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The Direction Of Your Belief – David Varrone

Monday, September 15th, 2014

The Direction Of Your Belief

The Direction of your belief today is writing the script of your life for tomorrow. Think about that as it related to who you are today and who you were the day you were born. Nearly everything we have ever learned came from us taking a risk based upon believing the outcome would be phenomenal or at least acceptable. Think about the experiences that you have had and the experiences that you have had and then watched others experience…… Its all there. Our belief system will dictate out behavior. So much so that our ability to achieve success and greatness is first defined there.

So as this group comes together for the first time in a very long time, we shall indeed start there. We must look into our beliefs about why we are in business. Why we are in the life structure we have chosen and then we must choose to either accept things as they are OR………… Recreate Your Beliefs, so that they are serving you NOT dictating your path.

We shall start at looking at a few instances of your own personal growth. Lets look at two scenarios. One, learning to walk, and two learning to ride a bike.

Think about when you learned to walk. You saw someone walking effortlessly. You saw it owner and over and over again…. Then you chose to believe that you could in fact walk. Because you made that choice that you were going to walk….. You then made a consistent NON-EFFORT through every challenge, until you achieved the goal. Most of us do this by the time we are around 1 year old. Its the perfect example. You BELIEVE, THEREFOR YOU TAKE MASSIVE CONSISTENT ACTION, until the goal is achieved. You push through the challenges of gravity. Of hard floors. Of Egg Bumps on your head. This is the one near perfect example of what I want you to consider as we begin.

Think about another major “impossible” event that nearly everyone gets through. This one taking place a little later in life with a little more conditioning. A few more learned lessons that may or may not limit your belief in whats possible. Riding A Bike. Think about it. Balance. Trial and Error…… Skinned knees. Bruises. Physical Pain. Frustration. Yet again, most of us have made that choice to push through the challenges and achieve the goals.

These examples serve as lessons and a metaphor for being an Entrepreneur. You are going to have to make choices. The choices you make may actually to put yourself in a difficult or uncomfortable situation. However, the Joy Of Success lies in your pushing through all of your fears and obstacles, without ever giving up.

So how do we do all of this? We do all of this by creating faith in ourselves….. Napoleon Hill once stated : “Faith is the only known antidote for failure!”

Why is belief essential in terms of a component of success….. Because very simply put. Our Thinking will dictate our behavior, and our behavior will dictate how our life goes including all of our decisions. So now that most of you reading and listening have some clarity around the fact that The Direction of Your Belief will indeed create your future. Lats take a look at a technique and way to change your beleifs and replace non-serving ones with serving ones…..

Once you identify those thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, here is a way to change them all.  YOU MUST do this as a WRITTEN EXERCISE — MUST :
1) Identify : Identify a behavior or thought that you wish to change or modify.
2) Link this behavior or thought to MASSIVE CONSEQUENCES, in the following two ways:
     a) Write down 10, yes 10, specific costs or consequences of your behavior or thought not changing.
     b) Write down 10, yes 10, reasons why you must change that behavior NOW.
3) Create and Write down a mental picture, a vision of yourself, employing the new behavior or thoughts – One Paragraph.
4) Connect AT LEAST 10 Benefits of this new behavior and or set of thoughts and write those down.
It may seem a little crazy but this exercise above totally changed the way that I went about changing my thinking and behavior on issues I desired to change. It is still the method I use today to change and improve things. It takes you down a path of clarity and reason for change so the changes “stick” better and faster.
Your thoughts will lead to your behavior or actions. So as we begin to design the inside of this metaphoric house it is imperative that we go through this process so everything becomes very very clear. Then the design of your life and goals will be far less limited. We all want our future to be more free and this process can be used to eliminate your limiting beliefs.
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By David Varrone