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The Power Of “Knowing” – With Enthusiasm

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

The Power of “Knowing”

Yesterday was another incredible day that I am grateful for. As I create a team of very successful people, not just in business with income….. But also with people realizing what they really do want and then showing them they have the power within to achieve it. In conversations and coaching sessions with people yesterday it became apparent that I had been taught something that is now internalized, that in order for people to” GO FOR IT“, it must be something that is part of themselves as well.

What am I writing about? I am writing about developing a sense of being “ON PURPOSE” or in alignment with not only your beliefs but also your own personal core values. In order to create The Power of Knowing, you must have goals, dreams, and aspirations that are in line with your beliefs and your values. Only then will a person give 100% of themselves in the development of their own life plan that can achieve this.

In this video below Anthony Robbins shares what he taught me a long time ago about my Destiny :

I am not pitching “A Date With Destiny”….. I just want you to listen to exactly how your beliefs and values are the undercurrent of your ability achieve your goals. Ask yourself why you do the things that you do, especially when the actions are not¬†getting you where you want to be in any year of your life? Then join us…..


Then join the team. We are TEAM DESTINY! If you are reading this it may in fact be your DESTINY to learn more about yourself, earn more than you have ever earned, and achieve more happiness than you ever have. We are your destiny. We have a team of people that have evolved from countless challenges and failures to amazing success and fulfillment.

We are not just a Business Opportunity. We are a coaching platform where challenges and problems like this are solved and mapped out for you. In addition we are focused on a way that you can create income, substantial income, that serves every single business out there whether it be Brick and Mortar or a Home Based Business.

Each Wednesday Evening – weekly (every single week) we will get together at 8 PM EST. There will be a lesson and plan on how to reach your destiny personally. Then you will be given a plan with action that could indeed lead to your happiness both personally and financially. Each week a lesson and each week a plan and a call to action.¬† You can email me at [email protected] for call access information.