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“The Point” — At Which You Can’t Fail

Friday, September 26th, 2014

“The Point” — At Which You Can’t Fail


The “Point” at which you can’t fail? Anyone want to be there? It’s a crazy question that I am sure each and every one of you wishes to know more about. It’s also a question I was asked by a brand new person yesterday afternoon, so I figured that this would be a phenomenal catalyst to assist for today’s topic. What is that Point where you have created enough belief that you can actually say that you are at the point at which you cannot fail? What a great question to ponder. The answer is actually very very simple. It’s not an easy answer to swallow but it is simple.

The Point at which you will become a Super Success Machine is when………… The Pain of NOT Achieving YOUR GOALS is GREATER than the PLEASURE of achieving them. Think about what I just spelled out for you. The Pain of not having that NEW CAR must exceed the Joy of HAVING THAT NEW CAR. Think about how human nature is and how we are wired. Know that the power in the goals that you have is two fold. One is the desire for the goal. The other is raising the level of desire high enough for the goal that we cannot live without it.

Think about these questions :

1) Do you pay your bills the moment they arrive?

Of Course not. We have a DUE DATE. That due date carries with it the consequence of a late payment fee or a negative item on our credit report. So there it is, the consequence or pain of not paying the bill exceeds the ease of just writing the check….

2) Do you (REALLY) drive the speed limit most of the time ?

Of course not….LOL… Think about this, if there were noone around to police the speed limit how fast would you drive? Most of us would drive as fast as we could up till one of several consequences occurs. All of us would limit the speed to the consequences – Poor MPG, A Ticket is we do get caught, or perhaps the consequence of the vehicle adhering to the laws of physics…. Taking a turn too fast has the consequence of flipping the vehicle over.

#3) If you had no food and were starving, wouldn’t you go to some extreme measures to get some food for self preservation?

Of course you would. There are survival stories all over the place like this.

Herein lies and amazing reality of Goal Setting. You will NEVER EVER DO Your Best or BETTER than you best until that moment is upon you that you cannot live without succeeding. Period End of Story.

The  “Point” at which you can’t fail is that point where you have made a decision that the goal is THE most important thing you focus you energy and thought upon. You must be clear and have made the internal decision FOR REAL that you will indeed not give up until you have the prize OR you must be willing to literally DIE in the process if you do not hit your goals. This also begins to shape and form what are real goals and what is just bullshit we tell ourselves it would be nice to achieve and or have.

Now that we have a tremendous foundation of the work you must do on yourself before you get to your business…… This plays an extraordinary part of goal setting. Getting the goal in front of you that you will do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE is tantamount to its successful attainment. Simply put its not a game of keeping up with the Jones its a matter of keeping up with what you truely truely desire.

Pain is the simple greatest motivator you could ever have at play in your life……

So to Turbo-Charge your goal setting and your ability to achieve them, you are actually going to GO NEGATIVE……

I mean it. In your GRATITUDE JOURNAL after your write out what you are Grateful for each and every day you are now going to add one paragraph for each GOAL. That paragraph must be a recounting of all of the negative aspects of not achieving the goal.


GOAL : Brand New Loaded Honda Accord in Redd with a Grey Leather Interior.

CONSEQUENCE PARAGRAPH : If I do not achieve the goal of getting this new Honda. I will have to drive my 6 year old Toyota that the pain is peeling on. That the interior smells like an old dead body in. That has a terrible vibration at 70 MPG. I will also have to live with the Air Conditioning not working properly and arriving at my destination soaked in sweat. Worst of all I know that it is on its last legs. I had to put $1,000 in repairs into the care over the past few months….. etc.

You must build and recount all of the negative issues surrounding what your life will be like if you do not succeed. Only then will your goals have all the power that they can have. See you on our call.


~~ David Varrone


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Goaltivation — Acheive Goals Faster

Friday, September 19th, 2014


A constant question I am asked is ” David, how do you stay so motivated??, Whether I talk to you at 7 am or 10 pm you always have such energy and motivation – HOW?” The answer to that question can be answered in one word – GOALTIVATED. So what does that mean? For that matter what does GOALTIVATION mean? The answer is not an easy answer but it is a simple concept. Goals : objectives that you cannot live without their accomplishment that motivate you to do whatever it takes to accomplish them so long as it does not involve the hurting or taking advantage of someone in the process of it’s achievement.
So there is a mouthful… Or a head full…. You can draw a simple conclusion from the first paragraph. A REAL GOAL is something that you MUST accomplish or acquire. It is not a hollow integrity-less statement. You really must desire and KNOW WHY you desire the goals. You must put your mind in the mental space of exactly how the “Goal” Once acquired will FEEL. Did you get that? You must KNOW how the experience of that goal being attained or achieved will feel. Period end of story. Only then will you truly be motivated to do what it takes to achieve the goal.
Over a period of many years I did not get Goal Setting. Or shall I say I would set Goals and just literally achieve about 5% of them. That 5% brought me success but I way always challenged with how these Personal Development Guru’s like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor would instruct people to have a “Goal Card”, a business card size note in your pocket with your most important goals written in a past tense. Meaning the goal witting with gratitude making a statement like ” I am so happy and grateful that it is September 19th, 2014 and I am driving my brand new Red Jaguar Convertible with a Gray Leather Interior.” I followed this practice for YEARS. Literally 4 or 5 out of every 100 goals I would set like this would come to pass.
Frustration set in and before long once I would do this for a while I would drop it and not bother…… Then one morning I was sitting here (11 years ago) and I listened to a radio interview with a Rapper / Singer Songwriter – “Pitbull”. In that radio interview this guy makes a statement after being asked a question…. :
QUESTION : “What made you think a broke Cuban kid from the streets of Hialeah, FL would make it the way you have?”
ANSWER : “Everyday I take time and focus on where I will be tomorrow and the tomorrow after that. I build pictures of myself performing where no kid from Hialeah has ever performed. I picture myself everyday with the most amazing people and we are all working together to make people feel incredible. Whether they are at a live performance or listening to me in their car on the way to work”.
QUESTION : “So what’s your biggest performance goal?”
ANSWER : “Bright Lights Big City — To perform in the City that Never Sleeps, with an entourage of magnificent women right along with me, and a crowd that goes wild”?
The City that never sleeps is New York.
The Goal that was achieved – check this video out :

This example typifies the process. This guy, Pitbull, had a bunch of things attached to his Goals that I call descriptors. Descriptors are emotional ties to the experience of what the achievement or attainment of the goal will feel like.
I came to the realization that the emotional charge behind each goal would be the fuel to achieve it. So how does one raise the level of emotional charge?

Here is how to Set Goals – GOALTIVATION  STYLE :

Pick a General Goal…. For this example I will use a car for it is just easy for all of us to identify with.


GOAL : I am so happy and Grateful that it is September 19th 2014 and I am Driving a Brand New Red Camaro Convertible with a Grey Interior and a Black Top. It is a Fast Car and and I really desire it strongly…..
(Goals like this were never achieved).


Steps to set the goal – before you write it down :
1) Pick the Goal. So let’s use this Camaro.
2) Day Dream an experience of going to see the car in person and a test drive.
3) Literally think of 5 or 6 elements of that test drive you would enjoy experiencing.
5) Then come back home and write out the goal like this with those 5 or 6 elements experienced in person from the test drive. (These are the emotional descriptors that will do something incredible — each of these descriptors are emotional ties to your future. When you place enough of those ties in focus, your goal will pull and motivate you into its achievement).
6) Now its time to create a Journal….. Yes another Journal to write in everyday…..You will place the date at the top of the page each morning and each morning you will spend 30 minutes looking at yesterdays goals and feeling them (reading them). Then you will physically REWRITE the goals every morning until they are accomplished. You will notice as you are doing this, the more on target you are…… The faster each GOAL will go from Goal Journal to Gratitude Journal.
WRITING OUT THE GOAL — This is what goes in my journal until the goal is achieved EVERYDAY.
“Man I love the way my Camaro Blasts down the road. The Glare of the sun hits my eyes from the shine of it’s Red Hood. The Grey Leather Interior smells so great. The 6 speed transmission shifts like silk and when the car catches each gear I can hear the tires squeeeeeel in pain. As I drive down the road I love the smell of my wife’s perfume as her long curly hair whips me in the face from the wind from the Convertible Top being down. The icing on the cake though is when we are cruising around anywhere with the top down and the radio on an my two beautiful daughters are in the back seat singing with their incredible voices the songs on the radio. I am so very lucky to have this experience NOW!”
That’s it. Period. Goals arrive faster as you bring your emotional vibration in alignment and get it to match how you will FEEL once you attain the goal in focus.
So what became clear was that if I could FEEL AND EXPERIENCE what it was like to have the goal, that feeling is what arranges everything from your motivation to your actions.
So do an experiment this weekend and pick a goal and set the goal this way. Its a blast to do and then when you do it…. And the magic begins to show up in your life. Then you will really get goal setting….
~~ David Varrone

Mindset Merchants : The Foundation of Gratitude

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012
Mindset Merchants Call Reminder
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Mindset Merchants : The Foundation of Gratitude
As we begin our journey together nothing will be more important that your attitude. Your attitude is both the Power and the Conduit for the power behind the Law of Attraction. When things are in harmony and your attitude is phenomenal then many things will fall into place seemingly without your involvement or doing.
Think about it from this perspective. When you are very kind and full of compliments to your spouse or significant other. When you are gracious and thank them for the little things they believe you do not even notice. Does it not bring about more of the same NICE Gestures or actions on their part? Have you ever noticed a meal prepared that IS your favorite even though you did not directly ask for it?
There are reasons why this occurs and it occurs in all walks of life and from every angle of life. Simply put like attracts like. So you complement your significant other’s cooking, the way he or she looks you make sure he or she knows precisely how you feel. How grateful you are that they are part of your life. In most cases when this type of interaction occurs you in turn get surprises back. Maybe you even come home one day to your favorite meal without asking.
I want to make this point and this facet of the Law of Attraction clear. The reason is that it is not just with the people you see and interact with every day. It is with everyone you come into vibrational or direct contact with. Everyone around you FEELS the vibrations you put out there. So if you are angry, they feel it. If you are scared or fearful, they fell it. If you are warm and friendly, they feel it. What do you think other’s around you wish to feel????
So what if there were a way to create the vibration that would be most attractive? What if there were a way to get your brain to see not the glass half empty but half full? What if there were a way to take even the negative people and influences in your life and find what is GREAT about them and focus your energy and attention on that aspect and actually begin to feel GOOD on purpose?
It is Gratitude. Gratitude for people and their actions and things in your life with focus of energy (your feelings towards them) will create a vibration that will allow you to see and focus on those aspects of that person or thing. Placing that Gratitude in writing in a book will tattoo that understanding on your brain in a manner that will guide your attitude into a pattern of gratitude. Once you master this you will have the power to call the Law of Attraction into action at will.
There are two ways to use a Gratitude Journal. One is to simply write statements of Gratitude about things you appreciate and or take for Granted. Yes you will do this every day and yes it will be handwritten on paper in your Gratitude Journal. This will build your minds focus on what is awesome in your life.
examples : 
(This is in my Gratitude Journal everydy now for almost all 22 months) –
(BUSINESS RELATED) : I am grateful and in awe of CTS. That activity came along and taught me how I can market things with voice broadcasting to a level I never dreamed of. It also taught me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can start with next to nothing and build. It gave me the ability to see other new opportunities and make those work as well. It gave me clarity on what I am capable of building and growing for it duplicated rapidly.
(This is in my Gratitude Journal everyday now – Always) –
(PERSONAL) : I am so thrilled that I have been given the gift of 2 beautiful daughters, Samantha and Alyssa. Each completely different. Beautiful to the eye and hearts so full that when I am down I can just hang around them for a little while and get a pick me up. All this came from my parents splitting up and us moving into a strange place where, who’d of thought, the girl two doors down would become the center of everything awesome that has ever happened to me. My wife Sherry. I am grateful that through everything that has come about the most solidly incredibly awesome parts of my life are these three Girls.
(This makes it into my gratitude journal every few days)
(MATERIAL) : Yee Ha!! Nailing the gas peddle in that Camaro is truly a Blast. Sounds like the roar of an old 60’s muscle car yet when you back off it gets civilized. It is such a gift to have a car that I can take my girls out in or better still share it with them and see them enjoy it. The radio ROCKS. The car is a screamer (I usually laugh when I write something like that – bad joke…). Driving a convertible is a blessing for it truly gives you a feeling of freedom and I am grateful to have the privilege of enjoying such a thing.
When I write an rewrite these even in this email to all of you I find myself FULL of emotion, even teary eyed at times but these statements focus me on what lights me up. They focus me on the Great Stuff in my life. I take 30-60 minutes – 7 days a week to specifically write out statements of gratitude.
The other thing you can specifically do with a Gratitude Journal is to find a challenging area of your life. Perhaps a person or situation. Then create a journal entry in your gratitude journal about that person or thing that may be a change of perspective from what you normally have. This will require some explaining so I will cover it on the call. There are some additional points I will make on the call as to how to use all of this to your advantage as well.
See You On The Call

Gratitude – Conclusions

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Gratitude – Conclusion

The Foundation of the Mindset Merchants Program has now been marked off and the forms for pouring that foundation have been put in place. Gratitude baby, it is the ingredient that most people leave out of nearly every recipe for success in anything. It all starts there. You must take stock and REPEATEDLY take stock in all that you have Gratitude for and all that you take for granted.

So there it is, Day one and I have already given you “The Magic Pixie Dust” to not only make things happen in your world but also the magic that will have HUNDREDS of people come out of the woodwork to assist you in nearly every area of your life.
Today we’ll finish making clear why Gratitude must be in everything you do and every interaction that you have with people NO MATTER how “THOSE PEOPLE” behave. You taking a stand and being grateful in the face of ANY adversity will make a HUGE difference in the outcome of any situation. Gratitude also places you in a state, a mental state, of being able to receive. How you may ask? Think about it, people are all about being appreciated….. So the moment you allow all around you to feel appreciated – guess what happens? We’ll discuss this on the call.
As we roll forward two things you should Focus on. One, your Gratitude Journal, and Two, Beliefs.

Gratitude Journal Entry (DV 2-27-2011) : I am the Luckiest Son of a bitch for I get to sit and have breakfast with not just 1 but BOTH my teenage Daughters (Samantha & Alyssa) and actually look into their beautiful eyes with Interest in their Day and I get to talk to them about their dreams / day plan happening. I am thankful and grateful to have this privilege.

{So you are getting this…. It is a Privilege – not a responsibility, not a chore, but a GIFT that I get to receive daily. I write this in my Gratitude Journal nearly EVERY DAY. WHY??? BECAUSE NOTHING IS GUARENTEED – except DEATH. So in this exercise with the Gratitude Journal you should be clear on that fact. It is your personal responsibility as a HUMAN BEING to shift your perspective so that you become GREAT-FULL for everything in your life.}

So there is a direct example of my Gratitude Journal Entry and an explanation.
The second thing to do before our call is to THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU BELEIVE IN.  Your beliefs are what you have either convinced yourself or ALLOWED SOMONE ELSE to Convince You of…. Once you believe in something or once people believe something think about how hard you or “they” will work in making that belief “RIGHT”.
We’ll talk about this today and tie all of this together so that you understand the Nuclear Power that The Gratitude Journal has and most importantly USE IT from now until the day you DIE.

See You on the Call.
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Keeping & Protecting Your Positive VIBE

Friday, January 20th, 2012

SPECIAL  ANNOUNCEMENT on TODAY’S  CALL at 11:04 am EST – Will Change Everything

Today’s Topic : Keeping & Protecting Your Positive VIBE : We spent time this week Learning exactly how a combination of your Vibe and Your Words, when they are “Congruent” or “In Integrity” with each other, create The Powerful Communicator in YOU.

So the Number 1 Question I received back from all of you was in this context…. David, you always seem to be positive but you have it easy because things always appear to be going your way. How do you get things to be going your way? Along with the Follow Up : When things go wrong, how do you bring yourself back to that Positive Powerful Vibe?

Well you cannot FORCE yourself to feel something you do not feel. You must relax in knowing that thing are the way they are for at some point in your past you created them. First with YOUR THOUGHTS, you focused thinking time effort and energy in a direction…Then after that practice of focusing those thoughts for a period of time, you did in fact begin to speak those words about that “Stuff” in a particular way. This works in all areas of your life. This cocktail of thoughts and words becomes a sea saw back and forth as to what comes first. Over a period of time it begins to create a ——– Belief. The belief you have IS your Vibe or Vibration… So as your words and thoughts flow – therein lies your solutions as to how you can alter your vibe and thus alter how the Law of Attraction works for you.

IN today’s call we will review this and most importantly SHOW you how this vibe runs the Law of Attraction. We’ll show you precisely why the same stuff keeps showing up in your life and most importantly what you can do to change this. We’ll roll this into DESERVABILITY, so that by the end of today’s call you will all have the tools necessary to change that VIBE to one that with confidence knows and creates exactly what it Deserves.

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