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Goaltivation — Acheive Goals Faster

Friday, September 19th, 2014


A constant question I am asked is ” David, how do you stay so motivated??, Whether I talk to you at 7 am or 10 pm you always have such energy and motivation – HOW?” The answer to that question can be answered in one word – GOALTIVATED. So what does that mean? For that matter what does GOALTIVATION mean? The answer is not an easy answer but it is a simple concept. Goals : objectives that you cannot live without their accomplishment that motivate you to do whatever it takes to accomplish them so long as it does not involve the hurting or taking advantage of someone in the process of it’s achievement.
So there is a mouthful… Or a head full…. You can draw a simple conclusion from the first paragraph. A REAL GOAL is something that you MUST accomplish or acquire. It is not a hollow integrity-less statement. You really must desire and KNOW WHY you desire the goals. You must put your mind in the mental space of exactly how the “Goal” Once acquired will FEEL. Did you get that? You must KNOW how the experience of that goal being attained or achieved will feel. Period end of story. Only then will you truly be motivated to do what it takes to achieve the goal.
Over a period of many years I did not get Goal Setting. Or shall I say I would set Goals and just literally achieve about 5% of them. That 5% brought me success but I way always challenged with how these Personal Development Guru’s like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor would instruct people to have a “Goal Card”, a business card size note in your pocket with your most important goals written in a past tense. Meaning the goal witting with gratitude making a statement like ” I am so happy and grateful that it is September 19th, 2014 and I am driving my brand new Red Jaguar Convertible with a Gray Leather Interior.” I followed this practice for YEARS. Literally 4 or 5 out of every 100 goals I would set like this would come to pass.
Frustration set in and before long once I would do this for a while I would drop it and not bother…… Then one morning I was sitting here (11 years ago) and I listened to a radio interview with a Rapper / Singer Songwriter – “Pitbull”. In that radio interview this guy makes a statement after being asked a question…. :
QUESTION : “What made you think a broke Cuban kid from the streets of Hialeah, FL would make it the way you have?”
ANSWER : “Everyday I take time and focus on where I will be tomorrow and the tomorrow after that. I build pictures of myself performing where no kid from Hialeah has ever performed. I picture myself everyday with the most amazing people and we are all working together to make people feel incredible. Whether they are at a live performance or listening to me in their car on the way to work”.
QUESTION : “So what’s your biggest performance goal?”
ANSWER : “Bright Lights Big City — To perform in the City that Never Sleeps, with an entourage of magnificent women right along with me, and a crowd that goes wild”?
The City that never sleeps is New York.
The Goal that was achieved – check this video out :

This example typifies the process. This guy, Pitbull, had a bunch of things attached to his Goals that I call descriptors. Descriptors are emotional ties to the experience of what the achievement or attainment of the goal will feel like.
I came to the realization that the emotional charge behind each goal would be the fuel to achieve it. So how does one raise the level of emotional charge?

Here is how to Set Goals – GOALTIVATION  STYLE :

Pick a General Goal…. For this example I will use a car for it is just easy for all of us to identify with.


GOAL : I am so happy and Grateful that it is September 19th 2014 and I am Driving a Brand New Red Camaro Convertible with a Grey Interior and a Black Top. It is a Fast Car and and I really desire it strongly…..
(Goals like this were never achieved).


Steps to set the goal – before you write it down :
1) Pick the Goal. So let’s use this Camaro.
2) Day Dream an experience of going to see the car in person and a test drive.
3) Literally think of 5 or 6 elements of that test drive you would enjoy experiencing.
5) Then come back home and write out the goal like this with those 5 or 6 elements experienced in person from the test drive. (These are the emotional descriptors that will do something incredible — each of these descriptors are emotional ties to your future. When you place enough of those ties in focus, your goal will pull and motivate you into its achievement).
6) Now its time to create a Journal….. Yes another Journal to write in everyday…..You will place the date at the top of the page each morning and each morning you will spend 30 minutes looking at yesterdays goals and feeling them (reading them). Then you will physically REWRITE the goals every morning until they are accomplished. You will notice as you are doing this, the more on target you are…… The faster each GOAL will go from Goal Journal to Gratitude Journal.
WRITING OUT THE GOAL — This is what goes in my journal until the goal is achieved EVERYDAY.
“Man I love the way my Camaro Blasts down the road. The Glare of the sun hits my eyes from the shine of it’s Red Hood. The Grey Leather Interior smells so great. The 6 speed transmission shifts like silk and when the car catches each gear I can hear the tires squeeeeeel in pain. As I drive down the road I love the smell of my wife’s perfume as her long curly hair whips me in the face from the wind from the Convertible Top being down. The icing on the cake though is when we are cruising around anywhere with the top down and the radio on an my two beautiful daughters are in the back seat singing with their incredible voices the songs on the radio. I am so very lucky to have this experience NOW!”
That’s it. Period. Goals arrive faster as you bring your emotional vibration in alignment and get it to match how you will FEEL once you attain the goal in focus.
So what became clear was that if I could FEEL AND EXPERIENCE what it was like to have the goal, that feeling is what arranges everything from your motivation to your actions.
So do an experiment this weekend and pick a goal and set the goal this way. Its a blast to do and then when you do it…. And the magic begins to show up in your life. Then you will really get goal setting….
~~ David Varrone