Sinking Your Vibe With Happiness

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Sinking Your Vibe With Happiness
Last week we covered a great deal of information surrounding how Happiness plays the most important role in calling The Law of Attraction into Action in the manner in which you truly desire. My mission in the outline of activities I prescribe for each and every member starts with a Gratitude Journal and the focus on all the Great Stuff in your life that you may be taking advantage. The reason all along that I do this is so that I begin to focus on and attract like thoughts to being eternally grateful.
When you are grateful, you are SUPER POSITIVE. When you are in that positive state of mind you set goals very differently that in your mind is focused on challenge. All of these steps are created for a real reason. while I was in the middle of the largest challenges of my own personal life, I noticed that carrying out these steps brought a glimmer of Happiness. That glimmer caused a light to begin to shine very brightly and has carried me forward for the past two years.
So the rituals I recommend for you all have a purpose. That purpose is no matter where things are in life, no matter how challenging or terrific. Your thinking is affected by your happiness. Your Happiness is the POWER behind The Law of Attraction. So systemically we are going to uncover the ways to get yourself there this week.
We will begin today and lay clarity and a foundation in that direction. I will also ask that you do a little homework and begin to study a few interesting things about how your mind works. Your mind works in patterns of habit. It also is indeed affected by your environment. So as we clarify exactly what I mean here :
[It’s] the lens through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality. And if we can change the lens, not only can we change your happiness, we can change every single educational and business outcome at the same time.” (Shawn Achor)
I bring your focus to look into Shawn Acor. This video clip while being entertaining, will shed light on the fact that the Lens – (Our Perception) of things shapes the way you feel. The way you feel, how happy you will allow yourself to be in any circumstance, will determine the day to day outcome of every situation.
The next few days will be critical in your learning and understanding of the fact that that lens – you can change when you desire. We will cover some crazy good stuff and you will see a direct relationship between your HAPPINESS and the success you will have in introducing your business and opportunity to others. Under it all – people are not after money – but they believe money will make them happy. We’ll clarify this perspective and explore some more lenses.
See You on the call.

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