Mindset Merchants : The Foundation of Gratitude

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Mindset Merchants : The Foundation of Gratitude
As we begin our journey together nothing will be more important that your attitude. Your attitude is both the Power and the Conduit for the power behind the Law of Attraction. When things are in harmony and your attitude is phenomenal then many things will fall into place seemingly without your involvement or doing.
Think about it from this perspective. When you are very kind and full of compliments to your spouse or significant other. When you are gracious and thank them for the little things they believe you do not even notice. Does it not bring about more of the same NICE Gestures or actions on their part? Have you ever noticed a meal prepared that IS your favorite even though you did not directly ask for it?
There are reasons why this occurs and it occurs in all walks of life and from every angle of life. Simply put like attracts like. So you complement your significant other’s cooking, the way he or she looks you make sure he or she knows precisely how you feel. How grateful you are that they are part of your life. In most cases when this type of interaction occurs you in turn get surprises back. Maybe you even come home one day to your favorite meal without asking.
I want to make this point and this facet of the Law of Attraction clear. The reason is that it is not just with the people you see and interact with every day. It is with everyone you come into vibrational or direct contact with. Everyone around you FEELS the vibrations you put out there. So if you are angry, they feel it. If you are scared or fearful, they fell it. If you are warm and friendly, they feel it. What do you think other’s around you wish to feel????
So what if there were a way to create the vibration that would be most attractive? What if there were a way to get your brain to see not the glass half empty but half full? What if there were a way to take even the negative people and influences in your life and find what is GREAT about them and focus your energy and attention on that aspect and actually begin to feel GOOD on purpose?
It is Gratitude. Gratitude for people and their actions and things in your life with focus of energy (your feelings towards them) will create a vibration that will allow you to see and focus on those aspects of that person or thing. Placing that Gratitude in writing in a book will tattoo that understanding on your brain in a manner that will guide your attitude into a pattern of gratitude. Once you master this you will have the power to call the Law of Attraction into action at will.
There are two ways to use a Gratitude Journal. One is to simply write statements of Gratitude about things you appreciate and or take for Granted. Yes you will do this every day and yes it will be handwritten on paper in your Gratitude Journal. This will build your minds focus on what is awesome in your life.
examples : 
(This is in my Gratitude Journal everydy now for almost all 22 months) –
(BUSINESS RELATED) : I am grateful and in awe of CTS. That activity came along and taught me how I can market things with voice broadcasting to a level I never dreamed of. It also taught me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can start with next to nothing and build. It gave me the ability to see other new opportunities and make those work as well. It gave me clarity on what I am capable of building and growing for it duplicated rapidly.
(This is in my Gratitude Journal everyday now – Always) –
(PERSONAL) : I am so thrilled that I have been given the gift of 2 beautiful daughters, Samantha and Alyssa. Each completely different. Beautiful to the eye and hearts so full that when I am down I can just hang around them for a little while and get a pick me up. All this came from my parents splitting up and us moving into a strange place where, who’d of thought, the girl two doors down would become the center of everything awesome that has ever happened to me. My wife Sherry. I am grateful that through everything that has come about the most solidly incredibly awesome parts of my life are these three Girls.
(This makes it into my gratitude journal every few days)
(MATERIAL) : Yee Ha!! Nailing the gas peddle in that Camaro is truly a Blast. Sounds like the roar of an old 60’s muscle car yet when you back off it gets civilized. It is such a gift to have a car that I can take my girls out in or better still share it with them and see them enjoy it. The radio ROCKS. The car is a screamer (I usually laugh when I write something like that – bad joke…). Driving a convertible is a blessing for it truly gives you a feeling of freedom and I am grateful to have the privilege of enjoying such a thing.
When I write an rewrite these even in this email to all of you I find myself FULL of emotion, even teary eyed at times but these statements focus me on what lights me up. They focus me on the Great Stuff in my life. I take 30-60 minutes – 7 days a week to specifically write out statements of gratitude.
The other thing you can specifically do with a Gratitude Journal is to find a challenging area of your life. Perhaps a person or situation. Then create a journal entry in your gratitude journal about that person or thing that may be a change of perspective from what you normally have. This will require some explaining so I will cover it on the call. There are some additional points I will make on the call as to how to use all of this to your advantage as well.
See You On The Call

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