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Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

UnLIMITED DRIVE (Motivation)

The success of any business venture is directly tied to the belief of its leadership. The “feeling” of knowing not only what to do next but also having the confidence and belief in what you are doing so YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOU is imperative. Did you catch that? YOU must believe in the direction of YOUR Goals, YOUR Dreams, and YOUR Business. I make this clarification for you so that you begin to see and feel what others see as leadership. When you are seen as a leader……… Well, look what you consistently do with all of the leaders around you.

I am often asked how do I have the motivation and drive to answer a call at 11 PM at night or do multiple conference calls in a given week. People also ask me why I go to the trouble of setting up marketing tools like our lead co-op. The best questions I get asked by people are aligned with income and what is my definition of success or enough. In a candid conversation with a new person late Thursday night last week I was asked a CRAZY QUESTION. “Dave, how much would you charge to coach someone so that they get to that spot in their lives where they have Unlimited Motivation?” Great question. Now how would you begin to answer a loaded question like that?

Plain and simple your ability to stay motivated is 100% tied to your faith not only in yourself but in the validity of the action steps you are taking in your life (How you are leading your life on a daily basis in both your working and personal environment.)

You must have belief and faith that what you are doing to be something that will work. I am not talking “TALKING” like you have belief. Many of you can read and research what the correct nouns, verbs, and adjectives are to “sound” like and parrott them. Those of you doing this make the statement that you are doing everything like the successful leader has mapped out but….. The results are not what you had targeted.

It is of extreme importance that you stop right in your tracks there. In all 13 years of working in the direct sales arena, I have seen 100 different ways to make something work, very very rarely did it ever require an EXACT duplication in the sales arena. The common thread or fuel for unlimited drive is —– That feeling of “KNOWING” that what you are doing works and taking that one step further will bring additional results IS what will allow you (Allow the motivation to flow) to create a success and build from there.

example : I will simplify. It’s a blizzard outside on top of 2 inches of ice. You KNOW there is a pretty good chance that if you go for a ride in the car you may get stuck or worse. So there is no belief in a successful ride in the car so you don’t take a ride in the car. Naturally there is no motivation here.

Flip the situation around a little bit…. A sunny day. A new car running well. A ride in the car – YOU KNOW has a near 100% chance of turning out as planned, so you DO take the ride.

better example : In business we do the same thing but it is far more complex.

  • If we believe that the next client we my speak with will be the kindest most wonderful person, we then have the motivation to make the call to the prospect. Its the knowing that things will turn out positively that will allow or motivate us to make the call with the prospect.  WAIT A MINUTE : THINK : Wouldn’t knowing that the conversation was going to work out exactly as you wanted dynamically change your attitude and what you say and how you say it to the prospect? So wouldn’t that mean that if you believed in something every feeling you have is different than when you DO NOT believe in something? This about how we interact with our pets. Dog’s in particular. You can say the exact same thing to a dog two different ways. One with a positive inflection and one with a negative inflection. “GOOD BOY” The dog is living proof. Say Good Boy with anger and he feels BAD BOY. Say Good Boy with love and joy and he FEELS – AWESOME GOOD DOG. Same nouns and verbs. Totally different outcome. Better still is that if you attempt to do this, well you know the outcome – LOL.

So its a very SIMPLE yet CHALLENGING issue.

To have Unlimited Drive or Motivation you must first have unlimited belief in the success of your intention.

So tune into our call this evening. This info will assist anyone looking to find out how to be all they can be. It’s all in their mind…

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Warp 9 Motivation – David Varrone

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Warp 9 Motivation

Those words “Warp 9” and “Motivation” is that the way you see yourself, as someone who has the Motivation to accomplish things at Warp 9? Have you ever even asked yourself what your level of Motivation and or Ambition do you have at play in your life right now? These are questions about yourself that when you explore them they are indeed the keys to achieving things. Whether the goal is about personal success or the goal is about monetary success enough motivation must be present so that you will take the action to complete the task. You must also be in a place of taking 100% responsibility for all of your decisions and actions.

When you have Warp 9 Motivation a little magical connection occurs within your mind.

Resources become secondary to RESOURCEFULNESS.

Think about that, when you are working toward goals that you just can’t live without your thinking changes. This is not something that is taught with an instruction or a how to. It’s an emotional switch. What you will do to accomplish something that absolutely must happen will transmute your thinking from perspective “A” to perspective “B” listed below.

Perspective “A” : This person has some goals. They are in a home based business and new. They are still working a “day job” to generate enough income to get by and save very little over long periods of time and hard work. Now this person SAYS that they are motivated and have the goal of making $10,000 a month and “I would do anything for that kind of money”. So we have a person that is successfully employed and paying their bills and getting through life. He gets started in a home based business but………………………………. BUT………… Its a big BUT. That $10,000 a month is a fairy tale for him not really a goal. He has a list of things he things he might want IF HE EVER had the money. So this person begins working their business and things move slowly and about the second week….. This new person is “out of leads with no money to spend on marketing”. So they don’t know what to do.

** The outcome of this situation is already being felt by those of you reading. This person is NOT MOTIVATED and DOES NOT HAVE ANY REAL GOALS. Therefor they are stuck in the focus of I DON’T HAVE. Lack. Resources. So because they lack the motivation to go beyond the resources that they see on hand…… They stop and fail…..

Perspective “B” : This person has a JOB like perspective “A”. This person however practices a ritual of always envisioning or visualizing what his life will be in the future. He has plans goals and dreams that he absolutely have. His dreams inspire him to the point where is has pictures of all of his goals and dreams on a dream board. He wants to go into a business to make those dreams a reality.  He has one challenge. Not a freak-en penny to his name…. No money to get started….. No lists of potential customers from previous relationships. Nada nothing. In fact later today (Friday) when he gets paid their will be $11.34 left in his bank account. Funny thing is he is hell bent on going into business and changing his own life….. So he has NO RESOURCES. BUT……….. He wants his future planned life and goals so badly, he has psyched himself up so much that every morning he wakes up with enthusiasm as he know he is going to find a way to make things work.  HE IS RESOURCEFUL!

Listen carefully to what Tony Robbins has to say about this, particularly from 6 minutes on :


In success you will find that there will never be the precise amount of resources to take the massive action that creates massive success. You must be very clear on your goals and very emotionally attached to them as outlined in one of our previous Blogs and Calls.


You must be completely clear on the Following 3 Decisions of Destiny that we make hundreds of times a day.

3 Decisions of Destiny

1) What am I going to focus on right now, what am I going to allow my mind to think ?

– Your focus of thought will create your emotional state or HOW YOU FEEL. Anything you think about you must assign a meaning, that assignment of meaning begins to adjust your Motivation to accomplish things. Your emotions will begin to pattern your behavior.

2) What does the present situation really mean to you ?

– Do you feel like you are being rewarded or punished. It is key that you recognize that you must feel that your path of actions and behaviors are a reward in and of itself for you to sustain any successful activity.

3) What are you going to do now about the situation? Are you moving forward or giving up.

– Are you going to be RESOURCEFUL enough to move forward because your goals really to mean something to you.

So what I want to make clear very clear to all of you today. Is that if your passion and goals have meaning, the resources necessary will indeed come together. You are required to make the decisions that “STOKE THE FIRE”. You must spend as much time stoking this fire as you do on all of the other recreational things you do (TV etc).

Your focus. Your focus. Your Focus. Your State of mind, your perspective, that is what is shaping your day. Tune in today and listen to how this will play itself out in real life.

~~ David Varrone ~~ Successfortherestofus






Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
Mindset Merchants Call Reminder
“To accomplish great things we must not only dream but also act, must not only plan but also believe.” – Anatole France

In the spirit of SUPER INSPIRATION let’s take a good look at the above quote. I bring this to you today for if you look at my directives to you as well as the way I operate…. This is precisely my prescription for changing things NOW!!

A Brand new associate in one of my activities began with me last night. The persistence with which Anthony called me was borderline crazy. Meaning the Phone rang at 9:09 ; 9:30 ; 9:55 ; 10:12 ; and Finally, reluctantly pulling myself from Family at 10:27 in the evening, I received not only a new superstar but someone who is absolutely going to teach me a thing or two.

We had a conversation that admittedly DID NOT start with me being warm and fuzzy but me inquiring as to why this had to happen at 10:27 PM in the evening, he was in Central Standard Time. The lesson began with the answer to that question : Why is this necessary to complete tonight – can we pick this up in the morning, I am doing a school project with my daughter right now and we must finish tonight….. His answer back was – then why did you answer the phone??? (LOLOL).

He went on to say that he had looked things over about 12 times. All the times before his last viewing of a presentation, meant nothing. He had come to yesterday’s Mindset Call and caught bits and pieces while running his Cattle Farm. He picked up something very interesting. His Purpose never really was Cattle. It was in fact moving in the direction of learning about Motivation and teaching that to others. Once he understood that attached to the opportunity was a place where he could learn to be ALIVE again, he stated that at any cost he would want to learn what he felt from the call would instill belief in himself and give him the ability to be free of Cow Chips.

So we began working together. In the conversation were MANY little lessons of clarity concerning what was about to happen with his life and what he brought to my attention (again). So I will review step by step with you some of those principles and the outline of what this guy is doing. He is INDEED Dreaming with BELIEF and TAKING MASSIVE ACTION (Admittedly even more action than I usually take).
A TON of very Great Motivating info was exchanged and also a story he told me of why it was time for a real change – for him and why he is ALLOWING the current challenges he faces to take him to a much better place.

See you on the call.

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The Toughest Choice – Changing Mindset

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The toughest choice a human being can have is one where they change their Mind….

I have the most amazing privilege of showing people new perspectives on things. As you may or may not know, I have been exposed to an unusual combination of Real Sales and Marketing Training, NLP Training and a huge exposure to Personal Development. The point is, after being in business for most of my life, the experiences and knowledge I have gained have now placed me in a position where I CLEARLY SEE multiple perspectives on any given situation. It is the viewpoint of any and all situations that allows us to change our perspective and approach – OUR MINDSET…. It is our Mindset that will dictate our behavior.

Now that was a mouthful and a half, so let’s think about this. If our Mindset or our Belief is of the nature that we can easily accomplish something – then we set out, and many times we accomplish it. You see, our Mindset is our most important ally. It is created by our conditioned belief system. It is the foundation of who we are and what our mission with each gift of a day will be. So our environment, our upbringing, the people we choose to have around us and listen to, all play a role first in our beliefs, then our Mindset.

So after being in the direct sales industry and network marketing for now nearly 8 years, I began really studying people and what they are up to. I saw clearly what happens over and over again when people look at things BUT DON’T CHANGE THEIR MINDSET – They Fail. So, years ago, I began asking more questions to determine what it was in their belief  system that causes them to freeze up and not take action steps, that they themselves already see proof and have evidence as to their potentail. The culmination of 8 years of watching, observing, learning, and most of all absolutely calculating the exact point at which an individual will GIVE UP – AND LIMIT THEIR PERSPECTIVE TO ONLY THEIR OWN – and I found it.

So, my mission, and the permanent mission of Mindset Merchants, will be first to get people past thier toughest decision ever….. To Change their Mindset and Behavior to that of an Entrepreneur. Then we have a REAL SYSTEM so People learn to EMPOWER themselves, to command all of their abilities and line them up with the proper Mindset – so they live the Business and Personal life they have decided to.

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Stay tuned for info on this blog that will assist you in having the choice of what Mindset to have.