Visualizing Past Challenges : Seeing Yourself Succeed Every Time

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Visualizing Past Challenges
Seeing Yourself Succeed Every Time
Good Morning Everyone and thank those of you who are taking this very seriously and sent emails back about the top 5 challenges you face in your business and how you would handle them as either an Entrepreneur or as a Working Person.
Yesterday I specifically handled things the with respect to the thinking process the way that I did for there is a VERY LARGE distinction in the process of thinking of an Entrepreneur and the thinking of a person who has a Job and a (can’t believe I am writing this) “normal” weekly cash flow. It is of extreme importance for you to begin to think outside of the box. That is what Entrepreneurs do. They constantly think out of the box and this type of thinking results — YES in some dis-comfort….. However it also begins to bring solutions to the table that you or a working person who has the guarantee (so to speak) of a daily JOB and a Weekly or monthly JOB.
For a moment sit back and think about what you are really doing when you have a JOB. The owner or shareholders of a company pay you out of their cash flow. This in turn means that their cash flow has to be large enough to give you a tiny piece. Think about that. That is what you are when you are working for someone or in the case of a large corporation you are a tiny piece of their puzzle. When they figure it out you may or may not share in a very tiny piece of the profits. When you are on your own, you are totally responsible for all of the successes and thus when there is profit you obviously have a much bigger share.
So there are a few points we will roll through today and I will story-ize what and how you can begin to think differently than you might be right now. I will tap upon the input of some amazing people that were brave enough to share. I won’t mention names as those folks are the ones that will make the transition and will indeed make it happen and they know who they are.
Those of you seeing this email early enough to catch any of the news clips about the Olympics there in lies many many, did I state many, concrete pieces of evidence of how people see themselves. The Gold Medalists see themselves succeeding and winning every day all the time. That quality and skill of Visualization we will also review today so that you can begin to see yourself succeeding and winning. I will explain in detail how this works with the Law of Attraction to make things happen for you.
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