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Belief – What’s On Your Radar Screen

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012
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 Belief – What’s On Your Radar Screen
and Why It Does Not Matter
We are blazing down a path to show you your beliefs and how they are affecting exactly what is happening in your life. A while back I studied exactly how my beliefs were affecting how I was feeling. At the time I was able to indeed isolate what was going on in terms of seeing how I felt about what I believed the future held. However, this was all prior to seeing daily proof of The Law of Attraction in motion in any consistent manner.
While on the Bike Ride yesterday I decided to challenge things a bit. I made the decision that I would approach every light on the ride with the belief that it would be YELLOW instead of Green. With the exception of the first traffic light – they were indeed all Yellow. The first one stayed green as I approached and through my passing it by.
So what’s the significance of all of this?  It is that our belief will alter the outcome of ANY experiment that we play with. Thus in real life minute by minute as the Law of Attraction works for us, If we become aware of a few things we can far better use the Law of Attraction than we ever dreamed possible.
We are going to have to completely accept there are two things that must be removed from our conscious thinking. #1) The HOW of HOW things are going to work is NOT necessary for us to know to make things work. #2) We all have a radar or a view of what we believe and expect will happen, we MUST let that go and focus our thoughts on what we desire as if it already happened. Thus we duplicate the feelings.
Then and only then will we begin to see the pattern of The Law of Attraction working. Once we see that the Law of Attraction is going to move things beyond our understanding or control based on HOW WE FEEL about them, we then will actively move on faith in ourselves. We will know that certain thinking brings certain feelings and those feelings will dictate what our reality will develop into. We’ll dive into this today and today we’ll also open the call for QUESTIONS to make sure we are all on the same page.
 See you on the call.