temperature of their belief in themselves at the very moment of the meeting. NOT THEIR OPPORTUNITY but their belief in themselves.
it reminded me of one Phenomenal Quote from our Friend Napoleon Hill :

Faith is the only known antidote for failure!

Every Leader in every conversation was asked the same exact question. Why do you believe ANYTHING could possibly have the “return” or create the success and income that our previous focus had begun to create?
Every Leader that is making more than a Thirty Thousand Dollars per Month in other things answered almost the same way. In their own words of course…..
David, you know it as well as we do / I do. We got into : Wave Ten, Empower, Visalus, Legal Shield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal), Life Path, Real Estate, Malaleuca because we saw it working. We saw it creating success and because we saw it Creating Success we were able to come up with a plan, put it in place and make it happen.
So these people were all able to Dream up their future, despite what their Radar stated to them of what the future might hold. They were able to learn from another leader – EXACTLY – what was necessary to make it happen. They first were the student and then learned to be the teacher. They followed a clear plan that would take them down a path that would allow them to create incredible success. They would be able to fulfill their own dreams with a plan.
So today I am going to show you how to begin to dream again. To begin to believe in your dreams and how a specific set of actions and thinking will lead you to believe in the most important thing – YOU. Your faith in yourself will allow you to create success not just in any one opportunity – but in any opportunity you choose to have faith in and be coach-able and trainable.
It will start with your ability to dream up what you want on that radar. It will start with the thoughts that create a SUPER POSITIVE VIBRATION. From that place where you are a sheer pleasure to be around and work with, things out of your possible realm of thinking will begin to come into play. That will be proof that all that we stand for at Mindset Merchants you will NOW USE to recreate not only the success that you thought you were going to create just last week – but FAR FAR MORE.
I Can’t Wait To Hear You On The Call.

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