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Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

UnLIMITED DRIVE (Motivation)

The success of any business venture is directly tied to the belief of its leadership. The “feeling” of knowing not only what to do next but also having the confidence and belief in what you are doing so YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOU is imperative. Did you catch that? YOU must believe in the direction of YOUR Goals, YOUR Dreams, and YOUR Business. I make this clarification for you so that you begin to see and feel what others see as leadership. When you are seen as a leader……… Well, look what you consistently do with all of the leaders around you.

I am often asked how do I have the motivation and drive to answer a call at 11 PM at night or do multiple conference calls in a given week. People also ask me why I go to the trouble of setting up marketing tools like our lead co-op. The best questions I get asked by people are aligned with income and what is my definition of success or enough. In a candid conversation with a new person late Thursday night last week I was asked a CRAZY QUESTION. “Dave, how much would you charge to coach someone so that they get to that spot in their lives where they have Unlimited Motivation?” Great question. Now how would you begin to answer a loaded question like that?

Plain and simple your ability to stay motivated is 100% tied to your faith not only in yourself but in the validity of the action steps you are taking in your life (How you are leading your life on a daily basis in both your working and personal environment.)

You must have belief and faith that what you are doing to be something that will work. I am not talking “TALKING” like you have belief. Many of you can read and research what the correct nouns, verbs, and adjectives are to “sound” like and parrott them. Those of you doing this make the statement that you are doing everything like the successful leader has mapped out but….. The results are not what you had targeted.

It is of extreme importance that you stop right in your tracks there. In all 13 years of working in the direct sales arena, I have seen 100 different ways to make something work, very very rarely did it ever require an EXACT duplication in the sales arena. The common thread or fuel for unlimited drive is —– That feeling of “KNOWING” that what you are doing works and taking that one step further will bring additional results IS what will allow you (Allow the motivation to flow) to create a success and build from there.

example : I will simplify. It’s a blizzard outside on top of 2 inches of ice. You KNOW there is a pretty good chance that if you go for a ride in the car you may get stuck or worse. So there is no belief in a successful ride in the car so you don’t take a ride in the car. Naturally there is no motivation here.

Flip the situation around a little bit…. A sunny day. A new car running well. A ride in the car – YOU KNOW has a near 100% chance of turning out as planned, so you DO take the ride.

better example : In business we do the same thing but it is far more complex.

  • If we believe that the next client we my speak with will be the kindest most wonderful person, we then have the motivation to make the call to the prospect. Its the knowing that things will turn out positively that will allow or motivate us to make the call with the prospect.  WAIT A MINUTE : THINK : Wouldn’t knowing that the conversation was going to work out exactly as you wanted dynamically change your attitude and what you say and how you say it to the prospect? So wouldn’t that mean that if you believed in something every feeling you have is different than when you DO NOT believe in something? This about how we interact with our pets. Dog’s in particular. You can say the exact same thing to a dog two different ways. One with a positive inflection and one with a negative inflection. “GOOD BOY” The dog is living proof. Say Good Boy with anger and he feels BAD BOY. Say Good Boy with love and joy and he FEELS – AWESOME GOOD DOG. Same nouns and verbs. Totally different outcome. Better still is that if you attempt to do this, well you know the outcome – LOL.

So its a very SIMPLE yet CHALLENGING issue.

To have Unlimited Drive or Motivation you must first have unlimited belief in the success of your intention.

So tune into our call this evening. This info will assist anyone looking to find out how to be all they can be. It’s all in their mind…

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2017 – Installing UnLIMITED Drive (Motivation)
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Knowing + Knowing = Success Momentum

Thursday, June 14th, 2012
Mindset Merchants Call Reminder
Today’s Topic : 
Knowing + Knowing = Success Momentum  
So as we blaze down the path of creating our goals, our selfish goals. There is one aspect of thinking that can, and will, play a HUGE part in what you create as goals. This aspect of thinking will determine IF you will actually take the action steps required of you for in making them happen.
Now think about this for a moment. If you thought that every time you went to cook a meal that you could not do it for you burn EVERYTHING and it would always tastes awful — why would you bother cooking. So setting a goal for a person that thinks like this would be unwise, UNLESS, they do one of two things. One would be to attempt on your own to learn different methods of cooking. The other would be to solicit the assistance of someone who knows how to cook and look, watch, and build confidence by watching, in your ability to duplicate the process. Working side by side with a Mentor or Coach is precisely how we get things accomplished.
So in this process of developing that KNOWING skill you are going to have to do the following :
1) Find Evidence of someone succeeding at what you wish to accomplish (Your Goal).
2) Find a way to see HOW they are succeeding. In some cases some mentors play with a transparency or an open enough book so you can see how and what they are doing to achieve the goal.
3) Create a Duplicating, step by step plan of action and follow it until you achieve the desired results.
Think for a moment now of the accomplishments many of you have already done this procedure successfully :
1) You Talk
2) You Walk
3) You Learned to ride a Bike
4) You learned Mathematics (Some of us went farther than others)
ANY GOAL Can be achieved so long as there is evidence of someone doing it and a plan of action created. However, there is one extremely important element that also must take place. You must CONSISTANTLY PERSIST WITHOUT EXCEPTION, allowing no one, no story, no obstacle to get in your way. Period End of Story. It is essential that you do this.
This KNOWING at first will challenge you. You will be taking a stab at goals that at first glance you may want but can’t clearly see HOW they will come to pass. You must practice right on through any of those real or mental challenges. This is CRITICAL.
Once you do this more than a few times you will begin to develop and emotion called KNOWING. KNOWING that you can set a goal and you will trust yourself enough to NEVER GIVE UP until you reach your goal. You will also find that the more goals you have the more on purpose you will become. You will actually waste less time and have more time to take action. Once this occurs you reach SUCCESS MOMENTUM.
SUCCESS MOMENTUM is when Life and The Law Of Attraction are in balance and harmony. You sort of develop the Midas Touch. This only takes place when you are in THE KNOWING and are taking non-stop CONSISTANT PERSISTANT ACTION toward your goals. Today we’ll make this clear and tomorrow you will use this to create micro-business plans of action that will dramatically change your success and progress immediately.
 See you on the call.
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