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Wealthy Thought Habit Number One – Success Certainty

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Wealthy Thought Habit Number One – Success Certainty

In the process of reviewing all of our conditioning that is leading to all of our behaviors it is important to begin to make note that about 95% of your thoughts are merely just “Habits of Thought”. We have gone to great lengths over the past three weeks to illuminate the fact that if your conditioning is what is indeed creating your thinking, well this is WHY, patterns in our lives, loops of success and failure often occur in stretches. We simply are thinking and reacting in the same way over and over again – thus the performance of life repeats itself. Which turns me in the direction of assisting all of you with creating “Success Certainty“, it’s easier than you think.

To expand upon this deeper we have gone through exercises and tasks where you are clearly able to identify thoughts and behaviors that are NOT serving you or moving you in life where you want to go. We have reviewed the process of Goal Setting and Focus on Gratitude and its value. So what is the next step in ironing out your thinking so that is becomes POSITIVELY EXPANDING all of the time? What can we do now to begin to permanently change our thinking and attitude?

For just one moment I want you to really consider how a very simple and minor change in attitude or focus or AIM can change everything. Think about the game of Golf and its parallel towards life… Listen to what Tony Robbins has to say about this aspect. Also think about what makes a face beautiful and listen to what Tony illustrates :

 You Are Just One Millimeter From Success


The difference between being certain and uncertain is such slight difference but we will review just how dramatically different people around you will feel and hear you when it comes to this element of certainty. Also think for a moment again about how Tony psyched himself up — Just like in prayer repeating the words over and louder… He psyched himself up to the very first Wealthy Thought Habit – Success Certainty.

Look at the very minute and tiny differences that make or take someone from struggling with something to not struggling. SLIGHT DIFFERENCES mean that ALL OF YOU are really…… more than likely…… Only off by a slight difference from the person that is hugely successful.

I want you to watch and re-watch my friend Tony Robbins here. Watch this exercise he does with the lifting of his chest and how just a slight posture change can have you showing up as a powerful leader. So practice that change.

Then do something like I do nearly every day. We take this to a focus on my home business with Dubli. I take time to hunt down the most successful person in the opportunity that is somehow related to me through some business or personal connection. In other words I must know enough about the person to trust them…. Then until the day I match their results. I shadow them. They are the model of what I want to be. Not the News. Not broke Aunt Gertrude living with her kids. Not the broke prospect that has never had any money all his or her life. The people around you that are offering anything counter intuitive are not the people to follow and model. The people that are already doing what you are looking to do successfully are the ones to study.

So target someone and it does not necessarily have to be me. Study them. Study what they are doing and how they are doing it. With what kind of attitude. Therein lies the model on how to change this. Tony Robbins very clearly here maps out Success Certainty. Today on our call we will review this concept and process and then I will share with you some eye opening situations that I experienced over the years that really taught me this is precisely how things work and most importantly with a single and slight change in attitude – EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE OVERNIGHT.


~~ David Varrone ~~ Success For The Rest Of Us

“The Point” — At Which You Can’t Fail

Friday, September 26th, 2014

“The Point” — At Which You Can’t Fail


The “Point” at which you can’t fail? Anyone want to be there? It’s a crazy question that I am sure each and every one of you wishes to know more about. It’s also a question I was asked by a brand new person yesterday afternoon, so I figured that this would be a phenomenal catalyst to assist for today’s topic. What is that Point where you have created enough belief that you can actually say that you are at the point at which you cannot fail? What a great question to ponder. The answer is actually very very simple. It’s not an easy answer to swallow but it is simple.

The Point at which you will become a Super Success Machine is when………… The Pain of NOT Achieving YOUR GOALS is GREATER than the PLEASURE of achieving them. Think about what I just spelled out for you. The Pain of not having that NEW CAR must exceed the Joy of HAVING THAT NEW CAR. Think about how human nature is and how we are wired. Know that the power in the goals that you have is two fold. One is the desire for the goal. The other is raising the level of desire high enough for the goal that we cannot live without it.

Think about these questions :

1) Do you pay your bills the moment they arrive?

Of Course not. We have a DUE DATE. That due date carries with it the consequence of a late payment fee or a negative item on our credit report. So there it is, the consequence or pain of not paying the bill exceeds the ease of just writing the check….

2) Do you (REALLY) drive the speed limit most of the time ?

Of course not….LOL… Think about this, if there were noone around to police the speed limit how fast would you drive? Most of us would drive as fast as we could up till one of several consequences occurs. All of us would limit the speed to the consequences – Poor MPG, A Ticket is we do get caught, or perhaps the consequence of the vehicle adhering to the laws of physics…. Taking a turn too fast has the consequence of flipping the vehicle over.

#3) If you had no food and were starving, wouldn’t you go to some extreme measures to get some food for self preservation?

Of course you would. There are survival stories all over the place like this.

Herein lies and amazing reality of Goal Setting. You will NEVER EVER DO Your Best or BETTER than you best until that moment is upon you that you cannot live without succeeding. Period End of Story.

The  “Point” at which you can’t fail is that point where you have made a decision that the goal is THE most important thing you focus you energy and thought upon. You must be clear and have made the internal decision FOR REAL that you will indeed not give up until you have the prize OR you must be willing to literally DIE in the process if you do not hit your goals. This also begins to shape and form what are real goals and what is just bullshit we tell ourselves it would be nice to achieve and or have.

Now that we have a tremendous foundation of the work you must do on yourself before you get to your business…… This plays an extraordinary part of goal setting. Getting the goal in front of you that you will do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE is tantamount to its successful attainment. Simply put its not a game of keeping up with the Jones its a matter of keeping up with what you truely truely desire.

Pain is the simple greatest motivator you could ever have at play in your life……

So to Turbo-Charge your goal setting and your ability to achieve them, you are actually going to GO NEGATIVE……

I mean it. In your GRATITUDE JOURNAL after your write out what you are Grateful for each and every day you are now going to add one paragraph for each GOAL. That paragraph must be a recounting of all of the negative aspects of not achieving the goal.


GOAL : Brand New Loaded Honda Accord in Redd with a Grey Leather Interior.

CONSEQUENCE PARAGRAPH : If I do not achieve the goal of getting this new Honda. I will have to drive my 6 year old Toyota that the pain is peeling on. That the interior smells like an old dead body in. That has a terrible vibration at 70 MPG. I will also have to live with the Air Conditioning not working properly and arriving at my destination soaked in sweat. Worst of all I know that it is on its last legs. I had to put $1,000 in repairs into the care over the past few months….. etc.

You must build and recount all of the negative issues surrounding what your life will be like if you do not succeed. Only then will your goals have all the power that they can have. See you on our call.


~~ David Varrone


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Entrepreneur – Are You One?

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Entrepreneur – Are You One? Now that’s an interesting question. Even today after nearly 20 years being one, I often ask myself that question. Why ? Some of you reading this may think – why would an Entrepreneur ask himself such a question if he already is? Well the answer to that in my mind is one of checking one’s own path, one’s own commitment to his or her dreams and goals, and most importantly;  are they creating something for the benefit of others so that not only do they personally grow but so that all of the people that do business with them also receives an experience whereby they come away with more than they originally engaged me for.

Entrepreneurs, which I do believe I am, are creators and trail blazers. They must create a product or a service which brings something different to the world or marketplace they are in. When they do, they then and only then, do they have a perceived value. Years ago in manufacturing I created a niche in business of constructing product based upon a designers idea’s. The value that I added was one where I took the vision of what that designer created and then made it into something that could be produced and used in everyday sportswear while knowing that the general public wants something that looks amazing (just like the designer designed it) but was bullet proof. Meaning it had to look Magnificent while being constantly abused and mishandled.

I was in Textile Fabric and Garment Manufacturing. I had learned great technical knowledge as a factory worker as a teenager and placed all that knowledge behind the simple fact that an Artist would design stuff often as fragile as an egg shell that would have to be interpreted and then recreated for the real world.

So what does that have with being an Entrepreneur or where does that play into questioning oneself about being or becoming one. Well here is the connection…. You see everyday as an Entrepreneur you will be faced with idea’s, concepts, challenges, and people. In those face offs, if you come to the table with the Positive “Never Giving Up” attitude you can take those marvelous egg shells and create a niche in every single engagement.

As a Home Business Coach and Entrepreneur, this is what I absolutely teach people to do. I show them precisely how to turn any situation they are involved in into an opportunity to serve themselves as well as those they are involved with. This creates a VERY POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE that promotes new ideas and new ways of doing things. This creates Niches within highly competitive industries and allows people to discover their own talents and create their own successes. I am no Guru, but I absolutely do know how to show you that we ALL can be Entrepreneurs if we choose. It is precisely why I am able to take an average struggling home business owner, show them this process, and then immediately get results that create wealth – REAL WEALTH. So as you ask yourself this question when reading this Blog – feel free to reach back out to me as I just may guide you to where you have always wanted to go. You can always call me at 954-349-7386.

Why Set Goals – Why Get Out of Bed??

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

So lets think about this for a moment….. What exactly is a goal ?  The dictionary defines it as :  1) the mark set as a limit to a race…. an area to be reached safely in a child’s game ;  2) Aim or Purpose  (We are getting warmer here on #3) ; An area or object toward which PLAY is directed to score ; Or perhaps 4) a successful attempt to score.

Often times in creating an environment where we can assist others this has to be more clearly defined.   So here is my take on it : A Goal is something that you strongly desire to achieve, so much so that you are willing to step out of being comfortable or step out of your “daily routine” to do things in alignment with achieving that goal.  It should be measurable.  It should be a clear picture of what your heart and mind desires; something that you desire strongly enough to take action on NOW.  You should also be able to clearly see yourself in accomplishment of that goal in your mind.

This definition of a Goal is how I describe this to people when we are setting a system of goals in place to build their own home business.  When an individual sets time aside to create these big Juicy Mental Images, they begin to rekindle their dreams.  They again become self motivated and inspired to take action.  Look around you today, and before you sit down and put a list together of goals – look around you and carefully review the people that have a ton of goals, a ton of inspiration.  They are energized and full of life.  On your ride to and from work – look around you at all the projects in work.  Look at the road construction – it is a goal.  Look at some construction of buildings – it is a goal.  In fact, for some the mere goal of making it home in time for dinner tonight  is a goal……

After you play with these thoughts, sit down and think about your life.  Really think about it.  Are you in the Home you desire?  Are you in the Job or Career you desire?  Are you in the Car you desire?  If not, ask yourself – WHY NOT?  These questions, while they may be a bit uncomfortable, are the beginning of knocking some cob webs out of your brain.  Do you remember, as a child,  how persistent you may have been while going after something you wanted??? You had a goal in mind and you relentlessly envisioned and asked for it.  Go back to that state of thinking and begin to question why you may have given up your goals; then start all over again.  Set some uncomfortable BIG HUGE goals, then allow that anxiety of how BIG they are and how difficult they will be to achieve, to fuel your ambition to get them.  Then take action NOW!

Goals are the key to taking a bite out of life and having what you desire.  When you are indeed having life on your terms think of the positive vibration you give to others. Think of how awesome it is that you brighten someone’s day.  These are why goals are so vital.  You have control over this if you take it. So today, do some of these exercises, and set some goals.  Take a bite out of life and regain some of that childlike inspiration.  Spread it around and affect the people around you in a positive manner.  I know in my heart you will be pleasantly surprised as to how it goes.  So set some goals!

Here is a link that will assist you in goal setting :