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Your Plan Of Action

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Your Plan Of Action

Right Now everyone reading this email and attending the Success For The Rest Of Us Calls should have a HUGE list of Goals. They should be doing two very important things daily. Spending 30-45 minutes a day writing, by hand, in their Gratitude Journal. By doing this they most certainly will feel and respond to the absolute facts that there are wonderful things going on in their lives and that being thankful and grateful creates a magnetic vibration for more good things to happen…..AKA The Law of Attraction.

It is also very important that you acknowledge one very important law – Just like the Laws of Gravity and The Law of Attraction, there is something called Parkinson’s Law.
Parkinson’s law is the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. This is the number one reason for you to have a daily plan of action its the only way to stop work from expanding to use up all of your time.
Once that is in motion and working with you then its time to focus on your goals. If you are like me the work in The Gratitude Journal and The Goal Journal take about the same amount of time. So before you ask this does indeed comprise the first part of my day. This is Usually 90 Minutes Plus and I start that between 5 and 5:30 am each day. (Please don’t expect me to respond to the numerous skypes that I get at that hour…LOL). My Schedule changes in the summertime as when the kids are around to do some fun stuff I make that my priority over work — PROVIDED — I have accomplished a ton of stuff that is either taking me closer to or achieving my goals.
Rather than give you my Daily Plan of action I think this go around it will be important for you to consider your goals and how important they are to you. In the past when I read off a list of what I do many of you had emailed me back you do the same kind of list but do not either get the results that I do or felt that you could not possible do the same schedule.
So “YOUR PLAN OF ACTION” is just that — Your Plan. Also you must remember where your mind is focused and what that attracts. So when I create a plan of action from a state of TOTAL GRATITUDE…… People come to work with me NON-STOP. Incoming phone calls exceed 150 per day. So always understand that alone could be as much time as I have in a 24 hour period. That occurs BECAUSE of the Law of Attraction. So take seriously the early part of your day and Gratitude and Goal Setting.
Having said that you are going to have to set focused time aside for some primary activities. So rather than give you my DMO (Daily Method of Operation) or DPA (Daily Plan of Action) lets take a different approach. I will list things you should place into your own schedule below. Each one that does not have a time parameter – you must set that based upon RESULTS not just time spent. REMEMBER you are the boss of YOU, Inc. You are not an employee trading an hour for some dollar amount. The only thing that pays you and or moves you closer to your goals is SUCCESS.
So here we go (Making it Happen for YOU, Inc.) DAILY ACTIVITY:
1) Work on YOURSELF (gratitude & goals) : 1 1/2 to 2 Hours/day.
2) Take Time to Exercise for 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day.
3) Take time to do something you ENJOY for 2+ Hours a day.
4) EDUCATE YOURSELF on as aspect that will improve : 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day.
     a) Communication
     b) Personal Development Knowledge
     c) Sales Skills
     d) Marketing Skills
     e) Knowledge of your Product or Service
5) Marketing – Actually creating and activating Marketing and Advertising
     I mean this. As you become super motivated and aware of
     your environment allow yourself to think at will of the
     many literally countless ways you can share your opportunity and
     market yourself as well as your products and opportunity.
     Then take a minimum of 2 hours per day and implement the ideas.
     Never be afraid to fail. The craziest idea’s I have ever come up with
     have worked.
Make sure you have a Baseline Duplicatable way to advertise and
market. I use Voice Broadcasting for its the only thing I have found that I
can just point someone to and give them a little instructions sheet and
they then usually make money with me the very first month in business.
Nothing to figure out leads are generated AND CALLED for you all you have to do is call them back….. CRAZY SIMPLE. Once you are rolling you can add to this. Remember this system calls 5,000 people per day for you. That alone, would take you making calls one by one, nearly a month. All that work done by a system in one afternoon thus saving you a month. So this is a HUGE part of my marketing…….. I learn to use tools that multiply my efforts.

6) ENROLL  NOT  SELL  :  2 hours to as many as it takes. I make this statement ENROLL not SELL for a HUGE REASON. When someone is Sold something they must constantly be resold it each time they get lazy or loose focus. When someone Buys or ENROLLS in something they have made a decision on their own that they want the product or service. We’ll discuss this but one way you have a TEAM MEMBER, the other way you have a pain in the a _ _ .

For the icing on the cake today I will go into how this becomes the backbone elements of what you must do to create the Rhythm of Success. I will review a number of things with you and then YOU are going to create your own plan of action and create your own results.
You WILL PERSIST without Exception and then you WILL GET RESULTS.
~~ David Varrone