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Words Are NOT A Dime A Dozen

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Words Are NOT a Dime a Dozen

Today let’s travel down the path of self dialog. After all we are going to filter our thoughts and actions through ourselves. In that self dialog lies how we coach ourselves. What we say to ourselves often has more of an impact on what we are doing than the Media or our Friends and Family for that matter.
Thinking back to those childhood stories of I believe it was The little Engine that could. If you go to You Tube and just search for that, you will see an abundance of video and self talk videos that will make the point. That point being that our internal dialog helps Empower us or Dis-Empower us.
Now sit back and think about this before I get into those words and the use of those words. Really think about your REACTIONS or RESPONSES to situations and how the self dialog gets you into a productive motion OR NOT. We have been building here on creating belief or altering it. Its now time to realize that this is not an action when once complete is complete…. In order to make those changes permanent we are indeed going to have to change that internal dialog. Particularly if that dialog is not positive.
So our choice of language and dialog must be brought into focus. You might be asking : So how does that fit into what we are doing right now in the reconstruction of our lives? It’s Simple. Here is the metaphor. The right choice of words creates action that leads to the simplest most rapid construction of the life we desire. Sort of like either using a hammer to swing a few times to drive a nail in OR we could use a compressor based nail gun that drove the nail in with 5% of the effort and allows us to get 20 times more done in a day.
Our self dialog will coach ourselves into positive action that fosters a better and better result, while any DIS-EMPOWERING words will TALK US OUT OF TAKING ACTION. Remember in this world, and with the way we are wired, this self talk will always create a way for us to be “RIGHT“. Its the way we are wired for self-preservation. I for once realized as I have stated before, that I am the only one standing in my own way. In addition, the word usage change has a second effect. Your words become powerful when others listen so others begin to regard you as a LEADER….
In want you to see what happens when you really NEED HELP…. And you choose the wrong words — just what that can cost you :
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First a Set of Words that MUST BE MINIMIZED or ELIMINATED from use.


Then a bunch of words to now replace :

Maybe                          Done / Definitely
Try                                 Do / Will / Definitely / Absolutely
Hope                             Believe,  Certainly
Help                              Assist
Need                             Deserve / Desire
BUT                              However / Although
Work                           Create
Have to                       Choose to
Well, Ummmm        Moving Forward
Could                          Of Course it will, Undoubtedly
One more little perspective review and change all based upon changing a few words :

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It is time to become conscious of the fact that your own words are actually going to dictate the next few minutes, the next few hours, the next few years….  So take the time to switch out some of these words so that life changes dramatically and RAPIDLY for you. See you on our call.


~~ David Varrone

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