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“Belief” and Your Self-Created Imaginary Radar

Thursday, August 16th, 2012
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 “Belief” and Your Self-Created Imaginary Radar
Good Morning. We established some pretty interesting concepts now over the past few days. Your “Thoughts” create feelings or reactions that you have. These thoughts create perceptions of your environment or “reality”. Thus your thoughts create feelings, then The Law of Attraction, creates a Vibrational Match to what you are feeling.
We also established that since the Law of Attraction causes things all around you to shift based on vibration, that your “Radar” or your Thinking Perception of Reality can only see so much. Your “Habits of Thought” create a certain filter on reality or on your radar so that you see things the way you expect them to be.
All of this creates what you will allow yourself to believe or not believe. So today we’ll take a look at this Radar Screen we all have. We’ll clearly define it, and show where you are actually creating what’s coming. Once that’s clear, we will then begin to cover how, IF YOU ALLOW IT, you can create clear pathways.
Focusing on things you BELIEVE will happen and that bringing you a strong emotional charge then brings The Law of Attraction into play. So BELIEF is of the utmost importance. So how do we affect or change our belief?? There in lies the biggest challenge. We must know what we are thinking about most and WHERE those thoughts are based. Then we can almost surgically cut the feed of information that is causing our unwanted beliefs and adjust what we are exposing ourselves to. Once whatever is creating our belief is adjusted we will then indeed begin to believe in new possibilities.
Once this change in belief occurs, then we can begin to place feelings into that belief. As we do this a number of things will occur. I will begin and show this entire process to you with some simple stories of exactly how you can and will do this.
 See you on the call.
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