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COP – Choice of Perception

Monday, January 9th, 2017

COP – Choice of Perception

The start of 2017 presented itself with some of life’s most interesting challenges. It began with both the loss of a friend as well as the loss of a family member. It was also marred with incidents like many of us witnessed this past week at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Everything that occurred created a perception. A perception of what was going on and a perception of what the future holds. It is through the challenges that beliefs are either entrenched or diminished. Is your faith in life, the man upstairs, and yourself strong enough to not allow any FALSE EVIDENCE to APPEAR REAL? Meaning will you care and understand enough about what you allow yourself to perceive such that your beliefs stay true to your hearts desires?

Think about the first 9 days of this year…. What things have you experienced that made you think? What things have you experienced that changed the way that you are dealing with something. A little example share. Over the Holidays we did some long drives. On that long drive I saw more than 12 car accidents. 2 known to be fatal. I used those experiences to modify my formerly aggressive driving habits. So something negative has created positive. Safer Driving. A second side benefit was that our vehicles get 4 Miles to the gallon better gas millage. So I have allowed my environment and my perceptions of it to improve my life.

Think for a moment……..

I had a choice each time I saw any of those accidents on the highway. I could have dismissed the accident as a fool or idiot with no driving skills screwed up. I could have allowed the traffic surrounding the accidents to drive me nuts. Keep in mind I would be right either way I allow my perceptions to develop and expand. If I took this second approach to my perceptions of the drivign experiences, I would be angry and justified in driving even faster to make up time for the moron who got into the accident and blocked traffic.

The experiences of loosing people we care about often come with that a review of life. A review of whats truely important and also in that reflection a choice to change perspectives. The perspective of choice will dictate your feelings and attitude. Your feelings and attitude will dictate your constant thinking. Your constant thinking will become who you are and how you behave.

So how does this tie into SUCCESS FOR THE REST OF US for all of you?

Your perception of the business you may be in right now and the effectiveness of its tools and systems will dictate your success!!

Not the SPECIFIC SYSTEM – THE SPECIFIC PERCEPTION – will dictate your success. Think about it, you would never get on a plane if you perceived it could not fly….. Your perception is that after so many years with so many planes flying its a given. So our perception allows us to fly around the country. Without this perception, you will definitely have a more challenging time traveling.

So tonight on the first team call of the year for SUCCESS FOR THE REST OF US, it will be time to share with you the tools I use to change any of my perceptions. This skill has allowed me to believe in things and go for it. It has allowed me to achieve more than I ever thought possible….. See you on the call and be ready to take notes. Stay tuned for more extraordinary information that will assist you in breaking free from your stinkin thinkin and making progress in your life.

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2017 – Choice of Perception 
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