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The Law of Attraction – Going Full Throttle

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The Law of Attraction – Going Full Throttle


Going Full Throttle with The Law of Attraction. It’s a GREAT time to get into some mechanics… At this point we have set up a foundation of Gratitude combined with Massive Vibrational Goal Setting. In addition we have begun to shed light on what is really creating your perspective on life. It’s your conditioning. Whether that conditioning is what you were exposed to as a child or if you are just repeatedly exposing yourself to sources of information and stimulus that influence your thinking in a certain way. All of what we have covered so far merely sets the table for the single most important LAW in the universe. It is absolutely as functional as “GRAVITY”.  ITt IS : “THE LAW OF ATTRACTION“.

DEFINITION OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION : Simply put – Like attracts like…. You know you have heard things like this before “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”. Ever notice a heard of animals traveling together on a nature show. Same principle. So behind the scenes of our lives with have this mystical magnetic force that seems to attract and bring into our reality everything that we are focused on…. Therein lies a catch tot he Law of Attraction, since it works off of what we are thinking about and have the strongest focus of our energy and attention on….. Then a very important element of The Law of Attraction is the fact that it works period in an absolute form. What that means is that it does not matter whether it is something you want to occur strongly or it is something that you do not want to occur strongly. Either of those things will occur.
PROOF : To prove that The Law of Attraction will work whether your thought is a NO I DON’T WANT thought or it’s a I WANT OR DESIRE though does not matter – watch this. I give you an instruction : “Don’t think about the American Flag”.  Immediately what occurs is your mind pictures what you don’t want…… You can’t deny it!! So be clear on this.
In order to use The Law of Attraction to your advantage the focus on Gratitude and Goals begins to set your thinking habitually in the motion of CHOICE instead of Drifting. The real challenge we have then is that we all create a plan of action moving toward what we desire. The challenge is that once a thought is conceived, if the thoughts are chosen in a CERTAIN manner we create a positive plan of action and perform the necessary tasks that we BELIEVE will achieve the desired result.
Sounds Simple —- Right???
BUT     What happens when we allow not the infusion of our own thoughts and plans….. But the thoughts and plans of our conditioning, our environment, or perhaps even false evidence come into mental focus. That in effect places the BRAKES on the Law of Attraction delivering what you desire and it delivers what you FEAR or DESPISE Most. I call this the double edge sword of The Law Of Attraction.
So today we’ll dive into that and clarify exactly what is going on, on a behind the scenes look at The Law of Attraction in Action. We’ll see how that STINKING THINKING will Create a Counter Productive Path of actions that will create what you DON’T DESIRE and have you hunting and finding evidence to support what your thinking is. You will see clearly why things may seem like they are backfiring, when indeed you are creating exactly what is happening.
Once you are clear there we’ll review the methods below that I use EVERY DAY to bring my focus of thought RIGHT where it should be to create the most efficient use of The Law of Attraction. Listed below you will find the Method/Exercises I use for the specific roadblock I may encounter:
#1) FOR AN ISSUE INVOLVING A MEMORY OF AN EXPERIENCE : I first remind myself it is a MEMORY…. Something from the past. I then review the situation to see if ALL of the circumstances are the same. If they are — I take the gut feelings or vibrations seriously and make a new plan of action. If the circumstances are NOT the same I then (Guess what) I sit down with a pad…. I literally look things over and with the pen and pad I hand write all of the reasons and circumstances that will allow the situation to develop and blossom into what I desire. Writing this out by hand is essential. It will force you to think a bit more clearly that if you just do it in your head.
#2) FOR AN ISSUE INVOLVING COMMENTS FROM ANY  NUT  GALLERY : Here in lies where I use the word NUT instead of Peanut…. The reason being is that when you begin to drift into NOT thinking. It’s actually a relief. We internally begin to feel like you know their right – so instead of creating a thought process to make it all happen…. We create a process of “WHY BOTHER” to take action for like “Dad” said or like “Aunt Martha” said (It could be anyone – even a friend close to you). So knowing that if I buy into other people’s evidence, I know I am DRIFTING.  I then take things a step further. Again with a Pad and Pen. I sit down and really look first to see if they truly had any such experience. If they have not had the experience directly – it’s just noise.
If they have had the experience or a similar experience I go one step further in dissecting things. I look at their circumstances and mine. I look at precisely what they did and how they did it and I make a list. Actually I make 2 lists. One for their circumstances compared to mine and another one – where I think and take notice of WHY I AM DIFFERENT and how it can work.
#3) INFLUENCE OF THE MEDIA OR OTHER EXTERNAL NON-SENSE : As I have stated before if you are well traveled it is clear to see how the media can give partial stories and create a path of negative sensationalism. This TOWN CRIER type of merchandising the news started with PAUL REVERE (The British are coming…….). Here is where it indeed can get tricky. If the media has supplied information that you are going to base decisions on, you must make a distinction and in doing so some comparative resources must be looked at.
Here in lies the real challenge. Actually not a challenge but a choice. If you make the choice in advance on what you want to do despite the media….. Then you can look for evidence specifically that supports your decision. I implore you to FIND a TON OF IT. That is what I do…..
Here is a little video that will shed a great deal of light on things :

So today we’ll go over these first 3 methods – I have more up my sleeve. Yes this is REAL WORK – remember I clearly told you that you would work more on yourself than on your activity or business – here comes a ton of that work. Once you begin to evaluate and dissect each time negative or stinkin thinkin comes into play – you up the game of life for yourself. You take it to the level that all thinkers and those top 3%’ers do. Welcome to my world people – its your world too.
See you on the call.
~~ David Varrone