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Accomplish 1,000 Goals A Day

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Accomplish 1,000 Goals A Day

Yes you did read that correctly. You can indeed accomplish 1,000 goals a day. In fact, many of your are already doing it sub-consciously. The discussions we have had over the past few weeks about turning off the auto-pilot of Life now will become a focus. When you disengage that Auto-Pilot you become conscious of living “On Purpose”. One of the key things that I have watched very wealthy and successful people do consistently is that they are very conscious of their accomplishments.

Last week we worked diligently on goal setting. In the days that followed some of our discussions surrounding goals, I received emails that if I could over-generalize a bit basically asking me how I so consistently set goals and then set new goals and appear to always hit them. The time is now to get this very clear.

How do you build first the confidence so that you know you can consistently set goals and work towards and achieve their accomplishment……? Well its simple. With your Auto-Pilot disengaged, set a ridiculously small goal…. Like I will move all of the pens on my desk to a specific spot. Then immediately do it…. Goal Accomplished and I would bet 100% of the readers of this would easily be able to accomplish this. You make have a simple goal like attending our daily conference calls so you set that as a goal and also – easily accomplished. As you are building confidence and building this system of proving to yourself you can indeed accomplish goals that you set out to. Then its time step by step and in an increasing level of difficulty – CHALLENGE YOURSELF to bigger goals.

You are now really beginning to see why that autopilot is so darn dangerous. You stop thinking and acknowledging your accomplishments and life begins to loose its flavor. You begin to settle and survive instead of create and thrive…. So now that you have attempted and achieved a few simple goals lets kick things up a notch and the same way that all of the conditioning in your life has formed the way you are thinking, acting and behaving…. Lets boomerang that entire reality right back at itself.


So how do we reprogram the auto-pilot…..? Its a simple concept called Auto-Suggestion. All success begins with a clear picture of what is desired in ones mind. Then through the process of auto-suggestion – or AFFIRMATIONS. We can repeatedly alter what our mind conceives and repeatedly focuses on with Auto-Suggestion and Affirmations.

Here is a direct interview with Napoleon Hill about Auto-Suggestion :


On the wall in about 12 places in my home and home office. I have an affirmation written down that I wrote – 11 years ago. “I am a wealthy and successful 7 figure earner in the home based business industry. I have the success I have for I have created 100 Millionaires by coaching and assisting them to their success all over the world.

This is an example of an affirmation. Something that I read constantly. Something that I force myself to focus on. Something that has most certainly caused a shift in my thinking as well as enacting The Law Of Attraction. We will go over the possibilities of creating affirmations on our call today. In the meantime – here is an excerpt from Think And Grow Rich – Chapter 4 – covering autosuggestion :



You may want to watch this video that covers Think and Grow Riches review of Auto-Suggestion about 5 times.

~~ David Varrone ~~