Do You Have What It Takes?

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Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? Are you really truly ready to cut the umbilical chord of being a worker bee. Do you want to serve you last days meditating over a legacy or dynasty built for your family for generations to come or are you going to sit in struggle and worry that you will run out of money before you run out of time…..It is a valid question whether you are 19 or 69. The real question is have you found the direction of your life that inspires you enough to really change and do things differently?

Many years ago I had to ask myself the same question. I had to question where life was going with the decisions and planning I was creating. I had to sit back and really think do I want to continue to “OFF MY RESPONSIBILITIES” on a company or a boss so that I do not have to be responsible or work to hard? OR Am I willing to make the across the board changes to become an Entrepreneur? Do I want control over my time and money or do I want rules and perimeters dictated to me…..?

Well my answer was simple. I realized that I had to find a direction that I could focus myself in that I would be able to really commit myself and go the extra mile. Here is a little inspirational video that basically shares the mental changes that I had to go through to become a success. This video is just over 6 minutes long and will definitely re-frame our mind on your commitment to yourself.

Get Motivated

Here is also a link to more info and a bit of direction that I created a few years back that will also assist you : Worker Bee to Entrepreneur

Stay tuned for the complete series of webinars and blog info that will assist you in creating a plan of action that will take you from “Worker Bee” to “Entrepreneur”.

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