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Mindset Merchants : Your 90 Day Commitment to Master The Direction of Your Life

Monday, July 30th, 2012
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Mindset Merchants : Your 90 Day Commitment to Master The Direction of Your Life.
There comes a time when you must drop all of your Alibi’s. You must think clearly and realize that, YES, everything in life is a choice. It is a choice to fail and it is a choice to succeed. In some cases the choices we make do not play themselves out for a while, but they do play themselves out.   In my experience in as little as 90 days if you take things very seriously (remember only 3 months of your life, 12 weeks time). Dramatic things can change. Whatever challenges you are facing are because you see no way out. You see those challenges as black and white.
I am here to tell you that I used to do only that and only that. I would look at a situation and based on how I used to do things or handle things and how the “RULES OF THE GAME WERE LAID OUT” there was no way this or that could work or get better.
And then – 22 Months ago I believe when I heard “Taps” being played in the background for me I stopped. I stopped for I actually had 100% completely given up. There was no way I could fix my Financial dilemma’s. Nothing was working in anything I played with to make money. I really do mean PLAYED WITH and not WORKED AT. So these were times where the Gratitude that flows through my veins was actually just pure bitter sh_t. I called it the Sludge of Inaction and Fear.
I was a partner in a network marketing company with the opportunity a lifetime. That was not just struggling. 99.8% of the associates were loosing everything everyday. Nothing worked and I was at the help the voice on the calls. I got the position for I was viewed as a great guy with a great REAL family who new how to create hundreds of thousands of dollars, while sitting on the beach, so to speak. I had spent the prior 7 years doing just that and traveling the world with my family – there are pictures of evidence in a slide show on my blog.
But there I was actually feeling mentally and physically ill for nothing was working. Many of you have been there or are there. I sat up one morning as woke up about 4:38 am looking at a ceiling fan and the reflection of the numbers from the clock and said to myself. I really F_c_ed this up. This life. Just a few years ago everything looked perfect and like it would never end. At that very first moment what hit me was a little voice that said “you thought it would never end” and “you continue to take more and more for granted”
So the very first dot that ever got connected was GRATITUDE. I really could be a homeless bum who looses everything dear to him if I continued my behavior. I had to from than financial and personally self created hell realize that I created it all and that it was time to be grateful for the fact that I own that hell. YES I had to become grateful for the hell I now took ownership of. Only then did the power inside of me rise up to a level that I could not only make better decisions but I would then through being grateful for anything and everything have the assistance of ARMIES of people around me. The more I worked, the more I worked on myself, the more assistance of great things happening came out of the blue.
Within 2 weeks of me getting clear it was all ME. I got a silly call from an automated voice broadcasting system. It offered me CTS – The Cash Tracking System. I first poo-poo’ed the entire batch of nonsense. Then I went back and called the voice broadcast number again and instead of my usually negative pick it all apart kind of attitude – I opened the conversation with “THANK YOU”. The person then proceeded to tell me exactly what he was doing to create enough money that if I just matched his efforts – some of my challenges could be solved in 6-12 months. As more dots connected and I realize I could take responsibility for doing far more than he laid out – I did. My problems were solved in 90 days.
So as I promised last week, if you want to be here and get your life down a completely different path than it is now, its time to take this very seriously and the next 90 will then make all of the difference in the world. ALL…
Next to each number below (each commitment) you will see a line – it is for you to initial as a commitment to yourself you will do these things for the next 90 days – EVERY DAY. Never skipping even one day or one commitment.
90 Day Commitment to ME !!
1._______ I will create a GRATITUDE JOURNAL. This Gratitude Journal will contain every single thing I am grateful for as David has explained EACH DAY. 7 days a week, I will spend a minimum of 30-60 minutes each day counting up and writing with an Ink Pen everything I am grateful for.
2. _______ I will create a GOAL JOURNAL. This Goal Journal will contain each and every goal I wish to achieve, no matter how big or how small. I will learn how to write goals in the manner that I am taught that will create a high vibration of knowing these goals will take place in my life NOW. I will follow the specific instructions on just how to do this by following the Mindset Merchants way of writing goals out. I will spend 30-60 minutes each day 7 days a week doing this.
* The 7 days is crucial for….. ? Do you play Dead any of those 7 days?????
3. _______ I will commit to being involved in a business or income producing activity that I LOVE. That I have a passion for and BELEIVE it would be Great for others to have working in their lives as well.
4. _______ I commit to removing 30 minutes of wasted time each day and replacing or using that time by reading….. Reading something of knowledge that will increase my knowledge or skill in a way that will build understanding and confidence.  examples : “Think and Grow Rich” ~~ Napoleon Hill ; “The Science of Getting Rich” ~~ Wallace Wattles.
5. _______ I will commit to exercising 30-60 minutes a day and a minimum of 5 days a week. This will increase my mental and physical energy increasing my capacity to learn more and help more people.
6. _______ I will commit to sharing whatever opportunity or opportunities I am involved in with no less than 25 people per day 5 days a week. Yes this means I will one way or another talk to 125 people per week about what I have to offer. (This is critical!!! These type of numbers whether these contacts come from leads and or from just plain talking to people will allow you to introduce enough people to ensure your success. An Example may be :
               a) An Ad somewhere – 2 people a day.
               b) Purchased Leads – 10 people a day.
               c) Walking and Talking to strangers – 5 people per day.
               d) Voice Broadcasting – This could go crazy : 20 people per day.
               e) 5 very personal emails to people you know – 5 people per day.
                * If you are not Marketing and Sharing Your Opportunity you
                   will get nowhere and all of the Personal work you are doing
7. _______ I WILL re-invest 25-30% of your cash inflow or revenue into increasing your marketing of your business. So if you have a month where you create $5,000 then 30% of $5000 = $1,500. (For me it has been very consistent that I reinvest in my business a minimum of 10% of my gross income or revenue into marketing. When I make $100,000 – I invest $25,000 back into marketing. I always – 100% of the time cannot even get back to 1/2 of the people that are looking to work with me. Those of you coached directly by me know this in the HUNDREDS of leads I have given you….. did you call them….?)
8. _______ I MUST BUILD A TEAM. I will use the Mindset Call each day fro myself and my team to learn these skills of making things happen. Each week I will involve, out of those 25 Introductions a minimum of 4-10 people each week in my opportunity or business and bring them on board the Mindset call and then further break them off into my own mastermind group.
9. _______ I commit to taking 100% responsibility for everything that is happening to me. For I know that is the only way I can make different and better decisions and change things.
10. _______ I commit to learning that my vibration, my attitude, will either cause me to be a magnet of amazing people who will work with and assist me each step of the way. This is known as “The Law of Attraction”.
11. _______ I commit to stopping each and every form of complaining I do or ever have done. I NOW KNOW that when I complain it polarizes my vibration and turns me into a CRAP MAGNET calling exactly what I am complaining about to be brought into my existence over and over again.
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