Mindset Merchants : Goals And The Power Of Your SOUL

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Mindset Merchants : Goals And The Power Of Your SOUL
I wish Everyone an Awesome Good Morning!!
I get crazy CRAZY MOTIVATED when I see a ton of folks taking the beginning steps to drag their own ASSES out of the hell that they are FINALLY taking the responsibility for creating. I apologize for the lingo here but I have never seen such a high percentage of people commit to changing things and doing ONLY what I did to get my ASS out of not a sling but the largest mess that only a Dinosaur could have made with a stomach virus. You ALL are motivating me to take things to new heights.
So lets nail GOAL SETTING. No not the keep it simple stupid kinda goal setting you see on thousands of web pages the kind of goal setting that actually works. For years I wrote goals  in this manner :
BY ________________________(date)
I am so happy and grateful that I have a new Red Jaguar. With a Grey Interior and Chrome wheels……
That was it that was the way I wrote the goals out. Guess What? I hit about 2.7% of them.
Then while I took up space in the bowels of Hell mentally I realized all I was doing was describing a picture of something. Yes I wanted it. Yes I SORT OF thought I could get it. However, there was ZERO MOTIVATION for the goal had no VIBRATION. Nothing that would tag the Law of Attraction and bring it into action, nothing.
Then as many times I had in the past I went back to journals I had kept and went searching for a pattern. The pattern I searched for was what goals had I repeatedly journaled about that eventually did become a reality. The pattern was actually very easy to spot. Every Goal that came into reality I had repeatedly written down over and over again. When I did – there was always emotional descriptors or stories of how it would be with that goal in my life.
So I then began a second journal specifically for Goals. A Goal Journal.
So today I will get into the specifics of what happened and how this changed my thinking towards goal setting. I will walk you through this experience so you will see exactly why it is so powerful and why from this day forward you will keep a goal journal.
Tomorrow I will clarify it all and set you up to play life in a new way. I call it  GOALTIVATION.
Its a game and I will give you those details tomorrow. Just KNOW that when you get all of this clear in your mind achieving goals will be easier and one thousand times more fun.
See You On The Call

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