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Fine Tuning Self Dialog – 24/7

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Fine Tuning Self Dialog – 24/7

Today you will clearly see why this Thinking vs. Drifting is such an important concept. By the end of our call you will learn how to exactly how to fine tune self dialog 24 7. We all have that voice in our heads or voice in our hearts that basically direct our feelings. These voices are what we repeatedly tell ourselves over and over again. So at the core of how we are making ourselves feel about our lives or situations is first our reactionary conditioned beliefs.  Then our constant words or thoughts to ourselves begin to reinforce our beliefs and thus place a set of emotions into play that ultimately dictate how we will behave.

Here is a little video that I came across that has a magical question in it. Check it out and follow what this guy Tony Teegarden has to say about self talk / dialog :

Mind you this is very street version of more than likely, some far more complex psychological terms. I am actually certain for when I was in the middle of discovering I was causing my own insanity about certain things in my life I had elected to talk to a therapist. She had Meds and Disorder “Labels” but nothing that really did anything (Xanax, Buspar, and Effexxor).
So from the bottom of my heart I hope at least one of you out of the hundreds gets this connection today.  What you think about and think about and talk to yourself about will alter your beliefs WHETHER WHAT YOU ARE TELLING YOURSELF IS TRUE OR NOT TRUE.

Think about what I put out there. Think about the Monster in the Closet – was he ever there? Or under the bed? But you believed it. Think about the NFL and what an NFL player must tell himself (particularly the smaller guys). I am not going to type out here what they think but I will go into this in detail on our call.

I want you to also take a look at the evidence of 5000+ years of religion in the world. People study their chosen religion / scripture over and over and over and over. They do this to ingrain in their minds all aspects of their chosen belief, so prayer or orchestrated, repeated dialog definitely does something, doesn’t it? This is not about religion, its about knowing the methods that have worked and been in use for thousands of years is tremendously to your advantage.
So now you see WHY its so very important to watch what you are allowing yourself to think about and focus on. These elements of what you are thinking about will come out in your words. Hence why some of you CLAIM to way exactly the same words as some of the successful people in your organizations, however, you get different results. Because they have spent the day thinking and focusing on different things (Not the murder in Chicago) but how can they reach out and effect more lives? How can I create more success?
So now as we make this step into self dialog there are a few things you MUST do first:
Number Two have a meeting with your MIND and your BEHIND and make sure things line up. Meaning ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOU LOVE SO MUCH YOU WANT TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD? (Think about this, every brick and mortar business you go into that you see the owner or know them – check on this loving what they do aspect, it is a necessary component.
Number Three ask yourself – Are you willing to implement some silly changes that might make a huge difference in your thinking?
Number Four – Are you willing and able to manage the negative people and situations in your life, at times sacrificing time spent when those people are at their most negative, to minimize their negative influence?
Number Five – Once you see what the influences are that do not work to your advantage, are you willing to eliminate those influences that do not work to your advantage?
Number Six – When presented with things that you KNOW will make things better, are you committed enough to make the change, right then and there, cold turkey? Likewise when you know something will work 100% against you are you willing to eliminate that, or change that behavior?
If you all are willing to look into what’s causing your thoughts and feeling then you will see the root of your own self dialog. Then our mission today will be to clarify all of this and the HOW it all works.
I want you making the choices both in your environment and thinking that will then leave you in a mental space of being able to talk to yourself the way that I have come to over the years.  It has served me enormously over the past 3 years in particular when I made a number of connections and changes.

Always remember that magical question to correct negative self-dialog…… Would you say to a 5 YEAR OLD what you are thinking or saying to yourself? If the answer is NO – then its time to eliminate that thought or set of words….

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By ~~ David Varrone