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The Sandman That Stops the Law of Attraction

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

The “SAND MAN” of the Law of Attraction

Yesterday we reviewed the “Magic Pixie Dust”  behind the Law of Attraction – LOVE. You now absolutely KNOW why people have always stated – “Do what you LOVE”. The reason is that it will indeed be the thing you perform best at for the Law of Attraction will be working with you all the time in the Presence of LOVING what you do.
As things become clearer and clearer in your own life experience you should be seeing a pattern in what you are Grateful for as well as a Pattern to your Goals. The pattern is the things you LOVE…… Get it??

Some of you are beginning to get it while others understand the principals but are 100% NON-STOP Full on working DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to what you truly desire. I know for a large number of you have been in communication with CRAZY STATEMENTS like : “I am doing everything that you are doing but I can’t stand or “I HATE”, that I am not getting the results that you are or I desire”. So there it is….. You want the Law of Attraction to work to your advantage. You are placing PAINSTAKING HOURS into your Activity or Business and you HATE the results you are getting.
With Love and Hate being 180 Degrees off of each other in terms of an emotion. They are both the Strongest of Human Emotion. Think of either one as a MASSIVE MAGNIFIER of the Law of Attraction. Love and Hate take all of your focus and energy and place it in one direction. Plainly put the Law of Attraction will be obedient to either emotion.

Today we’ll polish up on gaining command of what you are REALLY DOING when you HATE SOMETHING. I will give you some steps and tricks as to what I did to remove this challenge. Today, if you follow my lead here, you will learn exactly what I did to use LOVE in a very strong way and drop the Sand Man from the Operation of the Law of Attraction in my life.

See You on the Call.

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Keeping & Protecting Your Positive VIBE

Friday, January 20th, 2012

SPECIAL  ANNOUNCEMENT on TODAY’S  CALL at 11:04 am EST – Will Change Everything

Today’s Topic : Keeping & Protecting Your Positive VIBE : We spent time this week Learning exactly how a combination of your Vibe and Your Words, when they are “Congruent” or “In Integrity” with each other, create The Powerful Communicator in YOU.

So the Number 1 Question I received back from all of you was in this context…. David, you always seem to be positive but you have it easy because things always appear to be going your way. How do you get things to be going your way? Along with the Follow Up : When things go wrong, how do you bring yourself back to that Positive Powerful Vibe?

Well you cannot FORCE yourself to feel something you do not feel. You must relax in knowing that thing are the way they are for at some point in your past you created them. First with YOUR THOUGHTS, you focused thinking time effort and energy in a direction…Then after that practice of focusing those thoughts for a period of time, you did in fact begin to speak those words about that “Stuff” in a particular way. This works in all areas of your life. This cocktail of thoughts and words becomes a sea saw back and forth as to what comes first. Over a period of time it begins to create a ——– Belief. The belief you have IS your Vibe or Vibration… So as your words and thoughts flow – therein lies your solutions as to how you can alter your vibe and thus alter how the Law of Attraction works for you.

IN today’s call we will review this and most importantly SHOW you how this vibe runs the Law of Attraction. We’ll show you precisely why the same stuff keeps showing up in your life and most importantly what you can do to change this. We’ll roll this into DESERVABILITY, so that by the end of today’s call you will all have the tools necessary to change that VIBE to one that with confidence knows and creates exactly what it Deserves.

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The Toughest Choice – Changing Mindset

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The toughest choice a human being can have is one where they change their Mind….

I have the most amazing privilege of showing people new perspectives on things. As you may or may not know, I have been exposed to an unusual combination of Real Sales and Marketing Training, NLP Training and a huge exposure to Personal Development. The point is, after being in business for most of my life, the experiences and knowledge I have gained have now placed me in a position where I CLEARLY SEE multiple perspectives on any given situation. It is the viewpoint of any and all situations that allows us to change our perspective and approach – OUR MINDSET…. It is our Mindset that will dictate our behavior.

Now that was a mouthful and a half, so let’s think about this. If our Mindset or our Belief is of the nature that we can easily accomplish something – then we set out, and many times we accomplish it. You see, our Mindset is our most important ally. It is created by our conditioned belief system. It is the foundation of who we are and what our mission with each gift of a day will be. So our environment, our upbringing, the people we choose to have around us and listen to, all play a role first in our beliefs, then our Mindset.

So after being in the direct sales industry and network marketing for now nearly 8 years, I began really studying people and what they are up to. I saw clearly what happens over and over again when people look at things BUT DON’T CHANGE THEIR MINDSET – They Fail. So, years ago, I began asking more questions to determine what it was in their belief  system that causes them to freeze up and not take action steps, that they themselves already see proof and have evidence as to their potentail. The culmination of 8 years of watching, observing, learning, and most of all absolutely calculating the exact point at which an individual will GIVE UP – AND LIMIT THEIR PERSPECTIVE TO ONLY THEIR OWN – and I found it.

So, my mission, and the permanent mission of Mindset Merchants, will be first to get people past thier toughest decision ever….. To Change their Mindset and Behavior to that of an Entrepreneur. Then we have a REAL SYSTEM so People learn to EMPOWER themselves, to command all of their abilities and line them up with the proper Mindset – so they live the Business and Personal life they have decided to.

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Stay tuned for info on this blog that will assist you in having the choice of what Mindset to have.