Role Play Prospecting Follow Up

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Role Play Prospecting Follow Up
It’s Interesting watching the follow ups that people perform and watching their desperate nervous energy surrounding the process of getting someone involved.
Have any of your watched the nervous evolvement of people around you and watched  the calming effect you can have in certain situations??? Really when there is a challenging situation of catastrophe on the unknowing you ever seen your own abilities play themselves out so you know not only what’s going on but how to calm it and get everyone VERY PRODUCTIVELY FOCUSSED so things immediately improve and not only do people make progress but feel better and more empowered achieving the “fix” or “correction”??
We, as leaders, as human beings are here for that reason. Those of us who into a skill of responsibility to do this and a skill that calm the masses and not only make things better but LEADS…
So today I want to point this developed skill out so YOU GET IT!!! It is not at all that hard. Your “JOB” as a networker is to develop these skills and become the leader to that people settle down and KNOW that their fears do not run the show. They simply Do it !!!
When they settle down the challenges that they face are of no significance and they can then set the course for heir success.
As a leader this is imperative and must be in place for success. So today we are going to take a look at these conversations and how your behavior effects their performance. We’ll look at this domino effect to cover how you and your behavior are creating their results. Once you claim responsibility for your actions you may  indeed see an exponential increase in your own results as well as theirs.
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