Thoughts, Feelings, and Belief

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Thoughts, Feelings, and Belief
Good Morning Everyone. Yesterday we began to travel down the path of Why the law of Attraction may be working FOR or AGAINST you. The reason being that it works with HOW you are feeling about what is happening or what you desire to happen. It is not merely a simple focus of thought, it starts there, but it is tied to how you feel. So its not what you think about most, its the feelings about what you think about most that generates the POWER behind The Law of Attraction.
So today we are going to begin to build from that point. Every thought you have creates emotions. So we’ll take a look at that relationship of thoughts to emotions. As we build forward from the thought, we’ll explore the possibilities of where your thoughts are indeed coming from. For some of us this is an easy thing to see. For others this is a genuine jigsaw puzzle that is not at all clear.
So we’ll start there and one important note must be mentally made. That is once you begin to discover what is causing your thoughts, YOU MUST ABSOLUTELY MUST TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TO CHANGE WHAT EVER THE SOURSE OF THINKING IS,     IF IT IS NOT PRODUCING POSITIVE HAPPY EMOTIONS – TO SOMETHING THAT IS. Without that commitment to take 100% responsibility, your life will simply be one excuse and one alibi after another. You will change none of your thoughts and your emotions will be constantly counter-intuitive to The Law of Attraction.
So today is BIG TIME SERIOUS. Find the source of your thinking. Modify what you are thinking about. Thus change your emotions. Once you have that control and ONLY once you have that control we can cross the bridge of Belief. For it will be a simple formula to change your life dramatically after that.
 See you on the call.

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